Fallen Angels

September 23 & 24, 2015 – Lucifer Portal – Opening the IXXI Door & Planned Crossing Over

September 23 & September 24, 2015

Opening the IXXI Door

CERN, Mysterious Deaths,

The French Minister, The Pope & The Planned Crossing Over


IMPORTANT: The Satanists have plans. But we have the power of God and Jesus with us. Just because they have plans does not mean we cannot unmake those plans. Please pray against these dates:

Sep 14, 2015: Anno Lucis, “The Year of Lucifer” Begins

Sep 23 – Sep 24 2015: It would appear from the following information that the oligarchs intend to open a portal with CERN to allow Osiris (Lucifer?) through. Please pray in the name of Jesus and intend that this does not happen.


Opening the IXXI Door (911 Door), and Sep 23 2015




Crossing over on September 23 & September 24 2015 shown on an SAP Commercial. SAP is the computer system used by 95% of top corporations to run their business. Michael Relfe worked as an SAP Consultant, so this video was particularly interesting to us.




Sep 11 2001 (911) to Sep 23 2015 = 5,126 days

The Mayan Calendar is 5,126 years!




David Letterman’s Grand Finale points to 9/24/15 as the start of chaos.

9/11 on the Julian Calendar = 9/24 on the Gregorian calendar.



(More updates at the end of this article)


At around 1 a.m. on Sunday, April 26th, two doctoral students at the Louisiana State University (LSU) were mysteriously found dead at the bottom of a swimming pool. 28-year-old Ishita Maity and 25-year-old Anton Joe were with the schools physics and astronomy department with Maity studying theoretical astrophysics while Anton was a 3rd-year graduate student studying theoretical gravity.

Maity was an author of one of the journal ‘New Astronomy’s’ most popular recent papers entitled “Black hole spin dependence of general relativistic multi-transonic accretion close to the (event) horizon”;

Joes’ most recent paper was … written for the European Organization For Nuclear Research, also known as CERN.




There is much more important information in the rest of this article is excellent. Please go here

The author Stefan Sandford points out that this part of CERN:


reminds us of the statue of Shiva, the god of destruction, which is outside CERN. Why would a so-called scientific establishment spend many thousands of dollars creating such a thing, and put lights around it to make sure you can see it at all times?





that isn’t weird enough, see the weird dance they performed in CERN. This video gives an excellent explantion for it:



We have written a little of CERN before, pointing out that the weird lettering could be related to the opening of portals. For example, we show that aliens use lettering as part of their technology.






We would like to pay particular attention to this part of Sandford’s article:

“There are also several recent videos about the possible dangers of CERN including the 2nd one, a documentary from FBCFilms called “CERN: Opening The Abyss”

That word “abyss” is most interesting, because the French Finance Minister used that same very word, when he made the really bizarre statement:

“We are on the edge of a climatic abyss. We have 500 days to avoid climate chaos.”




1) A very frightening or dangerous situation, or one in which there seems to be no hope

2) a bottomless gulf or pit

And remember these guys are all lawyers and every word is important. Remember Bill Clinton when he said

“It depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is”.




Very, very good video for understanding CERN. Must see. (We don’t agree with a little of what he says. For example, the oligarchs are not atheists. They are Satanists. And aliens are real.)


The comment of the French minister is bizarre, since any kind of climate change is, of course, gradual, and cannot be given a deadline in a matter of days. Or, do they know that something is coming? Did they tell us this with the Georgia Guidestones?


SEPTEMBER 23 2015 / SEPTEMBER 24 2015

That 500 days ends Sep 23/24 2015 (depending on your time zone).

It was no accident he said this. He repeated this same bizarre statement about the 500 days at least 3 times. And it is most interesting that he said this IN ENGLISH.

In the following speech the French minister does not mention the ‘abysss’ word, but see how John Kerry doesn’t even blink when he says the statement:10X10-white-spacer



A poster on GLP made this very apt comment:

“Does anybody besides myself find it strange that NOBODY in the mainstream media and none of our leaders are asking the French guy just exactly what he knows and what he meant?

I mean, if he had come out and said that by next September, all Western women will have two extra bodily orifices or that 50% of the children will disappear overnight, we would be at least a bit curious. But he says that we have until September before a climactic event will alter history and our fate, and SILENCE.

So we’re going into the Apocalypse with 25% of the American people still stuffing their faces at McDonald”s and all the rest with smart phone stuffed into their face? Can someone please tell me the exact date when we went from Normal to Zombie-ville?”



Nothing is stranger than the things that have been going on in the world lately. For example, what is going on with the closed Walmart stores, and Jade Helm?



The Pope confirmed that Sep 24 2015 (in the USA) is very, very relevant, because he made the bizarre step of telling us on Feb 5 that he will speak to congress about ‘climate change’ on Sep 24 2015! The same date! What has the pope got to do with climate change? With the USA government? Why did he tell us so such a long time in advance? Was this a signal to certain groups that something is getting ready to happen?

We know that many Satanists dedicate their lives to the Pope, because of what Svali told us.

Because no one believes anything the government says, would a final, last minute, “so long, pal” announcement by the Pope be what they have planned? If he finished his speech and it happened within the hour, no one would have a chance to react?

We know one thing – a giant meteor hit would certainly cause the climate to change! See what just a small meteorite can do:




The following video report will use Pope Francis’s coming future visit to America, to expand on the recent Earth Grid Ley discussion, showing where Baltimore, MD, Washington, DC and New York city are all located on Earth grid ley lines and that are all contained within a very special 5 sided area, surrounded by ley lines. It is this special area that warrants this video report and expanded ritual discussion.

What makes the new findings a bigger discovery than originally thought, is the observation, that by using the grid ley lines, a coded ritual coded pattern has been revealed, that coincides with Pope Francis and his USA visit, set for later in September of this year.

The coded findings contained within this Pope visit is an observation too far reaching to minimize in any way shape or form, and I am certain, that once considered for its possible deeper involvement and implications in the ongoing NWO manipulation of time, that seeks to create their one world govt and new world order, that many will agree with me.

I would emphasis for those that care to consider the more difficult aspects of this global conspiracy, that the design and layout of the Earth Grid Ley Lines, noted in this video Papal visit report, clearly resembles and is shaped, like the Hat that the Pope wears for his ceremonies. This resemblance to the Pope’s hat in the Earth Grid Ley line lay out and image is not a coincidence and the code that I will present in this latest finding, will prove this point for you to consider.

The dates of 09-21 through 09-24, and other known key dates are still being shown and broadcast, but along with it, other dates will help to show how important this span of days are to the NWO and to the Pope, who will be addressing the UN General Assembly on 09-24.

This is a deep and involved discussion shows us that the Pope’s visit was expected long ago in history and therefore; many elements of the Pope’s future visit are coded into areas that I will discuss.






10X10-white-spacerWHAT CAN YOU DO

While we would like to believe that people are rising in their vibration, and that we are about to break free of this matrix, evidence is to the contrary. It seems more like we are devolving into Idiocracy and Sodom & Gomorrah. For example, how can we have a high and holy vibration when and one porn website in the USA gets 4.4 billion page views a month, and the United Nations said there are now 4 million child porn websites.

Ron Wyatt proved with laboratory tests that Sodom and Gomorrah really was burned up with brimstone. Please see this video:



It sure looks as though something is coming. We believe that for most people (that is, not the oligarchs), it will be fast and painless. Maybe like this:



We recommend you do these things:

1) Make sure you have enough food, water and supplies so you don’t have to leave your house for at least 3 weeks, if necessary.

2) Pray to prevent anything coming through any portals, especially Sep 23-Sep 24 2015.

3) Pray for guidance. Move if God tells you to.

4) Prepare for the next life. Especially pray for –

Forgiveness of anything bad you have done,

Family line curses and

Sins of past lives,

to ensure that if you have to come back again, it’s a whole lot better than this one.

Forgive anyone who has harmed you, to set yourself free, so that you can move on and don’t have to be with that person next lifetime.

5) Know that God loves you and does not blame you for the mess this world is in. The major blame is on Satan, the reptilians and the mind control and massive systems set up by the fallen angels. (For example, they drop aerosolized thought control vaccines on us, as shown by this video from the Pentagon).

Be happy. Have no fear. If we leave our bodies, it will be fast and painless for most of the people on earth. To learn more, learn about how great most people feel when they drop their body, during near-death experiences.


Remember, if they send aliens to pretend to save you, remember they are just coming to stock up their freezers and torture chambers.



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