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Spiritual Cleansing List of Things to Do to Protect You from Spiritual Attack

Spiritual Cleansing List of Things to Do To Protect Yourself

by + michael Archbishop relfe & + stephanie Bishop relfe

We are getting more and more people contacting us who are under spiritual oppression. Sometimes it is bad enough to do things such as make them pass out when they are lying on their bed or have pains in their body.

There are infinite numbers of evil beings out there, but they can only attack you if they have a LEGAL RIGHT to do so.  

Here is a list of Things to Do if you want to be perfectly spiritual clean, so that they can’t get to you. If you have to get rid of cursed object, DO NOT SELL IT, or you pass on the curses to someone else. Best is to burn it. Second best is to put it in the trash.

  1. Throw out the “Welcome Mat”. It’s letting demons in.

  2. Close all portals on mirrors.

  3. Throw out all cursed objects. If you know how to, muscle test to identify them and let you know what they are. These will include:

    1. Throw out most if not all statues, including all Catholic statues, ornaments, beads, etc.

    2. Throw out some jewelry (especially Native American jewelry or overseas India jewelry).

    3. Throw out any books that you feel could have demonic influences, including New Age books, occult books, violence, war, non-christian religion, Catholic, etc).

    4. Return all objects from the Hawaiian Islands. Volcanic rock has to be mailed back, so that it can be returned to the volcano.

    5. Clothing, photos or anything that reminds you of a time with someone who was not good for you, especially old boyfriends/girlfriends & ex-husbands/wives.

    6. Throw out a lot of your DVDs and CDs. Again, if you can muscle test, you can find out which ones.

  4. Put a Mezuzah on all doors leading to outside, and on bedroom doors.
  5. Say these prayers for family line curses and spiritual attack.

  6. Watch the two videos on Mass Deliverance by Win Worley (with whom Michael Relfe did Deliverance for a year) listed at the top of this article.

  7. Cancel your Facebook, Twitter and similar accounts. These are owned by Satanists, and are for the purpose of mass surveillance, and promoting their agendas. If you are a member of these, you are spiritually tied to all the other people in the network. Many people have reported feeling very HAPPY when they did this. Search on google how to do this.

  8. Cancel your member ship to other egroups. Every group you join on the internet, spiritually ties you to those people. The more metaphysical abilities you have, the more it will affect you, and the better you will feel when you cancel the accounts.

  9. Cancel your Television subscriptions. They are pure propaganda from the Satanic oligarchs. You can get all the news you need from cable internet.

  10. Swap your smart phone for an old fashioned cell phone. Use it only for emergencies. Get a landline, and/or magic jack (which is super cheap).

  11. Officially cancel all memberships to organizations such as the covens, Catholic Church, Mormon Church, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Freemasons, etc. You can find forms online that help you to do this.

  12. Watch the “Interview with an Ex-Vampire” interview for more knowledge and Instructions. There are 9 parts. Watch all 9 parts. Part One is here.

  13. Close all portals in your area.

  14. Cleanse your body – the Temple of the Holy Spirit.