BAR Lawyers Will Be Prosecuted For Fraud

Attention BAR Lawyers You Will Be Blamed Attention BAR lawyers and BAR members. You are being set up to take the fall for something you never knew about. Fraud has no statute of limitations and when all these crimes come out, YOU will will be blamed and the guilty ones will hide and wait. You […]

Martial Law Flag – Get It Now

Martial Law Flag Put This Civilian Non-Combatant Flag On Your House and Car By Anna Von Reitz   This flag is from a military manual that was described by Anna Von Reitz as a result of her research. Please send her a donation as we would have never found out about it if it were […]

Waking Up 101

Waking Up 101 Understand Your Government By Anna Von Reitz Imagine someone who is mentally insane, and the essence of their insanity is that they can’t tell the difference between their own body and someone else’s. When they get mad, they punch the guy in the mirror and then wonder why it hurts so bad. […]