A Baby Guarded by Jesus

Jesus Guards Us When We Sleep

A wonderful testimony from a believer that posted a comment on a news oriented blog. The discussion was concerning the differences between Judaism and Hebrewism. The original discussion is at


Everybody doesn’t have an individual soul. They have body, spirit and a group soul. The Holy Trinity is body, spirit and soul. Two races, two different paths.

There are people who know from their birth, that they have a soul and a connection with God. Then there are those, who don’t have a connection with God, who rally about the Evolution Theory and want to destroy Christianity.

It is not our fault if others don’t have the same connection – from birth. Christianity is for those who have a soul, Darwin’s evolution theory is for those who don’t have a soul. Both are correct, but neither one doesn’t apply to everyone.

Do you know how many times so called ‘spiritual leaders’ have urged me to skip God and Jesus Christ, telling me how they know the right path and demand me to drop my faith in God and Jesus Christ?

Human beings tell me how they know exactly what is right for me. Human beings!

I was so scarred after their numerous attempts, that when my son was born I decided to shield him from all religions and let him make up his mind himself.

He was two years old, had just learned to talk, and he told about Jesus Christ guarding him and how he every night flew to God’s lap, where God rocked him like a baby.

According to a school psychiatrist, he had a very deep sense of morality, something she had never seen before.

I have studied all religions and New Age -religions also, trying to somehow combine them to my belief. But it doesn’t work. I would have to dismiss fundamental morals, morals that have guided my life ever since a child, so it always ends the same way:

I cling on to my individual faith and truth – and allow everyone to believe and think what they want.

When someone does something, which I deeply feel to be wrong and evil, then I keep the knowledge to myself, strengthening my own truth and faith without preaching to the other person or telling him or her that they are doing something wrong. It is their problem, not mine.

The most difficult phase was when at some cases I didn’t feel any compassion at all, instead I tried to pretend compassion which drained me immensely. The things they said should have evoked compassion in me, but in some cases I was cold and couldn’t understand why. A voice from the heart asked me: Do you want to serve egos or souls?

Some egos pretend they have souls and try to get compassion from others. They are the most draining ones.

I am here to serve Souls, not egos. There is a huge difference between a Soul and an ego.


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