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How to Be a Bigger Being – Focus on the Eight Life Expansions

How to Be a Bigger Being:

Focus on the Eight Life Expansions

What is the most basic urge in life? To survive.

However, for most people, just being alive is not enough. Once a person is alive, they usually have other urges – to expand their mind, to grow spiritually, to have a family, to have friends, to help animals and even to do something to help mankind, not necessarily in that order. 

I call each of these areas life expansions.

The eight life expansions are:

  1. God; A Personal Relationship with God. If you don’t have that, ask God for it. If you do have that, ask God regularly to give you His attributes. If you have a close relationship with God as a solid foundation, then the rest will grow much better. You will grow in good and divine qualities, and God Himself will Bless your actions.

  2. Body. You can’t achieve anything without a healthy body, place to live and basics like water and electricity.

  3. Mind & knowledge

  4. Spouse & Children

  5. Groups including extended family, work, social groups, city, state, country.

  6. Mankind

  7. Animals and plants. This could also include elementals.

  8. Physical universe.



When you do everything starting from God as your center, you will increase in divine qualities such as:

  • Awareness.

  • Caring.

  • Courage.

  • Discernment.

  • Divinity.

  • Generosity.

  • Good Manners.

  • Gratitude.

  • Health.

  • Holiness.

  • Honesty.

  • Integrity.

  • Joy.

  • Knowledge.

  • Love of God.

  • Love of humans.

  • Love of animals & nature.

  • Nobility.

  • Patience.

  • Proactive Actions.

  • Peace.

  • Responsibility.

  • Right conduct.

  • Strength.

  • Truth.

  • Vitality.

One reason why the world is in the mess that it is, is because people don’t think of this. Each time they perform an action, they don’t consider – how will it affect all of the expansions?

If you are going to do something that helps one expansion, but hurts another, then it would be best to think of a third alternative. Every action should always help all of the expansions.

Before you work on the later numbers, you need to be strong in the earlier numbers. You can’t do anything without a strong mind and body, and there’s not much use in helping the world if your own family is in turmoil.

A highly ethical being helps increase survivability for all groups. You will see that some people are very unbalanced or even unethical in how they affect the different groups. For example, a member of the mafia may do well on #4 (family) but be terrible for #6 (mankind). An environmentalist may do well on #7 (animals and plants) but do terribly on #5 & #6 (groups and mankind).

A big being goes beyond himself, and is balanced, and gives time and energy to each of the expansions.

When you work on all the expansions, you will be helping yourself indirectly by building a better world for yourself and your children and children’s children.

You are also making sure that if you incarnate here again, you can find a good body in a good environment.

In addition, you will gain more blessings, because service to man is service to God. 


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