Satanists Fail To Destroy Notre Dame – No Damage

Satanists Attack Notre Dame – No Damage

By Jim Stone


Do not believe the lies about Notre Dame. NOTHING got wrecked. NOTHING AT ALL. No stained glass windows in the main portion of the cathedral were lost. No artifacts lost. The pipe organ did not get touched by anything, no smoke damage, no water damage, NOTHING. The cathedral survived so well it is as if the protection of God caused it, but going over what happened, supreme architecture and planning for such an event with the way it was built also obviously played a role in how well it made it.

They are claiming that it had to be stabilized after the fire to prevent it’s collapse. THAT IS PURE BULLSHIT, the only thing I can say about that is at least they are saying it is now stabilized so they did not 911 it with a little C4 after the “plane impact”. Pope Francis is probably PISSED, Michelle Obama is definitely pissed, and Macron is probably a flailing lunatic, trying to pump up public support for making it a mosque because “the damage was so bad the whole thing needs a rebuild” but it is such an obvious patent lie he probably won’t get away with what was obviously his primary objective for burning it in the first place. GUESS WHAT: The computers in the fire control system were hacked to give false readings, JUST LIKE STUXNET. Gee, I wonder how that happened and who would have done that.??!!??


CONFIRMED: Notre Dame was virtually unhurt by the fire, and any claims that it has to be “rebuilt” are hoaxes with a motive

The hoax of Notre Dame:

This hoax involved burning a wooden facade “roof” that probably kept water off a secondary roof and prevented freezing problems with the second roof, and NOTHING MORE. Unlike what you have been told by the scamming MSM, the cathedral would never have collapsed because the actual support for the cathedral was provided by the side arches, and the arches of an interior brick and concrete roof three feet thick. This secondary interior roof prevented damage to the inside of the cathedral, except where the spire (questionably, it likely had help) “fell through” it.

The hoax about the cathedral being “destroyed” is now confirmed. Let’s get this party started.

Here is how the wooden roof was attached. You can clearly see the concrete dome roof under it was supporting it, and now has less weight to hold with it gone and it would actually be less likely to collapse now provided the heat of the fire did not significantly damage it:

Here is a picture of that burned wooden roof laying on top of the concrete and brick roof under it. Notre Dame was built a LOT better than anything the Romans ever did. With the Roman stuff, once the wooden roof was gone, all that remained was pillars. Clearly here, the real roof consisted of a series of concrete and brick domes.

Here’s why the cathedral was, except for where the spire fell through, unscathed:

When you consider the scale of the above picture, the concrete and brick were at least three feet thick on the interior roof. There’s no way this cathedral got significantly hurt, to the tune of a billion dollars.

Let’s take a look at the inside after the fire

Clearly, from the aftermath photo of the interior, they could turn the lights back on if they wanted to. The concrete roof held up so well for so long that there’s not even significant smoke damage.

Conclusion: The cathedral is not destroyed, and any stories about how it got devastated are only cover for bilking cash for pork barrel projects and excuses to delay, delay, AND DELAY re-opening it. The cash is there to fix this PRONTO. If the desire is there to fix it (by the people in control), it ought to be open before the end of August with money obviously being no object.

There’s no excuse to delay re-opening this cathedral. It was clearly designed to get through a worst case scenario, for the purpose of protecting the priceless antiquities it contained, and the plan worked. Not a single antiquity was lost. None of the candles in the cathedral melted. It got through this that well. If this cathedral does not open STAT, it is because someone (who is importing hordes of Muslims to overtake and destroy Europe) does not want it to open.

UPDATE: Notre Dame Cathedral mostly unscathed by the massive fire (even the candles made it) UNBELIEVABLE, SEE THIS

Did a divine hand save this church, or was it simply the way it was made? The lack of damage to the actual interior is astonishing. There is not even extensive smoke damage.

Notre Dame Cathedral rumors:

Thus far it is only rumor, but rumor has it that the Mossad burned it down. I am not kidding, that really is the rumor. Purportedly to frame Muslims. I am not going to get onto this topic much, but will say it makes perfect sense. First of all, Muslims held the keys to many of the churches in Jerusalem for hundreds of years on end when there were not enough Christians to use them, and guarded the churches perfectly, despite them being Christian.

I find it highly plausible that the Mossad burned the cathedral down either to frame Muslims or, if the cathedral is ordered demolished or never gets permits to re-open, to strike out Christian roots. It is, as far as I see it, a good thing the story drifted to “the mossad did it” so quickly. BECAUSE: Silverstein said pull it, and building 7 fell simply because it was grief stricken over the deaths of towers 1 and 2. Five guys danced. Had a cool pain job on the van too. It is a good idea to question the Mossad for Notre Dame, because the basements of the WTC exploded before the planes hit, and when the towers fell, there were demolition sprites at regular intervals during the collapse, plus obviously shape charge cut debris, and well, you know. Not Muslims.

If the Mossad burning down the Notre Dame Cathedral hits alt media mainstream, I’ll be doing the snoopy dance because after all, WHO WANTS CHRISTIANITY DESTROYED? Just ask your nearest luciferian, or your nearest feminist leader, or your nearest communist. Gee, they are backed predominantly by the same people who backed the Mossad, Muslims don’t hate Christians, – in fact, Muslims know Christ is going to return again for the 1000 year reign, that AINT MOHAMMED, who are those claiming Muslims despise Christians trying to fool?

FACT: Muslims did not burn down the Notre Dame Cathedral. Heck, maybe it was burned down because people can obviously see the root existence of Julian Assange has been wiped out. He looks like sentient vegetable Assange, 90 percent brain damaged. I am perfectly game for: Assange was removed the night of October 16/17 2016, vegetablized and homogenized, and then returned for a final showing when the time was right, for a 4+ bil payoff. That would explain everything, including poop on the walls. And the pictures sure look the part, he’s a smiling veggie boy now. No Wikileaks dead man switch either. TIME TO REMOVE ASSANGE FROM THE NEWS CYCLE BEFORE PEOPLE REALLY LOOK INTO THIS, WHAT CAN WE DO . . . . . HMMMMM I GOT IT! Let’s give France a taste of 911!


I have gone over the photos and will put it briefly: The roof that burned was not the roof that everyone saw when they went into the cathedral. Under the roof that burned was a second roof that was not flammable. The only part of the second roof that failed was where the spire fell through. When the spire fell, the firefighters were already gunning water into the place, so virtually no smoke damage or other damage happened. The remainder of the second roof under the one that burned for the most part did not fail, and remains in place. This is why the cathedral appears to be so unscathed on the interior, because it never experienced the fire.

As it turns out, the fire department chaplain went in and saved the crown of thorns and one other priceless artifact, but if he had not, they would not have been hurt anyway, the cathedral held up THAT WELL. Adding insult to injury for the satanists, the spire that collapsed had a large number of beautiful statues on it that were removed with a crane on April 12, before they set the fire. So when it collapsed, even those were not lost, it was just an empty wooden structure that was going to be renovated anyway.

HERE WE GO! “Experts” claim it will “take decades” to repair Notre Dame Cathedral

FACT: If you gave that job to Donald Trump, it would be finished in a year flat and stand for another 800 years NO SWEAT.

Modern tech could have that thing better than new in NO TIME if someone wanted to do it quickly and price was no problem. You can bet that price is NO PROBLEM. Anyone claiming it has to take decades to fix it is setting the precedent for it never opening again, just like I said below in the post about Macron vowing to rebuild it when I called B.S. on that. He wants it torn down, no if’s or buts. Every last thing about that cathedral is known, down to the final letter. They know how to replace that roof already. Every last thing in that cathedral is no doubt already in CAD. Any major construction firm could take that data and punch up a perfect repair schedule in a week flat. Decades to fix it? THAT’S BULLSHIT.