True Stories of Real Miracles


Proof God is Real

By Michael Relfe:

It was in the Winter, February 1986, that God saved me from death in a car crash.

I had just left a job in Colorado, and was driving home to Florida. I was driving on the interstate, going south out of Salina, Kansas. The snow had been cleared from the road that morning and it was sunny. The road looked great.

I am from Florida. I had never even heard of black ice.

I was driving my 1979 Ford Bronco 4X4, pulling a U-Haul 6 X 12 trailer, fully loaded.

I was traveling around 65 MPH and came down an overpass hill. About half way down the hill I felt something strange in the wheel. It was like I was flying. No friction. No control.

The rig started to shift to the right. I quickly glanced into the rear view mirror and saw a semi truck and trailer approaching, 50 yards behind, and bearing down on me. There was no way he could avoid me. I didn’t stand a chance.

I prayed ”Lord Jesus PLEASE SAVE ME” and took my hands OFF the wheel.

The trailer spun left and the entire rig spun 180 degrees. I was facing the opposite direction, rolling backwards and sliding slowly towards the rail. I slowed down and came to a complete stop.

The semi-truck flashed past. It never slowed down. The UHaul trailer had a couple of scratches. My truck was unharmed. I was shaken but happy GOD saved me. Amen.



The following are miracles that were posted on a forum (Beware if you visit this forum. You need excellent security as it has a lot of trojans on it. Also, it can corrupt you spiritually, because while there are good people and useful information on it, there are also foul mouthed and foul minded people on it. In addition, some claim that Tavistock is behind the website, and it seems to have addictive qualities).

This one was posted by “Scrump the Texan” –

In 1993, myself, 2 friends, & our girlfriends went to Gladewater on Pentecost to check out a bud who was starting a Ministry at his place.

Not a group of religious stuff-shirts, were we…
& neither was the guy starting the Ministry (Bro. Ben).

I was in a Metal band, w/ almost waist-length hair, & everyone else was similar.

When we arrived, the girls stayed up by the main bldg to have a look around while us guys went down to the lake (lakeside property,) to fire up the grill.

We hadn’t been there for 10 minutes, when a scream came from up the hill where the girls were.

Amy, my bud Joe’s soon-to-be wife was the one who had screamed, & when we ran up the hill, we found her holding Christopher, their son, & frantically brushing dozens & dozens of fire-ants off of him.

Christopher was 2 at the time, and deathly allergic to ants & bees. One bite would cause huge swelling & a feverish/allergic-type reaction on a normal day… & he’d stepped right out of the car & into the middle of a fire-ant hill, & had dozens of bites all over him.

By the time we reached them (45 seconds?) Christopher had stopped crying.

He began to have trouble breathing.

Large amounts of fluid started coming from his mouth & nose every time he’d exhale, his breathing sped up terribly, he turned white as a sheet (except the bites, which were already nickel/dime size & red), started sweating & began to visibly stiffen.

I’m telling you, I saw his eyes start to glaze over.

What was happening is that he was going into Anaphylactic Shock.

This baby was dying right before our eyes & there was nothing WE could do, since we were at least 20 miles from the nearest Hospital & the changes I describe happened to him in just a couple of minutes.

It was the WORST thing that could’ve happened… and calling 911 wasn’t even an option.

We ran him inside, stripped him to his underwear (frantic ant search), laid him on the floor & without thinking about it, the four of us (Joe, Ben, Russell, & me) laid our hands on him & began to pray.

Rick stayed outside with the girls, who were all trying to calm Amy.

He was stiff as a board, cold, breathing VERY shallowly & quickly, & staring blankly at the ceiling… at nothing.

Within 30 or so seconds (who knows? It was intense) We watched a LINE, literally a LINE, appear at his feet & begin to move slowly up his body towards his head.

Before the line was dying child, covered in huge red welts…

Behind the line was coloring skin, & disappearing welts…

When the line reached the top of his head, he suddenly jumped up, ran over to the bookshelf, & began pulling books off the shelf… just like a normal 2 yr old.

A fire-ant bite usually showed on this kid for DAYS… red swollen, & irritated… sometimes a single bite would sicken him.

But within 30/45 minutes, the welts had reduced to small pimple-like marks, & were gone almost completely by the following morning.

Instantly & completely healed.

No adverse effects.

I promise this is true.

Needless to say, we left immediately, despite what we’d seen happen, because his parents wanted to get him to a doctor.

We stopped to get gas on the way back & Joe said to me:

“Man, when we were Praying, did you hear Bro. Ben speaking in tongues?”

“It wasn’t like when you hear guys on TV do it… fake sounding, it was like music… like a language.”

I told him that Ben had done no such thing (none of us did or do), and I knew this, since Ben & I were shoulder-to-shoulder throughout the entire event.

He said “Yes he was!” “It was the loudest thing in the room!”

To convince him, I called Russell, who confirmed what I told him.

I looked at him & (goosebumps here) said “You are the only person I’ve ever known who heard the VOICE of the Holy Spirit pleading before the Throne for the life of your child.

He could hear it, because he was Christopher’s dad, & was frantic for the life of his son.

The doctor gave Christopher some Benadryl, since he couldn’t find anything really wrong.


(From the same poster as above):

Here’s another one, about 3 years later.

My brother (& our Pastor now) is Lance Crump.

-google lance-crump-rodeo & there are a few articles about him still online-

In the 90’s, he was a rising rodeo star (bareback… I took up music, he took up getting thrown from horses), and after several trips to the annual finals in Vegas, he was 4’th in the World, & in the running for the World Championship.

One day at his house (then) in Cooper, he was at his arena/stables on the land behind his home loading bulls onto a trailer to transport to a rodeo somewhere.

He leased a few fields to various rodeos/breeders to keep their stock.

His son was just a couple of months old & was sleeping in his crib in the house while Lance loaded, & the plan was for them both to head out when he was done.

They were the only ones home at the time.

While working, a bull behind him jumped up onto a steel dock plate that was being used as an upright separator, & bull+massive plate smashed to the ground, with the EDGE of the plate hitting my brother directly in the neck, with the full force & weight of the bull driving it & him to the ground.

His neck was broken instantly.

He says that when it happened, he felt the impact, but no pain (& nothing else, either) & as he was falling to the ground automatically screamed out “Help me Jesus!”

While laying on the ground & unable to move or feel anything, he says that all he could think of was his infant son laying in the crib alone (he was only going to be loading for a few minutes) & started praying to God to help him get to his son & next thing he knew, he was on his feet walking towards his house.

He got to the crib, picked up his son and a phone, laid on the ground with his son on his chest & called his Mother-in-law… who called an ambulance.

Fast-forward to the Hospital.

The Doctors who examined him said that the transverse process (had to google that…. [link to]
of one of his cervical vertebrae had snapped off, & admitted & braced him, with the intention of going in & surgically repairing it in a few days when the swelling/collection of blood at the site went down.

They said he’d never ride again, & would need extensive therapy.

In The Meantime…..

Everyone started to pray for healing…family & friends.

Fast forward to a few days later, & upon re-exam to prep for surgery, the doctors were astounded to find that the bone was now whole.

They x-ray’d, & said that although there was evidence of a break, the damage was completely healed & the wound appeared to be very old.

One rodeo mag had an article about it that started out with something like “Doctors are bumfuzzled at Cowboy’s amazing recovery”…Gotta love Texas….”bumfuzzled”…lol.

He was riding again w/in a month or two.
He’s never suffered any ill effect from the accident.

God is awesome.


Right after I was baptized in the Holy Ghost I helped lead a mission to inner city street youth, it was called the Blue Bus as we had a big old school bus painted blue and we where called Winged Nut Ministries :-)

During that time I saw food multiplied before my eyes as we gave it away. I was in charge of cooking the meals for the most part. Every Monday we went out, and we did it on faith hope and prayer.

We where all fairly young people and nobody had a license to drive a school bus yet every week some one was able to get someone to drive it for us. We never had anything until just the last minute. I mean it.

We hit a bump and it was in mid shift the bus shuddered so hard that the back door flew open and I cannot explain it but I flew out of it and flew right back in! I was fine and a little stunned but it was the others in the bus looking at me in shock that let me know how serious a save was just made on my life.

The biggest miracle was when praying for those on the streets that they got what we asked for them. We say Christians from all over coming forth and giving exactly what was needed, just in time, and even taking in those kids we led to the lord. The biggest miracle was that we yielded ourselves to the Holy Spirit so much that despite our flesh he was able to manifest a great number of blessing for a good number of people myself included.

I Love you Lord, so very very much.

Your Son,



Here’s another one from Scrump the Texan

About the same time period as the Gladewater/Christopher being healed incident, we (same group of usual suspects) had begun to meet at my drummer Rick’s house to study the Bible & talk about the things that were happening in the World (NWO).

We’d meet there at times during the week, & then go to my Dad’s in ETex on the weekends to talk with him….and shoot.

He’d become our Spiritual mentor.

We’d just arrived there one night when my pager (yes, pager) went off.

It was my Sister, & when I called her back she told me that my Dad had a stroke.

He had collapsed, couldn’t talk, or walk, & they’d had to carry him to the car to take him to the Hospital.

The Dr’s told them it was a massive stroke.

She said she’d call me back when she heard more.

I hung up the phone, stunned.

I went to the living room & told everyone there (crying… it was my Dad), & upon hearing the news my friend Joe jumped up & shouted “I don’t accept that!”

Joe’s an ex-biker who’d spent 2 years in Federal prison for counterfeiting, had met God there, & was now a VERY bold Christian.

We went to the back porch, joined hands (at the direction of Joe, I was sorta useless at the time) & began to pray.

Joe led the prayer, & it went something like this:

“Father, you said in Your Word that if we asked ANYTHING in the Name of Jesus, that You’d grant it”

“I’m asking,…no, I’m DEMANDING that You heal Jim (my Dad) now Lord”

“You know that he teaches us about You, & we need him”

“In Jesus Name”

I’m telling you and I promise you, that at that moment I (WE ALL) felt a >>>W H O O S H<<< of energy go out from between our circle, straight up.

Later on, I started calling it a “Prayer Bazooka”.

We went back inside & as soon as we were all in, my pager (yes….. pager) went off again… my Sister.

I called her & when I asked her what was happening with Dad, she said “Well, the Doctors don’t know what to think *now*…. but ask him yourself…he’s right here”

She handed my Father the phone & he sounded fine…like nothing had ever happened.

He suffered no ill effects & had no recovery time…he was fine.

I later asked Joe “Do you really think it’s a good thing to approach God with ‘I DEMAND’…. is that how you approach a King?”

He said “It worked, didn’t it?”

It did.


This was a miracle for my son and I.

Our precious dog died on a Saturday morning in April of 2008. She was a part of our family for 15 years. She grew up with my youngest son. We were devastated beyond words.

Sunday morning my son had a workout with his team at a swimming pool about a half hour from our home. He had been in the pool for about an hour and was resting on the lane ropes waiting for his turn to do a drill. I was sitting across the pool watching.

Both of us were looking north when a beautiful dog of the same breed ours was (Belgian Shepard which is very uncommon in our area) came trotting by along the bike path that runs adjacent to this pool. The sun was shining intensely on her glistening fur and she was lovely and proud. She looked exactly as our dear girl had in her younger years.

She was leading her family who followed on bicycles. She turned her head toward my son and looked right at him as if to say, “everything is just fine.” It was the most amazing and comforting moment I can recall in my life. I literally felt that I was showered with God’s love. Afterwards my son immediately turned his head to see if I had seen her and our eyes met. Both of us were crying.



Here’s another from Srump the Texan –

I build street-legal drag bikes.

One afternoon coming home from work, I was on my just-finished full-mod KZ1000.

It was rush hour, & the part of rush hour where everyone is flying & attempting to beat the inevitable pile-up of traffic.

About 20′ in front of me was an old (land-yacht) Caprice Classic, behind me a line of vehicles, & we were all doing about 45 MPH… & I was following too close.

I heard tires screaming & thought “whoa, someone’s about to be in a wreck”.

When I realized the land-yacht’s rear was rising & smoke was coming from it’s tires, I discovered that the one about to crash was me!

I laid into both brakes, & sliding towards the bumper and still at full speed, I had time to *see myself* (EVERYTHING slows WAY down) slamming into the back of the car & vaulting over it.

That’s the last thing I remember, while upright.

The next thing I know, I’m stopped, on my side, still on the bike, w/ my hands on the grips & my feet still on the pegs.

Directly above my head was the fuel tank of the car, with a tailpipe above (to my perspective) that.

I was FIRMLY wedged under the car, since my bike would NOT fit under the rear of this car under normal circumstances.

People came running & lifted the back of the car, which allowed me to be pulled out.

I had not a scratch (wearing a T-Shirt).

As amazing to me as THIS was, the even more amazing thing was that my front tire had hit the passenger/rear tire of the car, my rear tire had hit the driver’s side tire, & in one motion, while stopping, the car had *gently* lowered itself (rear end settling after the sliding stop) onto myself and my bike.

Now, the thing is, although I’m a good rider & have been riding since I was 8, I CAN NOT drop & side-slide a 550 lb motorcycle in the space of -20′.

I should have slid directly into the rear of the car.

I also can’t place said impossibly-maneuvered bike perfectly under (with perfect timing, so as to wind up wedged w/ out injury) the rear of a car… at any distance.

Wasn’t ME that rode the bike down.

I had *Help*.


Another from Scrump the Texan (his brother is Pastor in a church)

In the past 3 or 4 months at our Church, we’ve had one guy who had a horse flip over onto him… broke all of his ribs, cracked his skull, & produced massive brain swelling.

He was in a coma for 8 days.

The Dr’s said there was little hope for him to ever be ‘normal’ again, & that he probably wouldn’t be able to walk (because of some type of damage in his brain) & was going to be severely reduced in brain/other function.

We all prayed for this man, & after the 8 days he came out of the coma.

He was back at Church within another 3.

He’s completely healed, today.

We had another guy who had a serious heart issue that, for whatever reason, was (according to the Dr’s) going to be Terminal.

They scheduled surgery for him, but gave him & his Family little hope for his survival.

Again, everyone gathered & prayed, & he came through perfectly.


Years ago I got married in college while in Boston. My vocalist wife and her percussionist husband secured a time-share spot for our honeymoon at the Von Trapp Family Lodge (Sound of Music) in Vermont which is still owned by family.

Anyway, the night before we were going to head back to Boston I was watching the weather and they said a storm was coming. I got this horrible, horrible feeling that we should in fact leave THAT night and not wait until morning. Elaine argued that we had to stay to pick up the pottery we painted which was in the Kiln. I gave in (not sure why, but I did).

So, the next morning there was a snow storm and my understanding is that they do not salt the roads for environmental reasons. So, while driving along I got a strange feeling again and decided to get off at an exit and stop in at McDonald’s.

After we ate we got back on the road and Elaine suddenly exclaimed, “Did you see that”? I said, no as I had my hands on the wheel as tight as possible. She said there was an angel in front of the car. I half dismissed it but continued trying to concentrate on the road.

Short story longer – I hit a patch of ice and the Van started going all over the place, bouncing off semi’s hitting others cars and all hell broke loose. Windows shattering and all I could do was try to hold on to the wheel. Finally, we headed in a straight line…ready to go off the mountain.

Somehow, by the grace of God, or the “Angel” the guard rail which was not there until right at that point saved us. We somehow moved slightly to the left and hit it pushing us back into traffic but kept us from flying off the mountain.

There were tons of others watching as there was a ton of accidents besides us. I walked down a little ways after wards and some of the others thought for sure we were going to fly off the mountain. It was almost as if we got a little push.

To this day I know I should have died or rather could have, but someone or something was looking out for us.


I had gall bladder surgery three months ago. When they got in they took pictures. To the surgeons horror, my liver was a scarred mess.

He told me I had not much time left as there was no way to get a liver on such short notice.

After tests my liver enzymes were a complete mess, I was in advanced cirrhosis.

I did not want to die, read all the forums of liver patients kicking off and dying. No real road to recovery.

So I asked God to help, give me wisdom. One Dr. I met put me on Milk Thistle and dandelion root. I began to eat a diet rich in vegetables with alleged liver healing properties. During the meantime I kept praying God to prepare me for death, I was pretty scared of taking the dirt nap. My wife and I pray every day and we prayed for healing together.

Two younger men for the last three months have been taking me to play racquetball and lift weights on my lunch hour. At first I could only play ten minutes. Now they have me going over an hour.

Blood weeks two weeks ago and the internist says I ran every possible liver panel I could. Dr.s words, ” it is a miracle, your liver enzymes are normal except for Cholesterol.” I said doc, “by the next test those too will be normal.”

I am not a good Christian, But God is a great and wonderful God! I have a second chance. Thank You Jesus!



In 1986 I was a single parent dad living in Oregon. I was proud of my candy apple blue and corvette silver 57 Chevy; but not so proud that I remembered to fill it with gas when we left Eugene. On an undeveloped stretch of I-5, near Cottage Grove, I had to hitchhike to get gas with my 10 year old daughter. We got a ride from a school teacher from Glendale, OR (about 70 miles south) who took us 15 miles to Rice Hill to get gas.

At that time I was really on fire for God. I had just spent 5 months at YWAM in Salem and God was always blessing me in miraculous ways. So I was sharing with this teacher; he needed to hear what I had to say and he did.

This fellow was very enthusiastic and kept saying God put you here, God sent you to talk to me….. it was one of those Divine Appointments.

I’d had other appointments just as surely God but this one was different.

This Glendale teacher took us back north 15 miles and along the way rainbows started popping out everywhere. We got to a certain point where one big rainbow swept across the sky and just bent around and came right into the windshield of the car we were in! It was crazy. Everyone knows you can’t get to the end of the rainbow right? Well I’ve been there!

In a few more minutes got the ole chevy going and parted ways.

The next week I had to take a friend… a project really…. to Eugene. I of course started telling my friend this story about my really cool divine appointment the week before. When we got up above Rice Hill I was trying to pin point the spot where the rainbow sky to car trick happened. I was saying, Ok Ted… right about… right about… HERE. Micro-seconds after I said HERE there was beep beep over my left shoulder. (I didn’t even know there was a car behind me.) I looked over and the driver of the car passing me was the Glendale School Teacher just grinning and waving!

That nite as I was laying in my bed praying I was asking God what was that?
What was he trying to tell me?

As I lay there quietly waiting on God I heard God’s quiet voice, “That was just for you John.”



My [then 26 year old] daughter was diagnoised with a lemon sized brain tumor in the left lobe of her brain via 2 cat scans and an MRI. The Doctors knew it was beyond surgical help, so as a family we PRAYED to the Lord Jesus Christ and pled His Holy Blood over Melaine.

I put her on some natuarl supplements but the healing was from Almighty God. She was great pain and had to lie down all day with horrible headaches and fatigue. After three months tha pain lifted and within 4 months she able to do light houswork.

That was EIGHT YEARS ago.

She is now totally well and feeling fine.

Last year she had an MRI that showed a clear brain. ALL growth was gone and Jesus had completed a divine supernatural healing . . .and that is only one of MANY MIRACLES our family has received in JESUS NAME!!!

Yes, God is real, and He is all powerful. Jesus is God in the flesh and he loves all of YOU!!


When my youngest son was 11 months old he had just learned to walk. He was standing beside on me on the top of a long flight of stairs in an old farm house. The stairs went down about 10 big steps and then made a sharp angle and continued for another 8 steps.

Suddendly, and for no logical reason “something” took hold of my baby boy and literally shoved him down the flight of steep stairs. He fell, down on his back and neck, and when his little body came to the sharp turn, his body also turned and down he continued.

I thought for sure it would have snapped his neck or broken his little back. He was screaming and crying of course and naturally it hurt A LOT. I let him lay for fear of moving him, and as my older kids calmed him, I called my Pastor who knows how to “cast out demons AND pray for the sick.”

The Pastors reply when I voiced my fear that my baby would die, was . . . “HONEY, DON’T WORRY, HE IS GOING TO BE JUST FINE.” The Pastor then prayed for immeadite healing and delivrance from all demonic attempts that would try to harm my boy.

Within five minutes, my baby was back to noraml. He stopped crying after we laid him on the sofa and within a couple of minutes he jumped up and walked all over the living room.

That was 32 years ago. This baby boy has been very special to Jesus.

James is now a Doctor of Pharamcy . . . he is follower of Jesus Christ, and he is admired by all by all who know and respect him.



Here is a miracle to share that happened many many years ago in the 60’s when I was a little girl. My Mom was driving my brother and I home from Sunday school and church…we lived in Minnesota and it had just snowed the night before. The road coming home was slicky iced coated along with this new snow and my mother did not realize how slick it was until she tryed to brake….no braking….a train was speeding down the tracks off to the left and there was no way to stop as we were about 1 block from the RR crossing.

This is a rural area and snow piles lined both sides of the road leading to the crossing so there was no way to turn off the road.On the right hand side about 8 feet from the trax was the RR sign that was on a thick post….from the trax to the post it was somewhat clearer but as my mom told the story she wanted to try and turn the car into that spot but the car was out of control and there was no way for here to turn the steering wheel.

I can see it perfectly clear as if it happened this am….I was in the front seat with my Mom and my little bro was in the back……no one said a word…..I recall having no fear at all….it was wierd feeling from a time perspective because everything just went into slow motion…then in a split second the car was just transported and set between the trax and this big sign and the train was speeding by us throwing huge amounts of snow on top the car….

in that moment I flung open the car door and jumped into the snow and tryed to run away from the car while screaming and watching the train continue to speed by with this loud roaring sound….it was wild to see this.

When the train was thru my mom called for me to come back to the car and by then I was crying and scared…..she then said we had just been in a miracle because right at the split second we were going to be impacted by the train her hands were lifted off the steering wheel and the car was instantly put into that spot between the sing and the trax.This is a true accounting….I have no agenda….


My grandfather died when I was 5 years old and we went to his funeral. This was a small cemetary in the country and it was winter, snowing and cold.

When we arrived, I became distracted with sloshing in the ice and mud and didn’t notice when the crowd of people began leaving to go to the chapel for the funeral service. I was also afraid of the graves and I started walking away from them. My mother was too distraught to notice my absence and probably thought I was with the crowd.

Soon I discovered I was alone and I remember looking around frantically for anyone. I had no idea where they all had gone and I began to walk in the woods, away from the scary graves, my heart pounding wildly.

The weather was becoming worse and I was terrified because I couldn’t see any buildings or roads. I was lost.

Suddenly I saw my grandfather (the one who had just died) standing a ways away, looking at me. I began to walk towards him. He didn’t talk, but just turned and began walking. So I followed him.

He led me straight to the chapel, going inside. I went inside too and saw my mother kneeling next to his open coffin, crying, and all the other funeral goers inside.

So, I know, that love never dies. We are always cared for:)


Nothing big like many here have posted but lots of little miracles.

A very large, ugly growth that appeared on my baby’s back. I sat for hours just holding him with my hand over it, ‘knowing’ the creator’s healing was coming through me. It was gone by morning.

A 3rd degree burn from a fireworks on my arm. My daughter put her hand on it for several minutes. It was completely healed the next day.

An undiagnosed ulcer or lip cancer for 2 years that I was afraid to see the Dr. about. I used alternative treatments and trusted the creator to heal it. She did.

Making it to an important 4:05 train when I was 5 minutes away from it at exactly 4:05. The train left on time at 4:05, with me on it. God stopped time for me?

In the 70’s I had a fuel injection car that would occasionally stall out at any speed. I’d usually be able to pull over to the side of the road and get it started again. One day I had to get onto on the highway. I found myself with 18 wheelers on either side of me and a baby in the back when it happened. My mind went into some sort of other place and I ‘knew’ the engine would start again. It did. It was the creator’s work.

There are many more little things where God has intervened. I’ve found all I have to do is have complete and utter trust in Him.


The following is part of a transcript of “Interview with an Ex-Vampire, a True Story”. S. is Stephanie Relfe. B. is Bill Schnoebelen.

S: And would you give us some details of some of the physical attempts on your life?

B: Well, I think I’d already mentioned the attempt to poison me with the stuff on my forehead.

We were shot at….

S: Tell me about the shooting.

B: Well, just driving down the road and someone shot right through the window of the truck I was driving and fortunately I was wearing (laugh) – you know, this is how these strange things work out – I happen to have this strange fetish – I like when I am just knocking around or not doing anything important, I love to wear bib overalls.

It kind of goes with my hillbilly preacher persona I guess.

And anyway, I was driving, and I had bib overalls on, and the bullet hit the buckle on the bib overalls, which is right here.

S: You are kidding!

B: And it shattered the buckle.

It left me with a huge bruise on my chest.

Obviously it would have gone right into my heart, or very near my heart.

S: Wow!

And it was just done by a person driving in the opposite lane.

And I just pulled over and – GASP – because it felt like someone had punched me really hard in the chest.

S: So it was a good shot.

When you said you’d been shot at, I assumed it was a bad shot and he missed you.

B: No, no.

S: Wow.

B: And then there was the interesting time that we were driving … it was a late … see we used to live out in the country when we were out in Seattle and it was a 5 mile drive into town.

And after work we were driving into town.

It was a 2 lane, rather twisting, turning road.

We were going at 50 miles per hour.

It was raining – Seattle – naturally (laugh).

And it was dark.

And as we were driving along I noticed two things.

One – I noticed that there was this very tall, angel-like thing standing in the road going like this …

S: Was he physical?

B: Yes. Well, it looked physical to me. Like a tall guy in a white robe.

S: How tall?

B: Well, it was hard to tell, because he was maybe 100 yards away. But he looked like a pretty big dude.

And secondly I noticed that the headlights coming at me from the opposite direction looked slightly obscured.

And so something told me, “Stop, jam on the brakes.”

And so I stopped and jammed on the brakes.

And I came within a foot of hitting this giant Douglas Fir that someone had chopped down right onto the highway.

And I felt so sorry because there was this guy behind me and he must not have realized what was going on – he probably didn’t have an angel.

And he passed me. He had this nice, brand new BMW.

And he went right into this tree and it just sheared off – fortunately you know how when trees fall they are kind of off the ground because of the branches – and it sheared off the entire top of his brand new BMW sedan. But fortunately it didn’t hurt him.

S: But it would have hurt you, because it was lower where you were.

B: Yes, it would have hurt us because it was lower, and we were a taller vehicle.

We just thank Yahweh for that one.

S: Wow.

B: …And I suppose, the other one that is really probably the most interesting one from the standpoint of what the power of Yahweh can do, is we were out …

One time my parents came out to visit us and we were out showing them around.

We were driving them up to Mount Ranier – I think it was back from Mount Ranier at this time – on this narrow 2 lane road.

And all of a sudden we were driving along and this semi truck was coming at us.

And he comes over deliberately into our lane.

And you know how when a semi turns, it’s like the rear end is still in the other lane, because it’s a big, long thing.

There was no place to go.

And you just had time to say …

Now, I don’t know if this was an attempt on our life, or if it was just an asleep driver, but obviously it would have been fatal.

And as I was saying my father was with me in the front seat and Sharon was with my step-mother in the back seat, and I just cried out to Yahweh.

And we hit and we just went – WHOOSH – right through the semi.

S: Wow.

B: As if we were intangible.

S: Wow.

B: The semi right through us, or we went right through it, or both.

It was like our molecules just blended for a second.

And I can even remember seeing the engine of the semi

S: Gasp.

B: As I was going through it.

S: Wow.

B: It was one of the weirder experience of my life.

And I’ll never forget the look on my father’s face. Because I don’t think the people in the back seat even realized what was about to happen.

And he looked at me and said, “I’m not going to talk about this.”

We didn’t … he never mentioned it … because it was so far outside of my father’s … because he was this nice, good old garden variety Catholic and he wasn’t used to people dematerializing semis.

So that was a real blessing, because otherwise we would have been a hood ornament on this giant Mac truck.


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About 4 years ago, while moving into a new home, and having one of the bedrooms painted in desert dusk colors, my young neice ( 10 ) and I saw an amazing vision only The Lord Himself could have “painted” on that desert sunset wall.

As I left the room, I looked back into the room and it was lit up like fire ( from the sun shining in ). I thought the light had been left on it was so bright. My niece followed me. As I was discussing how I wanted to decorate the room, all of a sudden, the sun shown on the one wall and literally began painting a vision in relief. At first, in the forefront, was a crown of thorns. My niece, covered her mouth and screamed, “Oh My God”! Very slowly, the background came into relief.

And it became darkened and three crosses on a hill appeared.

My niece, again, screamed the same thing. As she was “calling” out every part of the vision being painted on that wall in relief. “Oh My God, A Crown of thorns” ! etc. etc.
You know how animated young ladies can be at that age, but during that vision I was transfixed and never spoke a word.

And there was Calvary, with the three crosses literally swaying in the breeze bearing three crucified bodies. Then, the crosses and Calvary faded and a bust of The Lord from the waist up, garbed in white and His Face coming into view on the middle right of the wall came into relief.

The Lord was painting a picture, a live vision before our eyes. I hit my knees. My niece could only repeatedly say, “Oh My God”!

It was only a few minutes, but it seemed time stood still. When the vision totally faded, we both ran to the window to see where or what had created this vision. But my niece’s question answered both. She simple asked disappointedly, “Where did He go”?

I will never forget that. How could I. But I also cannot capture the beauty and reality of that experience, that meeting with The Lord, into words, nor a poem, or even a painting. But it is captured and painted forever in my heart.

PS My niece asked my why I hit my knees. And I just said, “Recognize the time of your visitation and give thanks”. God Is Good …

Though I didn’t understand at the time what the vision meant, or why The Lord blessed me and my niece with it …

The understanding and meaning of it came later. And He was telling me He would be there with me no matter what the hardship to come. The vision was prophetic to the suffering that was to come. To both myself and my niece.

It is over now. And He was there with us, through it all.


Does anyone notice the little things as well? For example, a few years back I’m in the kitchen, I couldn’t get the washing machine door open, the hoover had sucked up some fishing line that my ex left dangling out the bottom draw, I couldn’t pull the damn thing out after spending ages on it, everything was going wrong, with my ex as well. So I went into the lounge, slammed the kitchen door and just started crying, looked towards the heavens asking for help in my sorry state. So after I calmed down, I went back into the kitchen to try again, I was amazed, gobsmacked! The washing machine door was open I couldn’t believe it, I seriously tried everything to open it. Then tried the fishing line, it just pulled out with ease…amazing!


When I was 16 years old I fell out of the top of a Weeping Willow tree. I had chased a cute red head to the top where we talked for a long time. Then I said, “let’s race back down.” Well, I won very quickly. The branch I stepped on broke away and I fell quickly to the ground crushing 3 vertebrae in my lower back. For about 8 years I bore almost constant pain. Many things were difficult for me… even just washing my face. I remember having to lean my forearms on the sink to splash some water up just to wash my face. If I was standing upright to walk I was usually okay. But any kind of bending at the waist or stooping was very difficult. I saw the x-rays at that time. I had definitely injured myself badly and, as I said, felt the pain daily in my body for years. Then, one day, I went to a healing service. I knelt down to pray to Jesus for healing and the pain left my back. It was truly a miracle. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. He still heals those who seek him just as he did over 2 thousand years ago.


(From someone in Israel):

I was on my way to the western wall before sunrise to pray.

Before I got the old city of Jerusalem walls about 7 dogs ran towards me, surrounded me in like a semi circle , in front of me. I was in the middle of meditating on 72 Divine names +

They were all snarling growling showing their teeth. It did not look good.

I ignored them holding the 3 pages of names in my hand. I continued to meditate on the names.

As I moved this semi circle of dogs continued to move in front of me. To enter the old city I had to go up a narrow stair case. I walked past the dogs they were behind me.I was in a close small space with them at my heels. I did not like this situation.

I folded the 3 pages of paper with the names like a staff. I pointed it at the dogs behind me.

They became quiet. They stopped following me up the stair. They went away.


My two girlfriends and I skipped school our junior year and drove to a deserted parking lot out in the middle of nowhere with no homes around, just to hang out and talk. My friend backed her car into this dropoff, and her car was stuck. This was the days before the cell phone was around. Literally five or ten minutes later this tow truck pulls up to where we were and pulls us out for free. It was like we were in a daze, because we didn’t ask him any questions like “how did you find us?” “Who told you we were here?” We just sat in stunned silence as this tow truck driver pulled us out and then took off.

We all still talk about that to this day how we think it was an angel of the Lord.


My adopted-Brother’s Grand-Father had a Stroke. He was Hospitalized, & was comatose for 3 weeks.

The Doctors all advised his Wife that there was no brain activity, & hadn’t been recordable brain activity for some time, & these Physicians recommended his disconnection from all Life-Support equipment.

His Wife (my extra-Grand-Ma) :) replied:

“You men don’t know his Physician”… and declined.

Within 2 days he was not only coherent, but eating, sitting-up, etc., & within a week he was Home. He lived another 10 years.


From someone in the U.K.:

My personal miracle was a long time ago in Spain, I accidentally ran off a cliff. The split second after, when I absorbed what i had done, i wanted Jesus as my last thought before i was a goner. I was sitting on a rock and he and his Apostles were walking towards me. I do not know why that particular thought. Everything suddenly went into slow motion and it was like I floated to the bottom . I woke up and went home with just a bruised little toe.


I had a job out on the Eastern Plains of Colorado about 50 miles East of Denver to put in a couple of Bay Doors for an old farmer I met in Denver. I was on the last day of the job and was heading home right smack in the middle or a fairly healthy blizzard.

I was coming down the on-ramp to I-76 heading home and was just up to speed when I saw a car lose control on the other side of the freeway and flip and roll …coming to a stop on its side. I freaked…slammed on the brakes and stopped….I got out, waited for a break in the traffic, and ran as fast as I could across the field between the East and West bound lanes.

That was the beginning of the miracle…you see I have some pretty bad leg problems…

My right leg was crushed by a one ton boulder when I was about 30…The Surgeon for the Denver Broncos put it back together for me as best as possible :)

However, you can imagine how hard that made walking for a LONG time, it never really healed up right and is still numb to this day above the knee. Both knees have arthritis, I have heel spurs…I wear Orthotics

Now the miracle gets even better….I think maybe God may have just picked me up and carried me across this field…I’m very heavy LOL. I ran like never before …like Gump himself.

I was totally and without a doubt convinced this vehicle was going to explode…No matter …I made the decision I was going to do this, and nothing was going to stop me. I made it to the vehicle in what seemed like …seconds, and it was sparking, smoking, leaking fuel and burning lightly in spots.

I yelled out to whoever was inside and got a response, it was a young woman’s voice…terrified and freaking out, I climbed up the side and saw she was belted in and appeared OK.

This is where the miracle really kicked in….she was traumatized, and not cooperating very well with my instructions. The fumes were building and an explosion was imminent ..I could feel it coming….I looked down at her…told her she had to undo her belt now and give me her hand or we will both die on the freeway in the middle of nowhere by fire.

She got the message instantly….unsnapped the belt and of course fell further in as she was released…she reached up, I grabbed her hand and was able to lift her completely out of the car…in one jerk.

Mind you, I’m strong …but not that strong and she was pretty beefy LOL (18 year old Nebraska Girl driving home from a visit to a College…CORNFED gal)

As we turned to run, its like time slowed (Im shaking as I type this) and the first thing I noticed….

There were no footprints in the snow from my run in….

Next was a sense of calm…like the worst was over ya know? And then we both walked..not ran, back over to the other side of the freeway to my truck.

As we got to my truck, I looked back …expecting this car to blow…and it never did (Even the firemen were stunned at that).

And still to this day…I will swear on whatever I am asked to..that there were only 2 sets of footprints…leaving.


A few weeks ago, my husband lost his job. They gave him 2 weeks . He’s a hard worker, but his boss wasn’t very nice, and went on a firing frenzy. The company was having financial trouble, and by firing people, they didn’t have to be embarrassed and admit they couldn’t afford to keep them there. Several people were fired, and my husband was nervous his position might be next. Sure enough, it was.

We didn’t know what to do, but we were sure of two things. Number one, we had to keep tithing. Number two was that through tithing, God would take care of our needs. He had the current paycheck coming, plus 2 more and that was it. We tithed as normal on that paycheck, and the next one.

Together, we prayed over the money. We knew God would take care of us. Years before, my husband had once been the manager of a shoe store. As he was looking for jobs, he went into a local shoe store just to ask about any management positions. Sure enough, they needed a manager.

A few days later, he went for an interview. They loved him, and wanted him to meet with the district manager. He asked them if they could match the pay he’d been making from his other job, and they said yes. They said normally they wouldn’t offer that much, but they just really loved him. Their policy stated that he was supposed to wait 2 weeks to start, but God just wouldn’t have that either. They wanted him to start in a couple of days!!!

Not only that, but the job was ten minutes from our house, where his other job was 25 minutes, so it was less gas money.

When he called and told me he got the job, I started to cry. I knew that God had taken care of us AGAIN as he has everytime we’ve ever needed money!

Today he got his last paycheck from his old job. Next Friday, he will get paid from his new job. God is so good! This job is less gas money, plus a nicer boss. and more pleasant work environment. God was looking out for him.

What we thought of as negative actually turned out to be a blessing, and I don’t think it would have happened had we not tithed. The reason tithing means so much to God is because it’s saying “God…I TRUST that you will supply my needs…not the world.” To give your money is to put your full trust in God. By tithing, you open up the windows of Heaven, and God can bless you and make money multiply. as it is looking after God’s If you take care of His church, He will take care of you!

I feel so blessed to have a Godly husband who believes in tithing and praying over the money. As we enter into a time of economic trouble, I encourage you to tithe. If you’re never done it before, just try it, and see what God will do. God bless you.

(Webmaster’s note: We believe that tithing to a good charity, that looks after people, counts just as much as to a church. Many churches now are not run by holy people. They are run by people greedy for money. Many churches are even run secretly by Satanists and/or people who use group hypnosis and NLP (neuro-linquistic programming) to mind control people to give them their money)



I know I died years ago. I was on antidepressants, and on a whim decided to off myself. Took massive amounts of sleeping pills, as well as all my SSRI’s. Put my favorite childhood song on repeat- for some reason, I wanted my parents to find me to that song. Suddenly, I started feeling the pills take effect, and freaked out. Tried to call 911, but my vision had gone. Stumbled out the door and collapsed on my neighbor’s driveway. I kept crying, “Please, God, I don’t want to die, Please, God, give me another chance.” I felt this strange sensation that I immediately identified as death- there was just no question about it. Not just death, but hell- this feeling of torment, of not being able to fix all my mistakes. I was stuck in my anguish with no choice but to rehash the pain of my life over and over again. This was worse than any physical pain I’ve ever endured. I kept crying to God, only now no words came out. Suddenly it was like I was given a second chance. My neighbor was hovering over me calling 911, and my eyesight came back. I was taken to the hospital, where I was told I should have been dead.


The following happened to me (Stephanie Relfe):

Somewhere in the early 1990’s, before my marriage to Michael, I was living in Sydney Australia. I had heard of a healing center that did group meditations in the Blue Mountains, about 2 hours from where I lived, and made a note to go there someday. Then, one day, a long time later, I suddenly had a feeling that God wanted me to go there. So I drove to the center. It seemed to take forever, maybe it was longer than 2 hours.

When I got there, there were only two women there. We sat down and did a meditation. I did not feel anything special at all, and wondered what was the big deal, and why did I fell that I was meant to drive there. So if figured, I may as well do something spiritual – maybe I was meant to do a personal meditation in the bush. So I drove to Blue Mountains National Park, and went into the bush, and meditated, just me, on a mountain, all alone among many square miles of gum trees and bush.


Again, I got nothing special out of it. Now it was starting to get dark, and cold. It can even snow in the Blue Mountains. I went to back to where my car was in a small car park, surrounded by miles of wilderness. My car, which was the only car left in the car. I was about to get in when an Asian couple came out up out of the bush, after following one of the foot trails.

They asked me where the Main Office was. Their English was not rather poor. I gave them instructions – it was a long way away. They nearly had a nervous breakdown and the woman started to cry. They said they had been lost and walking for hours trying to work out how to get back. To make matters worse, the woman was wearing about 2” heels, and both had only light clothing on. So I offered to drive them back.

When I drove to where the man said their car was, we found no car there. The couple was a nervous wreck and nearly broke down again, and started to argue with each other. Forcing myself to feel calm, I suggested that I should drive around and see if I could find it, since in the hilly terrain with trees everywhere, it would have been easy to have ‘mislaid’ it. A few minutes later, we found the car, just where he had parked it, in an area that looked very similar to the previous place we stopped at.

After they drove off and I had time to think, I realized why God had guided me to go to do a meditation that day. I can’t imagine what would have happened to that couple if God had not guided me to be there that day. It was a miracle for those two people. I never went back to that place.


I was in a car with my wife and we were pulling out onto a major one way street in NE Philly with 3 lanes. When I pulled out directly to the third lane over, I saw a car coming right for us as I was still trying to make the turn.

There was no way that car could have missed mine.

It seemed that the vehicle passed right through our car and I said “How could it have missed”.


I hydroplaned my car through a highway intersection, it was a 2 way stop, while an 18 wheeler was barreling down from the other direction (i had the stop sign, he didn’t).

I clearly saw the stop sign I was supposed to stop at pass by my passenger window at a high speed. The trucker was blaring his horn as I was sliding through my stop and I saw the the side of the trailer completely fill the view of my windshield.

Nothing i could do, i was toast. The only thing i did was close my eyes, drop my head and say out loud “I love You Jesus”.

What would have been the sensation of the impact was replaced with the feeling of a bungee-jump… and complete silence.

I opened my eyes, raised my head, and there I was, parked at the intersection with the stop sign right in front of me, right where i should be, as the tail-lights of the trucker faded off to the east… I never went through the intersection.

Freaks me out to this day, but i use that experience as motivation to strive on, and for affirmation of some specific purpose.


My dumb-ass roommate left a candle burning over night. It set the living room on fire. I neglected to put batteries in the smoke detector.

Well I’m sound asleep with the fire about to trap me in my room. I felt a tap on my shoulder which I made an irritated noise thinking it was the dumb-ass. I felt it again and started to get pissed but still in a deep sleep state I mumbled curse words.

Finally I was literally thrown off the bed. My roommate wasn’t even home at the time –  no one was.

I actually managed to save the house just had damage to the living room. But I had a bruise, and was sore for a few days from being thrown onto the floor



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