Where have all the Christians gone? — When will Christians come out of the closet?

Where have all the Christians gone?

When will Christians come out of the closet?

By Robert Balaicius

In 1900, Europe was home to 70% of the world’s Christians. Today it’s less than 1%. The U.S. and the U.K. (and Canada, Australia, and New Zealand) and South Africa are following the same road to oblivion through perversion and apostacy and amalgamation (self-genocide) with the world.

Who will hit rock bottom first is anyones guess. The antichrist aliens are absorbing and consuming the peoples of Christendom to the point of extinction. Christ said that unless the Father draw the final days of vengeance short, no flesh of the elect would survive. It is about to that point.

“32  Whosoever therefore shall confess Me before men, him will I confess also before My Father which is in Heaven.
33   But whosoever shall deny Me before men, him will I also deny before My Father which is in Heaven.”
(Matthew 10)

After Christ comes back it will be too late for “Christians” to come out of the closet: for by being therein, they demonstrate that they are not His.

His true followers speak His Words and do what He did, rebuking evil… not cowering before it or smiling submissively and pretending not to notice it.

Where are all the so-called “Christian” pastors, singers, book authors, evangelists, teachers, professors, theologians and where have they been for the past 50 years…? Why don’t they speak out against evil…? Why don’t they rebuke and renounce and separate themselves from homo-perverts who claim to be Christian singers, pastors, authors? It seems quite clear that such “Christian leaders” they are not really of God. They merely found a nice little niche in which they could earn a comfortable living, have prestige and celebrity—but have “a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof—from such turn away!” (II Timothy 3:5) Christians need to stop supporting them and write to them and denounce them and explain why they will no longer listen to or support them: for they are traitors of Christ, Christianity, and Christendom! They are friends of the world and therefore they are the enemies of God. If Christians continue to listen to and support them they share in the evil and sins of those wicked wolves in sheep’s clothing, and they will also share in their judgment.

I call all so-called “Christian” pastors, singers, book authors, evangelists, teachers, professors, theologians to stand up now! Who is on the Lord’s side? How do you expect your congregation, your followers, your supporters to know the right way if you are too cowardly to lead them? Choose you this day! God or mammon (wealth). God or the world? You cannot have both. They are diametrically opposed. They are opposite sides in the War of Good against Evil. BOTH sides will view you as a traitor because that is what you are!

If you don’t stand up and speak out and choose what God commanded and choose Christ* then your refusal to stand up and speak out is powerful evidence that you are not of God and that all your “wonderful works” (in the eyes of the Apostate Church and the Antichrist world) will earn you the declaration of Christ: “depart from Me ye that work iniquity [lawlessness], I never knew you!”

[* You cannot choose side with Christ Jesus if you do not embrace His full and true Message. Christ’s Message is not your perverting of the “Gospel” to please a godless world though a modern “interpretation” making God’s Word to conform to sinful man’s notions of “good” and “evil” and making God’s Nature and God’s Plan compromise to reflect modern political correctness. God is Immutable. His Plan never changes; His Standard of Morality never changes; Christ never changes; the Gospel never changed from God’s original declarations. Anyone who preaches the modern altered Gospel is accursed, antichrist, and a humanist.]

Clearly you don’t care about your flock whom you have fleeced if you don’t stand up. You allow the communities of your congregation to be flooded with aliens and perverts while you with your body guards live in your gated communities. There should be 50 million or more Christians who could stand up and oppose evil and the 3% of perverts would have to back down and the corrupt politicians inviting aliens into our land, burying us in unpayable debt and committing all sorts of Treason and war crimes while enriching themselves would be forced to stop and held criminally accountable. The so-called “Christian” pastors, singers, book authors, evangelists, teachers, professors, theologians are MOST-RESPONSIBLE; they are watchmen on the wall who have fallen asleep in apathy, are cowards (dumb dogs who cannot bark), or who are in league with the enemy. Those are their only choices to explain why they do not STAND UP NOW and why they have not STOOD UP for the past 50 YEARS.I indict you before a Holy God this day. CHOOSE YOU THIS DAY. WHO IS ON THE LORD’S SIDE? STAND UP AND BE COUNTED.

I indict you before a Holy God this day.




If you don’t stand up now and do something then we all know whose side you are on.

To all true Christians: STAND UP! If you don’t stand up when Christ would have stood up and for what Christ would have stood up you deny Christ. Confessing or denying Christ is not mere assent to a Name, and it is not mere words—it is obedience to all God commanded, even as Christ showed us by example. A follower, disciple of Christ is a “little christ”, an imitator, one who willingly conforms to be like Christ, to confederate with Him, to be about His Business, working with Him in what HE is doing. It is not merely wearing a label (or a t-shirt or hat). If you agree with the world’s multi-cultural, inter-“faith”, gender-perverse, feministic philosophy you are following a false christ and engaged in idolatry. God is not as humans imagine Him to be; neither is Christ. God is how God as declared that He is. Those who imagine and worship God other than He has revealed Himself to be, who follow another agenda, believe another “gospel”, follow another moral code, violate His unchanging Law do not even know God and the Truth is not in them (I John 2:4).

Cancel your Netflix and cable; stop supporting local churches that will not preach the Full Counsel of the Word of God, who refuse to preach against what God calls sin (while preaching against things that God has NOT called sin, but holiness), who refuse to warn the flock, and who refuse circle the wagons and endeavor to rally Christendom; who refuse to let the sheep know that we are in a war with the wolves; who instead deceive their flock into thinking that it is “Jesus’ will” for His sheep to lay down their lives for the wolves; who refuse to preach separation as God commanded; who instead deceive their flock and encourage them to embrace the Flood (Third-world aliens) that the Dragon has spewed out of his mouth to drown us and destroy us, God’s people, and the only true faith. Stop trying to be a friend of the world and a friend of God. It is an impossibility. Choose sides.

Stop fiddling while Christendom burns!

Support those who ARE standing up and have been for decades; stand up with them, stand up as one, stand up and defend them. Order a book. Order directly from the author and publisher who did ALL THE WORK. Stop supporting Antichrist megacorportations that are destroying Christendom with the money you give them. Support true ministries. Stop buying any products of those antichrist companies that openly advertise and embrace perversion to confederate with 10% of the nation that is perverse and shove it in the face of the 90% who are not perverse who made those companies superrich.* Stop buying products of companies owned by aliens.* Yes, this may mean you will have to buy less and do without some of your “favorites”, and / or make it yourself—your health will improve and maybe you will lose some weight… and you will then be a faithful steward with what GOD has ENTRUSTED to you. Repent of your cowardice and apathy and take a stand —or embrace the mud tsunami that plans to obliterate Christendom.

30 years I have been full time warning of this that is unfolding before your eyes. Anti-intellectual propaganda. Lies. Insanity. Outright fiction being passed off as the truth so that we will simply be overcome with false guilt, roll over and die. The cause is not everyone not being able to “get along”. The cause is that we are God’s people; God commanded us to be separate; and those who are not God’s people want to destroy us because they cannot ever be us; and our existence reminds them of reality of what they are and can never be. They want all that our ancestors have built, which will be reduced to the ruins of empires past that shared the same fate. They want to exterminate us outright (even as they are calling for in South Africa, which the whites built; their traitorous leaders having turned over the nation to the savages who promised to “play nice” and are now beating the war drums and chanting genocide) or absorb us into extinction to “breed up”.

Were it not so, things would not be playing out IN ALL NATIONS OF CHRISTENDOM THAT THEY HAVE INVADED. Do you understand statistical odds of probability? Do you not know a “sure thing” when you see it? Do you understand that 100% cannot be a “coincidence”…? They have zero success in developing their own nations. They have 100% success in destroying any nation they invade. They think we “owe” them; despite a century of international aid (in violation of God’s Law) and generation after generation on welfare and with good-paying government jobs. They believe African-American Ghost Stories* that the agitators tell from from childhood and they believe it as “gospel truth” because they have heard it so long it just has to be true. Did YOU own any slaves? Your parents? Grandparents? 90% of blacks in the US today came here OF THEIR OWN WILL AFTER the time of slavery. The majority of whites came to the US after the time of slavery. How can anyone owe anyone else anything? If anyone does not like this indictment, the answer is not to insult the person who spoke such words—but to prove them wrong by living morally, civilized, and developing your own nation and civilization; not attempting to steal someone elses.

[see my Rumination: —Black Lives Matter and Other African-American Ghost Stories (revised) ]

If people don’t stand up our nation will be reduced to rubble—and then even the nonwhites who have fled here to get away from the barbarism of their own people, will again be fully subject to nonwhite, nonchristian barbarism (and that is the price for “demanding rights” and claiming “racism” in our nations, rather than being happy that they are not back in their own—if you do not like white Christians why did you move to a white Christian nation? and then whose fault is it if you are unhappy?). Do you want to know what post-civilization looks like? Rent Planet of the Apes and Mad Max, and hook up 2 DVD players to the same tv and watch the 2 movies simultaneously superimposed over each other… oh yeah, and turn the sound up to maximum and start a few fires in other rooms of the house. That will be reality. The only alternative is a police state. Who knows which would be worse. If you don’t understand that, you never studied Bolshevism. Between 66 and 180 MILLION of OUR people were EXTERMINATED after the Bolshevik Revolution.

Wake up or become a statistic and then stand before God as a goat who will be rejected since His people who are truly regenerated WILL DO WHAT IS RIGHT, which first entails knowing that His Law was NOT abolished—Christ said so. If you believe Christ abolished God’s Law you have been following a false christ, as has 99% of Christendom, who have been in sin and NO WONDER God will not hear our prayers!

“If My people, which are called by My Name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My Face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” (II Chronicles 7:14)

God save Your people! Convict them of their sins. Grant them the Spirit of Repentance. Turn us and we shall be turned.

Can anyone even say Amen? (Matthew 18:19—do you not believe Christ’s Promise…? Do you not care?)

If not, embrace Judgment. You deserve it. “…the curse causeless shall not come.” (Proverbs 26:2)


After titling my Rumination as I did, I could not help but to think of Irish Christian singer Sheila Walsh’s song “God Put a Fighter in Me”.

This song has some great elements. The verses and the beginning of the chorus are quite special, with an ancient British European Crusade classical-like flavor, dreamy, calling to arms, calling to our heritage. However, the second half of the chorus, to me, ruins the song, which I believe should have been kept pure with the classical theme. I realize what she was trying to do, attempting to mimic or create the rushing chaos of war. However, the “God put a fighter in me” by comparison, is a monotonous, fast-paced droning… but the song is worth listening to, even to the end, to get the full picture. The verses make a doughty effort, but seem to fall flat and while they have some good, vivid imagery, they seem to lack real substance and remain merely symbolic fluff—however, the first part of the chorus is spectacular and it is unfortunate that the entire song did not maintain the same theme (and hone the words to have a little more depth and true edge). Regardless, the first part of the chorus goes:

“Where have all the Christian soldiers gone?
Where is the resistance?
—will no one be strong?
When will we stand up tall and straight?
Rise up and storm the gate?

[While making an admirable effort the chorus here is the fly in the ointment rather than the feather in the cap… but bear through it at the link.]

How can we fail to get excited?
The battle is ours why don’t we fight it?
Battalions of darkness rise above me
But God put a fighter in me, put a fighter in me.”

[And I don’t say anything to be unkind, and of course it is just my opinion. The first part of the chorus is genius, and the verses could have been with more effort and clarity of Bible doctrine; the second part of the chorus gets honorable mention in words, but as a whole the music detracts as if the entire drum section, cymbals and all, and the guitar players fell down a flight of stairs in the middle of the song.]

She has been producing albums for about 3 decades, and she has an incredible depth, color, range, and purity of voice. Two of her most famous and lovely songs, well worth listening to over and over, are:

Star Song (There Is Born A Child)

Turn, Turn, Turn


Also, another great song, this one by Texan singer songwriter Jeoffrey Benward,* which should give you goosebumps, is a fabulous, moving, emotional, anthem and call to battle.

[* —who decades after this album would form a duet with his son, called “Aaron & Jeoffrey” and produce several quality albums.]

Turn the sound up. The verses may be a little hard to hear, and you will want the sound up for the chorus.

“Let the Church Rise”.


Also… though not related to the above theme…

I’ve listened to Steve Camp for decades, late 70s early 80s.

I haven’t really listened to anything new by anyone for a few decades now, but he has an incredible voice, a very moody low register and a razor-edged, electric high register, very moving color to his voice and interpretation and his piano is excellent and his lyrics are often bold and with deep spiritual insight; not that I can say whether his theology is sound or not going from memory, but he has great merit and the below songs are recommended and even try others you see in the sidebar to the right at youtube once you listen to these songs. Many of his songs are very devotional.

There is no other name / Wonderful Merciful Saviour

Love That Will Not Let Me Go

and 2 of his classics:

He Is All You Need

He Covers Me

See also

He has sold over a million albums. Camp is a Dutch name (prob. originally van Camp or Vander Camp). He was born in Wheaton Illinois, so it is quite possible that having been born in 1955 in the bastion of Dutch Reformed northern Mid-west U.S. that he has sounder theology than most today Christian singers today (many of whom are universalist and pentecostal)… reading further I see I am correct,

“Camp is theologically Reformed, in the tradition of John Owen, Jeremiah Burroughs, Thomas Watson, Dr. John F. MacArthur, Dr. D.A. Carson, Dr. R.C. Sproul and the late Dr. Stephen Olford.”

Also, admirably, even as I said many of his lyrics are challenging to casual Christians,

“He is well known for his strong view that Christian musicians are called to make direct, uncompromising music that confronts the world with the message of the Scriptures. In the tradition of Martin Luther’s 95 theses, Camp sent out his own 107 theses on Reformation Day (October 31), 1998, calling for a reformation in contemporary Christian music.”

He is also a senior pastor at a church in Florida.

With music like this—and many other excellent artists: Dallas Holm, Michael Card, John Michael Talbot, Wayne Watson, Twila Paris, Jonathan David Brown, Kelly Willard, Margaret Becker, 4Him, Joanne Hogg, (also with her group Iona), Will McFarlane, Geoff Moore, Buddy Greene, Don Francisco, Steven Curtis Chapman, Kim Hill, Susan Ashton, and a myriad of others, there is no reason for a Christian to listen to secular radio or buy albums of secular artists and fill your mind with filth and support godless people; fill your mind with truth.

Well, these other two classics of his might go well with the theme of this Rumination:

Where Are the Heroes Now?

Living in Laodicea