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Black Magic & Mind Control Discovered in the Mormon Church

Black Magic discovered

in the Mormon Church

Why leaving the Mormon Church may not be as easy as it should be

We were sent this email from a reader of our Metatech.org website:

“I, together with a friend, visited the Mormon Temple in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is newly built and they are giving public tours for a few weeks before they start using it as a temple, at which time it will be completely closed to the public.

First, they showed a video with the history etc according to the Mormons.

After that video I felt like I’d been given a Wernicke’s command, although not said out loud. I checked and what I found was “You want to join”. They are using that intro video to try to get new members is my interpretation.

Next we were shown around in the temple. In the room where the baptism is taking place I got the command “You are loyal to us”. I didn’t know that loyalty to the church was what baptism was about…

In the “education” room, where they showed uplifting videos to their fellow Mormons, I got the command “you are a chosen one”.

Somewhere along the line was a command that I don’t remember the exact wording of. It went something like “the church is the truth”.

As Stephanie says, self-testing isn’t all accurate, so I tested 3 others who also had taken the same tour.

All three had all these commands, which I take as a validation that my checking was correct and that everyone really gets that programming in there.

Now, if you get that programming daily for, say, 10 years, what chance do you really have to ever break out of there? So much for spiritual freedom.

Also, what I found most scary is this: This building is just finished. Still, I found, in every corner of every room and every corridor, a spirit being put at that very place for various reasons.

Trapped spirits. And it was not like they had been there for 500 years etc (which is common), but these spirits were all put in all corners of every room in this newly build temple. Some thought they were in heaven. One said “I’m here to fight off all evil spirits”.

I asked “who gave you that mission”, and got the answer “God did”. I do not think that the Mormon’s who made that spirit believe this was really God…

In one stair there were trapped spirits everywhere, making sure you didn’t feel alone when you walked that staircase. Now, that is quite a technology, trapping and mind-controlling such a large number of unfortunate spirits quickly for their temple.

I and my friend tried to free as many of these spirits as we possibly could, but we didn’t get all. My point of view is that it cannot be good people doing this.” (end quote)

If you are a Mormon, we urge you to learn Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing, and have yourself tested for these commands.


For more information on what is wrong with the Mormon Church, please watch or read the transcript of our “Interview with an Ex-Vampire“, and interview of Bill Schnoebelen, who was at one time a Mormon Elder.

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