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Aliens Tell Woman to Stop Praying; Which shows how much they fear it!




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The following stories were sent to us by a very gentle woman who is, we believe, very metaphysically gifted. We greatly respect her, after knowing her over the phone/email for many years:

“I decided to read my Bible from cover to cover, within the context of finding spiritual warfare Bible verses and, expecting this personal en devour to last for quite some time. I then decided to go on an all-day fasts on Thursdays, and sometimes on Saturdays, which for me is a big thing since I’m hypoglycemic! : )

By then, I had three spiral notebooks filled with warfare Bible verses, and used my Thursday fasts as my “Warfare Day”, in attacking Principalities, Thrones, Dominions, World Rulers, Wicked men and women in high places, etc. …

One day, it came to mind to pray in this manner:

“Lord God in Heaven, if there are any alien beings who don’t belong here on Earth, if they are for real….that is….ah…are they for real?…..

sigh…okay….if there are any beings who are not of this Earth, that is the enemy of the Lord Jesus Christ, please spoil their sustenance, or any food types, and bind them up, all of their power, reinforcements, communications, and have heavenly warrior beings take them to the dry places…”

I then continued to say my Bible verses from Psalms, Job, Jeremiah,Nehemiah, and Ezekiel. What a fantastic prayer time that was!

While my husband was downstairs on the computer, I went to bed early, falling into a most peaceful sleep.

I then dreamed of hearing this buzzing sound, along with the bed, and the very air in my bedroom vibrating this constant hummm.

I opened my eyes and found these two beings walking into my bedroom through the glass window, and part of the wall.

They had no hair. They wore no clothes.

Their skin reminded me of a dolphins’ skin…slick…gray in color.

One was about 5’9″, and the other one was shorter, about 5’7″.

They seemed to be male and female.

Their eyes were black, almond-like, which pointed upwards towards where there would be ears, if they had any…they had tiny nostrils, and mouths, and large sized heads, and eyes.

I found I couldn’t move, except to raise my head to look at them. I just knew then that the vibrating hmmming noise, which sounded like a low lions’ growl, was the reason for me not being able to move. Not that I wanted to, of course!

Although I didn’t feel frightened, only intrigued at what sort of thing is this that I’m looking at….? While they stood at the foot of my bed staring at me, and I staring at them, I was given a message:

“Stop what you are doing.” “You will stop what you do.” (my prayers on Thursdays?) “We know who you are.” “You will stop.”

Suddenly it was difficult to breath. Yet, upon taking a huge lung full of air I automatically said,

“In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I ask for warrior angels to come help me.” “In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ be gone from here!”

I noted that the taller of the two held out this device within the palm of his hand. It was this shiny black rectangle-shaped device, of which this creature used to open some kind of opening between the two walls within the corner of my bedroom.

Behind this opening was this startling, and blinding white light, of which they disappeared into this fissure like area, and then they were gone, taking this vibrating humming noise with them.


(From the same woman who wrote the above email)

“Dear Stephanie, et. al.

Several months back, I gathered up all that I’ve read, and studied in the Bible, all that I’ve learned from listening to others from youtube web sites, all other books, booklets, etc., and then I said, (and still say), the following during prayer time.

“In the name of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, I now loose all the Northern Army of Warriors, including but not limited to Micheal, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Metatron, Chameal, Nathaniel, to stir up the Angelic Hosts of Heaven who are under their command, to go to all the Reptilians, Fallen Nephilims, Alien Greys, and all other creatures who adhere themselves to the Lucifer’s Kingdom, that are here upon the face of the earth, under the waters of the earth, around the sky of the earth, and to all those wearing sheep’s clothing (those who appear to be humans, but are not) in Washington, D.C., and in Hollywood.

To cause the human bodies they inhabit to fall down dead where ever their feet touch the ground, and the floors of which they walk upon. To cause their eyes to be overgrown with catarrh overnight while they sleep, and that without remedy.

To cause the Pineal Gland, the Thymus, the Heart, the Spleen, the Ovaries, the Testicles, and the Spinal Column to turn into hard stone.

To open up a vortex underneath their feet, and suck them down into this gravity well leading to Tartarus.

Make them all hear God thunder marvelously from His Throne, and make them hear all the Holy Seraphin singing day and night. Put terror, fire, and the finger of Yahweh upon all of them.

To go to where their own bodies are put in stasis under the ground, upon mother ships, under the waters of the earth, in the sky around the earth, and there make these Reptilian bodies decay quickly, and loose the Law of Entropy upon them.

To rouse up all of the descendants of King David’s army, the Gadites, men of war whose faces were those of lions, who moved swiftly like roes upon mountains, and have them with one mind and one accord attack the Reptilians, Yukonadians, and all manner of Aliens, Fallen Nephilim, and all manner of evil spirits who are hiding within wicked people in high places, under the earth, around the earth, and under the waters of the earth.

Put rot upon all of the food stores within their hidden storehouses, and cause all the elements they need to use in their high technology to give only half its power to them.”

The above had been my basic prayer for about three weeks, or so, until one night I found myself not in my bed, or in my bedroom, but suddenly I was someplace else. It all seems like a dream, and I even asked The Lord…”this was a dream…right?”

I was in this small dark room, and was made to drink this bitter-tasting brown liquid. It looked something like a dark tea. Then almost simultaneously, I felt a needle going into my upper left arm. It hurt, but it was quick.

Then, I remember there was a very large blonde haired, blue eyed woman sitting directly in front of my face. She was a large-boned woman.

She wore tan colored army clothing. Her shirt was long-sleeved, and she wore high army boots.

There was another smaller, petite sized woman with her. She had brown eyes, and dark brown hair, of which she wore loosely down to her shoulders.

She wore a brown t-shirt, and black/dark brown pants, and boots. They both seemed younger than me.

There were three men there, but they did not approach me, and seemed to be guarding everything.

They all wore dark/ maybe black pants, boots, long sleeved shirts, but I think one of them wore a black t-shirt.

The blonde woman started asking me questions. I answered them all. My mouth seemed to be moving so fast that my tongue felt thick and heavy, and the inside of my mouth felt like it was stuffed with cotton.

I remember that the smaller woman said something like,”….give her some water… “

I remember answering a question about my age, and I answered that I’m (in her 50s), and that “… won’t see me wearing a bikini any time soon!” And then I laughed, because everything seemed hilariously funny, as I felt drunk; beyond drunk. I remember my eyes wandering, but the two women made me stay focused upon them.

I remember being kept upright, and that the men helped me to stand up and walk into this next room. Now, at the beginning of this interrogation, all of them seemed to be confused as to my name. I was asked many questions in regards to my name. (She explained to me how she has had different names and nick names and splits with parents etc.) I think I helped clarify this to the blonde woman who was in charge of me.

I was picked up from this chair, and escorted to this room. This room had no corners. This room had no windows. This room was in a shape of a sphere, and the walls were like a metal-steel.

There was a large long table made of this same type of metal, and there were these large beings standing behind them. There were three of them.

They were extremely tall! They wore these long robes, which appeared to reach down to the floor, and was the same color as the walls.

They had no hair, large heads, large eyes, and it seemed they did not want to be looking at me directly. Coming down from the ceiling were three wires each strategically located, and evenly apart from each wire.

At the end were these rectangular devices which, just hung down from the end of these wires. I did not feel any fear upon entering this room, but the three men and two women seemed to be in abject terror, they were so very frightened, but were determined to do their job without failure. To them, failure was not an option.

It was at this point the the Bible verse came to my mind.

“I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.”

This was repeated over and over again in my mind, as I was held up in front of this long table. Then I remember hearing squeaks, and pops, and screeching coming from these tall beings. The rectangular devices hanging down these wires were used to interpret the screeching noises.

Then, one of the men said, “They want to know where she gets her power from…” No one had any answers, and I was not allowed to talk.

No one talked after that, but I was lead out of this room once again, and the next thing I remember seems to be dark, like I can’t quite recall, but I do remember looking at one of the men. He had on this black hat, like a baseball hat.

He had brown eyes, and dark brown hair with a short clipped hair-cut. He said, “(name of her town)!?” “What kind of ( something garbled) comes out of (name of her town)?” I remembered how he said it. He didn’t say the word “(name of her town)” correctly. But, then again, people outside of this immediate area never do.

When I awoke the next morning, I was hoping this was all some kind of goofy dream. But, my left upper arm muscle hurt, as if I’d gotten a shot there.

Sometimes it still hurts when I do things like housecleaning, or lift something heavy.

Note by Stephanie Relfe: The pain in the arm shows this was a memory, not just a dream


(From the same woman who wrote the above)

“August 2011. In this “dream”, I get up to look outside my bedroom window, and see a strange looking woman in the backyard. She appeared to have stepped right out of the l950’s, with horn-rimmed glasses, short dark brown hair, short slim skirt, heels, and a jacket.

I walk straight through the bedroom wall to the outside of my house, approached her and asked,”What are you doing in my backyard?”

The first thought I had was this is just another goofy dream, since after all, I was able to walk through the brick and mortar wall of my house, right? Upon asking her this question I felt myself being propelled away from my home, over a vast darkness, and over a great distance.

What I remember next is that I was standing in front of a cement sidewalk, lovely green manicured grass around it, to my left was a small brown building that was an outhouse. In the near distance there were very tall trees, most of them Pine and tall Evergreen type trees. These trees looked like they’ve never been cut, and were left to grow as they’ve always done for hundreds of years. There was mist in the air, and a cool humidity enveloping the whole area.

But then this pleasant “dream” abruptly ended when I found myself being escorted to a place I definitely did not want to go! For amongst these beautiful tall trees in the distance, and a little to my right was a group of these creatures. There were:

Dwarf, squat, dark-blue to purple like “Alien Greys”.

Tall, rope thin ones with the large, black pointy-ending eyes, whose skin was the color and texture of dolphins. They had no hair, and wore no type of clothing. They were of average human height.

Taller ones with less of a point/insect/almond shape to their eyes, and with a more rounder appearance. They were very tall, 9 to 11 feet tall. They had on shiny thin linen like material, seemless tunics on, with long sleeves. These robes reached to the ground. Upon their robes were all sorts of symbols. Each symbol indicated rank and class within the hierarchy.

Each creature was performing a task assigned to it by the ones who wore these robes. The dwarf-like ones were standing in a circle, with the usual grey ones within another circle, and the inner most circle were the robed ones.

In the middle was a white/blue dome, which the only way I can describe it was that it reminded me of a shield, or force field of some kind. It gave off this bright white/blue light, and a vibrational hummm emanated from it, as the 10 and 11 foot robed ones would go inside of it, and leave it again. This dome, or sphere was see-through, and it covered about a half acre of ground.

I was frightened beyond fear when I realized that I was absolutely not dreaming! I did not want to be there! I remember screaming and crying, as I felt I was engulfed in the presence of such evil.

I started praying for the Lord to help me, I trembled and shook, and was in such a state of shock that I didn’t have the presence of mind to run away.

I also realized that I was in the middle of a vast Forest Preserve, it was still night time, but early morning, and that the bright white/blue dome in the middle of the circle of aliens gave off bright light which reflected off the tall trees of the forest. And that these aliens gave off an attitude that they had every right to be there!

During moments when I didn’t have my eyes tightly shut while crying and blubbering and calling out to the The Lord, I noted that there were other people there, too.

There was a man standing to my left, yet he was “oohing and ahhing” at what he was seeing, and I had the sense that he was a “New Ager”, thinking that he was being called upon to receive his “spirit guide”.

To my right was another woman like myself. She was still wearing her long button down nightgown, as if she too was snatched from her bed.

I remember there were about three other men there, and that they were fiercely angry at what was happening to them. They wanted desperately to fight against all the creatures they were looking at…but had no idea how to go about fighting them.

We were herded like cattle, and were placed in a circle around the white/blue glowing dome, something like when camping, and having a campfire, and everyone sitting in a circle around it. The same concept here, only we humans were made to stand.

“No!” I cried out for Jesus to come help me, to send his Angels to come and rescue me. While doing so, some of the regular alien grays stopped whatever it was they were doing, and looked at me, bending there heads in my direction. I think it was because I was the only one talking, praying, crying out in a loud voice.

Nevertheless, we all were in such paralyzing fear, and in a state of shock, that it never occurred to any of us to fight, run, group together, or even resist where we were placed in this circle. I recall there were about three married couples there, too.

One by one, a human person would be escorted up to this dome, and made to stand in front of one of the tall robed ones. After that, I never saw that person again.

I was the last one to be called, and escorted before the glowing dome, and made to stand face to face, and toe to toe in front of one that was 9 feet tall. I was expected to look up,up,up to look full into its face.

I refused! I instead pried open my nearly swollen eyes, (from all that crying I did), and came face to face with it’s shimmery linen-like robe, or tunic.

It gave off an iridescent light blue shine. And it had inverted black triangles going down the center, something like a row of buttons on a man’s dress shirt. I only stared at those when I heard, but not audibly, and not in English, but rather felt these next words, as if I could hear their telepathic responses. “She’s not ready yet.” What ever that meant, I can only guess, but I was then escorted back to my place in the circle once again.

I also have noted other things while there. I remember smelling the pine needles scattered on the ground. I remember breathing the cool misty air. I remember my face wet with my tears. I remember smelling a sulfur like odor. I remember feeling weary and fatigue and angry. I noted that I couldn’t hear any crickets, or tree frogs, or any other life that one would expect to hear within a forest preserve during the wee hours of the morning.

Yet, while being escorted back to my place in this circle by a dark blue dwarf creature, I noted a kind of mist/sprinkle/rain starting to fall on its head. In a calm voice, I said, “rain”,…..

”In the name of my Lord and Savior, let great drops of the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ fall upon all of our heads, let it rain down upon us.”

The second thing I said, and in a calm manner was,

“In the name of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, I open the gates to let the Holy Warrior Angels to come to this place, and pull down this strong hold”.

Soon after that I saw the lesser “alien greys” moving briskly about, becoming agitated, while at the same time, I was flung from their presence, back into the darkness of the trees, and then, just as fast, I was again flung back into my bedroom, was thrown back onto my bed.

Oh God!

My own conclusions:

1. The woman in my backyard was a disguised Alien Grey.

2. The Alien Greys have technology to cause me, and them, to walk through walls of any kind.

3. There is a caste system. The hierarchy being the very tall ones who wore these special robes.

4. Crying out to the Lord Jesus only irritates them, but will have no affect against them. (Note by Stephanie Relfe: This is not necessarily true).

5. The people I saw were most likely given Mind Control instructions, with the memory of what happened to them erased.

6. This stronghold of theirs was at a State Park, and/or Forest Preserve, reminding me of the Northwest part of the United States, or possibly Alaska. (?)

7. Wielding the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ is a formidable weapon.

8. Commanding Warrior Angels to pull down the nest/stronghold of these creatures in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ is a formidable weapon.

The next day:

My Mother prays for me, and feeds me comfort food. Both her and my sister noted my face looked wind burned, and I had dark circles under my eyes, as if I was outside in fresh cold air, and exposed to the elements.