Three Days of Darkness is Near – Prophecy

Three Days of Darkness is Near – Prophecy – April 2019

From Linda Courtney. Take it to the Lord in prayer for confirmation. April 2, 2019

URGENT Details on Three Days and Nights of Darkness – Linda Courtney

Transcript: I Am the good Shepard. This era of time as mankind knows time is coming to it’s end. As of a few days from now everything is coming to it’s sudden change. The time of serious transition is soon to come upon the entire earth. The scientists will call it earth or climate change, but I, the Lord God Almighty, call it my holy will and fulfillment of my holy and most profound decrees which have been established from time immemorial. I Am the great I Am. My plans shall stand.

Nothing can be done by the feeble mortal hand of man to alter, hinder, or stop what I have prepared for mankind. Truly, this era of mankind’s journey on Earth is quickly coming to a close as I change and rearrange all things.

This Earth will soon enter a time of severe global darkness. People will understand, as I, the Almighty God, draw the curtain of black upon the planet. Those people of mine, who have heard of this Word will understand. I will grab the sudden attention of mankind as all the technology comes to a sudden, incapacitating ability to function. All will be silent and mankind will be thrown into sudden disarray. They will panic as confusion sets in. Many people will lose rational thinking as the curtain of gross darkness covers the earth. I, the Lord God, must do this, to literally grab the attention of all the citizens of Earth. My people, those who know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, will be shaken far less than the sinner. They will be stabilized by my Holy Spirit, as the umps-ion of my Holy presence falls upon them. My Holy will calm their minds as they falter for awhile, gathering their wits about them. So see, my beloved children, there are millions of Christian’s who are saved by my grace that have never heard of the three days of darkness. That’s why I am calling upon you to tell them what is just around the bend. You may approach it with scientific terms for I will indeed use natural means to create this phenomenon.

My planet, which many call Planet X or Niburu, is stealing it’s way to eventually cover your sun. This planet has been observed in various places on Earth, at times with the naked eye. When this planet covers your sun, when this occurs, I will, in my great mercy, will hold and totally control the Earth’s temperature at 55 degrees so that no man or animal will freeze.

However, cold will be felt. So, gather blankets for warmth. Food and water, medical needs as necessary, must be at the ready.

Do not this admonition, for you will need food and water unless you choose to fast. Candles must be white and unscented. Do not question me over this. Oil lights may be used, use refined oil as much as possible.

Listen well my beloved ones, I Am your Holy Father in heaven. You have no earthy father. The Pope of Rome is not Holy. For I alone am Holy. These days of gross darkness are My great act of mercy to get the full attention of mankind. It is at that time that many of the world’s false gods will fall. Those who worship any false god will have the blinders removed and they will be able to choose me as Lord God and Savior. If they so desire. The ultimate choice will still be theirs as I force no one to surrender to Me. Listen further my beloved ones, immediately before this darkness falls, the earth will quake. The earthquake, as it groans for that manifestation of the sons of God, in many places there will be actual earthquakes occurring. The darkness descends and there will be majestic displays in the cosmos. I, the Lord God Almighty, the Lord Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, will rearrange the skies for mankind to see the glorious colors and the deep blood red as the colors wander around the earth. They will see this phenomenon that has never been seen before. I have reserved it for this time.

Planet X will bring with it great earth changes, as the atmosphere will be charged with electricity. This will not hurt or kill mankind but this is something they can see as the discharge will be intense. When these changes begin to occur in the heavens, you are to notify your loved ones immediately. They are to drop whatever they are doing and immediately come to their home. It is best if family members can be together in the home of one of one of the believers in Yeshua, Jesus Christ.

This is why I desire that you tell them beforehand what’s coming to the earth, so they are willing to cooperate with you when the time arrives. Otherwise, they will call you crazy and not come into the home. I desire you alert them now for their sake.

During this three day period, three days and nights of darkness, many unsaved people will truly receive Jesus Christ as their Savior if you have laid a good foundation. As you enter your home, I admonish you to cover your windows and do not look out at all, period! Lock your doors and do not open them to anyone. Why you ask? My beloved children, I will tell you why. It’s during this time I will allow hoards of demons to roam the entire earth. People from all nationalities will be aware of this and many will die from fear and demonic torment attack. Also, the seas will roar and great will roar and great will be the changes that torment sinful mankind. For my beloved children, those that are in their homes at this time, if you will obey my instruction I will send legions of my holy angels to protect you.

Do not fear. Throughout earth, as all electronics cease you will have no where to turn but to Me, the true and only God of endless ages. Pray without ceasing, pray in the Spirit. Trust in Me and I will carry you through. Please be aware that during this time the resurrection of the dead will take place. As the graves of the righteous dead will explode around the entire globe. Simultaneously, during this time, many but not all of my living saints will be transformed by My power and Majesty. My children who know me as their Lord and Savior but who are living in sin and will fall disobedience will be left behind. That choice is up to them.

My beloved children, you ask me why I would allow such a time as this. If you have studied my Holy Word you would understand why I will do this, My beautiful earth has become polluted. Not so much my man made chemical emissions but rather my earth has been totally polluted by the filth and degradation of mankind’s sins, by the sins of mankind. Sin is destroying mankind and my earth is suffering also. So, I am bringing an end to mankind’s rule on the planet. Down through the six thousand years since I created your planet until now, my creation, human beings have been hellbent making bad choices called sins. These sins are now destroying my earth. I am going to personally intervene. I will soon implement My plan which will save mankind from total destruction. For My Word says, for the elects sake I will cut the days short. Also, My intervention will save My earth. I love my creation and My plan for the earth which I have created is yet to be fulfilled. After all is said and done, my earth will be given another one thousand years. Read my Word dear ones. Read My scriptures and I will give you a new understanding.

Trust Me my beloved children I will never leave or forsake you. I will be near to each one of my people who call on Me, for I Am a God of perfect love, mercy, and grace.