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rex deus church

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The rex deus church is not a legal fiction, presumption, entity, Trade Name, public or private corporation, corporation sole, partnership, business, association, society, union, juristic person, ship, vessel, trustee, foreign-situs trust, cestui que vie trust, persona, human being, resident person, native, national, rebel, insurgent, inhabitant, people, sovereign people, person designate, natural person, U.S. citizen, taxpayer, consumer, resident, subject of the secular state, “citizen”, “trust”, “family”, “person”, “subject”, “freeman”, “name”, slave, indentured servant, communicant, thing, corporation cole, estate, property, employee, pauper or “individual” that can been placed in dead trust position of life status or “E” state under the Cestui Qui Vie Act passed by the London parliament since the year fifteen forty – 1540 A.D. and the year sixteen sixty six – 1666 A.D. and seventeen zero seven – 1707 A.D. or any other statute, law, code, edict, order, rule, regulation, charter, patent, letters patent, writ, warrant, declaration, interdict, ordinance, by-law, merchant law (Lex Mercatoria), maritime law, contract law, agency law, corporation law, trusteeship law, admiralty law, constitution, parliament, act, bill, bull, apostolic constitution (constitutio apostolica), dogmatic constitution, pastoral constitution, encyclical letter, papal bull, papal brief, mandamenta, monitum, motu proprio, decree, proclamation, resolution, jurisdiction, legislation, canon law (Corpus lurus Canonici), Orders, Rules and Codes of The Crown Temple, policy, procedure, trust, treaty, emergency, alleged moral obligation or derivatives thereof.

The rex deus church, created in thirty eight – 38 A.D. by the Apostle Peter, survives the rabbinical courts of Judaism: beth din, bet din, beit din or beis din. Those courts required the classical semicha, the transmission of judicial authority in an unbroken line down from Moses. Since the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in seventy – 70 A.D., or at the latest the abolition of the position of Nasi in four hundred twenty five – 425 A.D., the transmission of semicha has been suspended.

The rex deus church, created in thirty eight – 38 A.D. by the Apostle Peter, pre-dates the Holy See of Rome and the Roman Catholic Papacy, which was legalized in three hundred thirteen – 313 A.D. under Constantine’s Edict of Milan and pre-dates the first global expressed trust of the Holy See of Rome – Roman Papacy in the Papal Bull Unam Sanctam in the year thirteen hundred two – 1302 A.D. and the first testamentary trust created by the Papal Bull Romanus Pontifex in the year fourteen hundred fifty five – 1455 A.D.

The rex deus church, created in thirty eight – 38 A.D. by the Apostle Peter, pre-dates the City of Londinium (City of London) which was established in the year forty three – 43 A.D.

The rex deus church, created in thirty eight – 38 A.D. by the Apostle Peter, pre-dates the Kingdom of Britania which was established in the year four hundred eleven – 411 A.D.

A bishop is an ecclesiastical office within the law of our Creator, the LORD Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh – אהיה אשר אהיה, Almighty and the filing of this written instrument with any recorder or other group or organization as a Public Notice is for the purpose of notification only of this lawful church, religious order and ecclesiastical government as a Sovereign Vicegerent of the Eternal Creator and does not grant jurisdiction to any group or organization.

The rex deus church, an independent and autocephalous orthodox church and ecclesiastical government, derives its powers of existence from our Creator, the LORD Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh – אהיה אשר אהיה , Almighty and the LORD Yeshua ha Mashiach (Jesus Christ). It is not a created entity, presumption or juris ficta.

It is unlawful for any trust or entity to incorporate a church. The rex deus church pre-dates all governments, countries, commonwealths, realms, kingdoms, sees, monarchys, cities, states, empires, estates, entities and trusts and is not, and cannot be, a creation of any government, state, country, commonwealth, realm, kingdom, see, monarchy, city, empire, estate, alleged federal UNITED STATES, Corporate United States, United States Corporation, United States, State, state, Federal STATE, any Crown State, Crown Colony, any PROVINCE or Province or province, any country, any Federal DISTRICT, any COMMONWEALTH or Commonwealth or commonwealth, any Realm or REALM or realm, any TERRITORY or Territory or territory, PUERTO RICO, Puerto Rico, the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, STATE OF NEW COLUMBIA, DC, ”The District of Columbia”, ”THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT”, ”United States”, ”U.S.”, ”U.S.A.”, ”USA”, ”America”, “The Federal Reserve Bank”, United Kingdom, UK, Spain, Crown of Spain, Crown of Aragon, City of London, Crown Temple Colony, The Crown, the Crown in Right of the United Kingdom, the Crown in Right of Canada, the Crown in Right of the Commonwealth of Australia, the Crown in Right of New Zealand, Crown of Great Britain, Crown of England, Commonwealth of Nations, Commonwealth of England, Dominions of England, Estates of the Realm, Realm of England, Britannia, Londinium, Commonwealth Realms, Crown Temple, Crown Temple Church and its Chancel, Crown Temple in Chancery, Crown Templar, Templar Church, Temple Church, Temple Bar, Crown of Great Britain, Inns of Court – being the Inner Inn of the Crown Temple, Middle Inn of the Crown Temple, Lincoln’s Inn of the Crown Temple and Gray’s Inn of the Crown Temple, Vatican City, Holy See of Rome, Court of Rota, Papacy, Absolute monarchy, Ecclesiastical Government, Admiralty Jurisdiction, European Union, E.U., or EU enclave of jurisdiction, United Nations, U.N., or UN, realm, national or international body, secular state or religious government, corporation sole, monarch, king, queen, emperor, governmental body, corporation, association, trust, presumption, government, entity or derivatives thereof including, but without limitation to any purported, implied, resulting, charitable or other trust or trust indenture administered by the UNITED STATES, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, or the STATE OF FLORIDA and to any “State” or “Federal area”.

+michael Archbishop relfe
rex deus church

In all cases, regarding michael Archbishop relfe, the Christian Appellation is michael and the family clann is relfe. In all cases, the appellation refers to the living spirit, not a fictional “person”, “name”, “citizen”, “individual”, “ship”, “vessel”, trust or any other legal fiction.