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Interview with an Ex-Vampire – A True Story – THE TRANSCRIPT – PART 8: Black magic, Walt Disney, Vampirism

Interview with an Ex-Vampire –

A True Story










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S: What is Archaeometry?

B: Well Archaeometry – I think I have already touched upon it – is a very advanced branch of black magick and Voodoo which involves cultivating the ability to enter into alternate universes.

And then you go into these universes and you try and, basically, energize the universe and become the god of that universe and then draw power from that universe back into your own universe.

This started out basically as part of the worship of the stargod Sirius, which is known in Egypt as Set.

He is like the Egyptian version of the Devil.

And the idea was that, because there was a black dwarf star of Sirius next to the white star of Sirius, they became known as Sirius A and Sirius B.

And ancient magicians realized that they could use that black star as a gateway into an alternate universe.

And so that’s how they discovered Universe B.

And later on there was Universe C and D and E etc. etc.

And who knows now how many of these universes have been, so to speak, discovered.

So that’s the essence of it.

S: What is its power?

B: Well, first of all it’s a very advanced kind of magick which very few people can do.

But if they can do it, it’s a very, and then again I don’t know even … that’s the trouble with this sort of thing … you don’t know how much of this is even demonic delusion.

I mean, do you really go into another dimension?

Do you really go through this dimensional gate?

Maybe you do, maybe you don’t.

But whatever it is, the person who comes back invariably seems to have amped up their power by a whole order of magnitude.

So it’s squared if you will, or something.

So it is apparently a very potent way of augmenting your magickal power and it’s believed by these people that this is a very easy way of becoming a living god.

S: Okay. And is there a downside to it?

B: Well, yes, because whether or not this stuff is really based on a genuine thing of physics or whatever, the fact of the matter is that you are doing it by demonic power.

And if you are indeed entering other universes, those are universes that are populated by EXTREMELY evil beings.

And extremely WISE, CRUEL beings.

And they are going to take advantage of you.

You might not originally perceive that.

But ultimately they are going to use you for their own purposes, and then spit you out like so much used chewing tobacco.

And that will be the end of you.

So, I know that I had just begun to work in this and it was a very terrifying experience to go through that dimensional doorway.

And thankfully I was drawn back out of it, partly by my wife and partly by the Almighty Yahweh before I could get too badly burned by it.

S: Do you know of any connections between Walt Disney and the dark side?

B: Well, there again, that’s a real mind-blowing question, because most people think of Walt Disney as happy little cartoons and family amusements parks.

But actually, from the very beginning Walt Disney was funded by people of the black nobility – the Venetian Black Nobility – and a lot of his … basically he was set up to essentially rewrite the fairy tales of Western Europe and make them less Christian and more occultic.

And, really, if you look at the fruit, if you will, of the Disney Empire – in both Disneyland and Disneyworld and the other places, all of this stuff is very heavily rooted in the occult.

The other problem with it is that there are very reliable reports that in the 30’s Disney was using drugs.

He was using very powerful psychedelic drugs, which of course can open the door to the demonic realm.

And that’s why there are a lot of subtle things in his movies that point kids towards drug addiction.

And better people than I have done very careful commentaries on Disney – especially the cartoons – and how each and every cartoon draws kids subtly into more and more occult stuff.

And it’s getting more and more obvious.

Originally it was very subtle.

But I can even remember … my favourite Disney film was Fantasia.

And there is SO much occult stuff in there, not just in the Sorceror’s Apprentice, and not just in the Night on Bald Mountain segments.

And part of that movie was what, just over the years of watching it whenever I could, because of course this was before there were video cassettes, I just got enthralled with that.

And I ended up … I think that’s maybe just 10 or 15% – just from watching that movie – why I got into the occult.

So it’s a really disturbing thing.

Especially when you consider that so many thousands and thousands of parents just sort of surrender their kids to the Disney Empire.

Whether they take them to the amusement parks, or whether they let them watch videos and use the videos as baby sitters.

It’s not a good thing.

S: Thank you.

Have you ever had any contacts from people who really know what’s going on with Disney about what they are planning?

B: Well, we have had two or three people, at least, over the years who had said … especially at Disneyland … that children were actually being briefly kidnapped and mind controlled and given like mind control things and then somehow plunked back in their parents custody before their parents got too alarmed.

And also, you know, the whole thing, like … the movie Pinocchio, which of course is one of Disney’s most famous films has a whole segment in it about the lost boys who go onto this island where everything is wonderful.

And that’s like a metaphor for Disneyland.

And then of course little Pinocchio is going along with them.

And they get to do everything they want.

They get to play pool and smoke cigars and yet as they do, they start turning into jackasses.

Their ears start growing and everything.

Disney didn’t make this up – I mean, this is part of the story originally.

But the metaphor is, of course, that the jackass is a symbol in the Bible of the unsaved, unregenerate person.

And it’s like Disneyland and Disneyworld and all of the Disney products are scientifically designed to bring out that part of a child.

To bring out the regenerate, untamed savage nature of them.

And when you add that to the fact that at least some kids are actually being spirited off and somehow or other ritualized or mind controlled is very, very disturbing.

S: When you say they are ‘scientifically designed’, what do you mean by that?

B: Well I mean that all of the different … first of all, of course, the parks of course teach evolution.

Second of all, a lot of the stuff in the rides and whatever is designed to evoke that part of a child’s personality.

And in terms of the movies and everything, the videos, they teach values which are subtly anti-Christian.

And thereby, you know, they are teaching the kids values that will cause them to move in a direction of being, if you will, wild donkeys instead of being good little Christian boys and girls.

Now, maybe using the word ‘scientific’ is a little bit extreme, but still … I mean, I have read … there are people on the web who are very serious Christian researchers, who have line upon line have dissected movies like “The Little Mermaid” and “Beauty and the Beast” and “The Lion King” and “The Black Cauldron” – all of these classic Disney cartoons – are just FULL of this stuff.

And if a child is exposed to it without the parents sitting there saying, “Oh well, that isn’t really true” or “That’s not right” or whatever then, then they are going to end up being a little Pagan before they are 10 years old.

S: Okay, thank you.

Please tell us the story about the child who came to you who was having problems since the parents had taken them to Disneyland.

B: Well, yes, this one little boy was brought to us by his folks when we were ministering in Deliverance and they had taken him to Disneyland because they were up – we were all up in the Pacific North West – and so it was closer for them.

And essentially the child started having all of these ‘acting-out’ episodes after going to Disney.

I mean, he told everyone that he loved it, but he had all of these bizarre dreams and he would talk about being in the red room and being in the blue room and being made to do icky things and stuff like that.

And it was all coming out in nightmares.

And they said, well this sounds like some weird sort of Satanic thing or other, and so we did some Ministry on him, and we had him sit down.

I forget, I think maybe he was 5 or 6 years old at the time, and we had him draw pictures.

And it turned out that he was lead through – it’s so strange – a maze that perfectly mimicked the fallen tree, the Qlifotic Tree, of the back – what is called the night side of Eden.

The Qlifotic Tree of Life.

And all of the colors matched and everything.

And they were leading him through these things.

And he was describing things that a 5 year old child – whatever he was – would have no way of knowing, about the back side of the tree – the Tunnels of Typhon and everything.

And he was describing people like putting things in his private areas and all of this.

Which lead me to believe …

See, we were very careful to not ever lead the kid and say, “Oh, well, did someone do something to you? Did someone put something there?”

We just asked “What happened?”

And that’s what he said he was remembering.

The more we prayed and the more we asked the spirits that were preventing him – because they always give these kids suggestions like “You won’t remember”, “Don’t remember this or we will kill your parents” or something like that.

So there is a certain demonic wall that you have to break through.

But we did, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

And then the child was remembering some of these sexual things that were done to him.

And this was all done in the context of some place in Disneyland.

S: And he’d actually gone missing from a ride, hadn’t he?

B: Yes, he had gone missing from a ride and at first the parents were just a little worried.

It took about an hour or so and he turned up and he seemed to be fine.

And of course they called the … of course, they have Disney Security there, and they found him.

And nothing seemed to be the matter.

But then later on all of these things started happening.

So, I don’t know.

It’s really sad when something like that which is basically a National Monument to childhood, and it’s being used for evil purposes.

But I really think that’s what’s going on.

S: Is there anything more you can say about this whole Disney thing?

B: Well, a lot of the … people might say, well where did you get all of this information about the background of Disney himself.

A lot of it was done by … some really ground-breaking research was done by an acquaintance of mine, and he was a very serious scholar, and he just really made a point to dig into this.

And he has done an amazing amount of work – his name is Anton Chaitkin – and he is the one who dug up the stuff on Disney in the early years and the 30s and 40s and how Disney came to be under the patronage if you will of these various dark forces.

And he tells the story at one point of how Disney was making Snow White which was his first major animated feature length cartoon.

And someone said, “Well, that’s not the story of Snow White.”

And Disney said, “When I get done with kids, they won’t care what the real story of Snow White is.”

Like, ‘I’m going to change the fairy tales so that people will not even recognize them anymore.”

And that’s basically what he did.

And I mean, I don’t know if this stuff has actually put his stuff into print, but I do know that it was copiously footnoted, the manuscript that I was able to see.

And it fits with the personal experiences that I had.

And then of course the other thing, is that it’s obvious that Disney is not very “family friendly” when they are having this big “gay appreciation day” down there.

And having all sorts of ungodly things go on and inviting every homosexual under the sun down to Disney World to celebrate and to do whatever ungodly things they might be doing.

So, it’s really … I mean, if I had a child I would not let him near anything by Disney or anywhere near any of the theme parks.

S: What is a Vampire?

B: A Vampire – let me give you the classical definition and then I will give you the real definition.

Classically a Vampire is a walking corpse that sleeps by day in a coffin or some other secluded place out of the sunlight and then rises at night and subsists by drinking the blood of the living.

And this is an almost universal legend from just about every culture on earth, from China to Greece to even South and North American Indians.

They all have some version of this.

Now, what the reality of it is, is that a Vampire is a member of an actual cult.

There is a Vampire cult that basically initiates people, just like you might be initiated as a Freemason or something, and these people believe that after going through certain initiated things and drinking blood and whatever, they believe that they will acquire supernatural powers, and that upon their death that 3 days later they will rise as an animated corpse of a full-blown Vampire.

And there are certain things that Vampires can do and certain things Vampires cannot do.

For example, Vampires do not like the sunlight.

They cannot deal well with sunlight.

They don’t like garlic because garlic is a blood purifier.

And of course they don’t like Christian religious symbols.

On the other hand, some of the things are from Hollywood … I have never seen a Vampire turn into a bat.

I have never seen a Vampire turn into a mist or float under a door or turn into a swarm of rats, like you read about in the book “Dracula”.

But, they do seem to have some control over the elements.

And they do actually grow fangs.

And they use those fangs to drink the blood of the living.

I think that’s as good a start as any.

We can certainly elaborate on that.

S: Wow. Thank you.

B: Okay.

S: How and why did you become a Vampire?

B: A very good question.

A lot of people ask me that. (laugh).

Well, see, again, I was on this path of Satanism, and at one point in order to proceed, you have to “Cross the Abyss” as it’s called, and at that point you make a choice – and there may be different choices in different parts of the world – but where I was I was told I would have to become either a Werewolf or become a Vampire.

And I knew a couple of people who were shapeshifters, that were Were-people, you know, and they said that it’s really painful.

And I thought, “Well, I’m not really into pain.”

And the whole Vampire thing sounded kind of sexy and erotic and whatever, so I thought, okay, we’ll do it that way.

Because it was like a choice.

It was either this or that, or else you just sit there on your hands and don’t ‘grow’ anymore as a great black magician.

So that was why I did it.

S: Thank you.

For how long were you a Vampire?

B: Well, I think it was probably at least 2 years.

Somewhere in there.

S: Thanks.

What is the difference between a real Vampire and a “wannabee” Vampire?

B: Well, that’s the thing.

Nowadays, especially, it seems with the advent of the Anne Rice books and like the movie “Interview with the vampire” and some similar movies, kids, young people – it’s kind of a sub-division of the goth scene – they want to be vampires.

The difference is primarily that they sort of play at it.

Either they dress like them and they put on white make-up and maybe they even get these contact lenses – I’ve seen them in optical stores, you can buy them for $69 and they make your eyes look like serpent eyes or blood-shot or like the eyes of Dracula.

And they walk around.

And in most large cities there are Vampire nightclubs.

There are places where you can go and do your Vampire thing.

And some of them will actually drink blood.

But they’ll do it in a much more tacky way.

Either they’ll have razor blades and they will cut someone’s wrist, and drink a little blood.

And they claim that this is the most intimate form of sexuality.

Because it’s an exchange of energies.

And that much is true.

But of course, Yahweh God forbids us from drinking blood.

But the difference is that the real …

The real… let me be clear, I was like a First Degree Vampire.

I had not yet ‘died’.

The belief is … obviously or I wouldn’t be here talking about it (laugh) … the belief is that the first level of being a Vampire, you are still a living human being.

And then when you die, then you become a full-blown Vampire.

So at the level I was at, I didn’t need a razor blade to drink blood.

And from what I understand, these “wannabe” Vampires, they do eat.

They eat food. They do drink blood, but they also eat more or less normal food.

Although they will tend to eat a lot of stuff like raw meat, and bloody stuff and things like that, but they do consume food.

I couldn’t eat.

Once I made the transition into being a Vampire initiate, if I tried to eat anything, I would throw it up.

If I even tried to drink water, I would throw it up.

The only things that I could eat were human blood and Roman Catholic communion.

S: How did you feel about that?

B: Well, it got rather monotonous after a while.


There is a rush to drinking blood which is quite … I mean, blood is really one of the ultimate addictive things.

There is actually a psychological identification of … there are people who are addicted to drinking blood, just like there are people who are addicted to drugs or to other weird things.

But it was … in spite of that, you have this momentary rush from drinking the blood or whatever.

But then you have, 8 or 9 hours of the day where you would be thinking, “Boy, I wish I had a pizza. Boy, I wish I had a hamburger.” (laugh)

S: (laugh)

B: I mean it sounds kind of mundane and silly but yet ..

And I knew if I ate these things I would just throw them up.

But then again on the other hand I could very easily survive by drinking the blood of some of the people in our covens.

And then also by … I was celebrating Catholic Mass everyday and consuming that, and that seemed to hold me.

But it was very monotonous.

S: Thank you.

You said they changed their eyes. Were your eyes different?

B: Other than the fact that for that period I had extremely good night vision, no, that’s kind of a Hollywood thing.

I met 2 or 3 real Vampires, including the person who initiated me, and none of them had weird looking eyes.

But, a real vampire, their skin … and this is something, I mean I know for a fact that Anne Rice who wrote the novel “Interview with the Vampire” among many others, she has obviously been in contact with real Vampires.

Because their skin .. and even my skin was like this … it gets this beautiful, translucent, glowing quality.

It’s like you can almost see the veins like stained glass through their skin, on their face and on their hands.

But … I’m sorry, I forgot where I was going with this …

S: What your eyes looked like.

B: No, my eyes looked reasonably normal, other than the fact that they would just totally expand at night.

I mean, I could see in total darkness.

Which was good because I was sleeping in a coffin which was totally dark.

I mean, there is no light inside of a coffin.

S: Wow.

When you said that Catholic Communion kept you alive, what did you mean by that?

B: Well, see, in the Catholic faith it is doctrine that in the wafer or in the cup of wine, that that contains the entire body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ.

So, in my case, because I was a Priest, I got to drink both from the cup and eat the wafer.

But it wouldn’t have mattered.

Either way, I was actually consuming an entire body of a human adult 33 year old male, according to Catholic doctrine.

So, the idea is that that was enough ‘blood’, quote-unquote, to keep me alive.

Now, let’s back off from this one step.

And think – how strange is this?

That there is enough demonic power in Roman Catholic Communion to keep a Vampire alive?

I mean, the implications I would think for your average Catholic who is going to Communion every Sunday, should be rather staggering I would think.

Because I was this Vampire who had totally given himself over to the Devil and I was celebrating Catholic Mass every day.

S: So in a whole day, how many wafers could you eat?

B: I only ate one.

S: You could live a whole day off one little wafer, which is probably only ½ a calorie.

B: Yes. Plus the wine.

S: How many … you could go forever on just one wafer a day?


S: You needed the wine as well?

B: I needed the blood.

S: Right.

B: Human blood.

S: And how often would you need human blood?

B: Every other day or so.

But the need grew.

See, like any addiction, you keep needing a little more and a little more and a little more.

So, at first maybe twice a week was enough.

Then 3 times a week was what I needed, in addition to doing this Mass every day.

And then finally it was every day.

And then it started getting really intense.

S: Okay.

Now you say your teeth grew canines.

Can you explain that whole process?

I mean, right now your teeth couldn’t get into someone’s neck.

B: Well, no … well, they could, but I would have to do it in a funny way.

Actually, what happens is it’s almost like, without being vulgar, it’s almost like the human sexual response.

When even a first level Vampire is hungry and they are in the immediate presence of ‘food’, there is an arousal that takes place, except that the arousal takes place here, rather than down there.

That’s about the most delicate way I can put it (laugh).

And so your teeth grow about a ½ inch longer, and very sharp.

And plus your mouth … you start salivating this very thick saliva which is full of cocaine …

S: Wow.

S: And cocaine is a topical anesthetic.

And so when you go up to the person … in my case, I always used women …. You would lick them a few times because it’s kind of erotic and then that numbs the flesh and then you chomp away and then you drink the blood.

And then that same saliva acts as a quick healer.

There is something in it.

And people might think, “This is so bizarre. How could this be true?”

Well a funny thing is that during this period … (laugh)… this sounds funny – a Vampire going to the dentist – but I had a friend who was at Marquette Dental School and he kind of arm-wrestled me into going to the Dental School to get some dental work done, because I didn’t have a lot of money.

And I went in there and he started working on me.

And this was before dentists typically used rubber gloves, because it was pre-AIDS and everything, and he started working on me.

He said, “You’ve got the thickest, strangest saliva I have ever seen.”

You know, this guy was a 4th year Dental student, so he had seen a lot of mouths.

And all of a sudden, he started dropping everything.

And he said, “My fingers are getting numb.”

S: MMM!!!

B: And he couldn’t figure out why this was.

He said, “It’s like someone put Novocain on my fingers.”

And so he had to back off and sit there for 10 or 15 minutes.

And then he put on the typical rubber gloves and then he finished working on my teeth.

S: Wow.

B: So there is something … because I don’t know if people know this, but all the different things like Procaine, Novocain, that are used by dentists are actually all chemical analogy analogs of the original Cocaine.

S: Wow.

What kind of appetite did you have?

B: You mean, for blood?

S: Well, for everything.

B: Well, I had an appetite for the usual things people have appetites for but if I actually put something in my mouth it would just make me feel nauseous.

So, I was more or less forced to not be able to eat anything except blood.

But I would get very …

I would wake up in the night – because I would sleep all day – and I would be pretty darn hungry.

S: And there’s not a cup of blood in the fridge, is there?

B: Well, not usually, no.

But what I would do and right away I would celebrate a Mass, which is unusual because you are not supposed to say, except on rare occasions, a Catholic Mass after sunset.

But this was obviously a special circumstance.

And then typically one of the girls who was in the coven with us would drop by and I would bite her neck.

S: Thank you.

So what did you have to actually do to become a vampire?

B: Well, that’s a pretty long process, but you begin by taking certain specialized herbs, which I am not going to name, because I don’t want anybody messing with this.

And also large doses of B Vitamins, oddly enough.

Plus you start cultivating as a meditative practice the idea of being what is called a Psychic Vampire.

You start learning how to suck energy out of people.

And this went on for a few months.

And I got real good at that.

S: Did people get pretty tired around you?

B: If I … I was a very well-mannered Vampire.

I never … I usually sucked it out of strangers.

Like I’d sit on a bus or something and I’d sit there …

I could actually draw energy out of people, that were sitting around me, standing around me, whatever.

And at that time I was given a special ring which would facilitate that process.

It was a special onyx ring.

Very large, black stone that I could use as a focal point for my meditative practice when I was away from my house.

Then the next stage was I was given increasing doses of cocaine.

And cocaine as you know is very addictive.

And it’s also very dangerous.

You can very easily take so much you get tachycardia, or even give yourself a stroke or a heart attack.

But very quickly, because of the previous things I had taken, I worked myself to where I was taking rather large amounts of Cocaine.

And this again, over a period of weeks.

Plus I started doing a special Mass called a Nosferatic Mass.

See the word “nosferatu” is Romanian, I think, for “un-dead”.

So we referred to this whole current as the Nosferatic current of magick.

When you say ‘current’ we mean sort of a line of power.

Like there would be a Wiccan current, or a Voodoo current, or a Crowley current.

Well, this was the Nosferatic current.

And this actually involved calling … instead of a like doing a Mass where you … you know, in the Catholic theology supposedly you draw in Jesus Christ into the bread and wine.

Well, this was a Mass where you drew in the body, blood, soul and divinity of Vlad Tspech, who is the real person upon which the Dracula novel was based.

He was actually a 15th Century Wallachian nobleman.

Which is part of Transylvania – you know, the old “This is Transylvania”, and that kind of thing.

So we would do this Mass.

And then I would consume the sacramental elements and that would start to transform me from within.

And so I could take increasing amounts of cocaine.

And of course there is a lot of anxiety involved with this too, because I could feel there were changes taking place within me.

Actual chemical changes.

And in fact, my blood type changed.

The rH factor in my blood type changed between ‘before-Vampire’ and ‘after-Vampire’.

S: From what to what?

B: I can’t remember – I think it used to be 0-positive, and now it’s 0-negative.

S: And it’s still 0-negative?

B: Yes, it’s still 0-negative, yes.

And then finally, one night, I think I had 50 lines of cocaine, which is a huge amount of cocaine.

S: Would that normally kill someone?

B: Yes.

Well, that was sort of where we were going, wasn’t it?

S: Right.

B: And, as I was doing this, all of a sudden, my master, if you will, the Master Vampire who initiated me, came into the room.

I was totally not expecting this.

Because this was in our home.

We had a chapel in our home as I said earlier.

And I wasn’t even ready for this, and he said, “Well, it’s time”.

And he came over and bit me in the neck.

And then kind of almost exactly like what’s in some of the movies, he opened up his chest, tore open his chest with these really long fingernails – talons almost that he had – and had me come and suckle at his chest, and drink his blood.

And by doing so – and then he said certain – just again, kind of like in the Catholic Church when they ordain a Priest, they place hands on your head and there are certain magickal words that are said – and then ‘poof’ you are a Priest.

Well, as I was doing this he put his hands on my head, and something happened in me.

And at that moment, the Vampire – if you will – ‘virus’ – although it’s more than a virus – it’s both a spiritual thing and a physiological thing – was passed into me.

And that was when I kind of crossed the line and at that point I could no longer eat food or anything.

Because my appetite for food was diminishing.

And of course cocaine takes away your appetite.

The more coke you snort the less appetite you have.

That’s why some coke addicts look really cadaverous.

So, anyhow, that was more or less how I made the transition.

But I want to explain about this is that all this took place in the context of a very strange, weird branch of the Russian Orthodox Church.

There are a lot of legends and everything.

Most of the Vampire lore that we are well aware of in America and Hollywood comes from Eastern Europe, from Russia, from Slovakia, from Valakia, from Transylvania, Rumania and Hungary.

And this guy who trained me said that there was a special branch of the Russian Orthodox Church that in fact carried this secret down through the centuries, and that it was a sacred trust that went all the way back, believe it or not, to Jesus.

And that Jesus created the first Vampire when he raised Lazarus from the dead.

And, by this time … mind you, when I was doing this, I was in a Catholic seminary at the time.

So I had just enough knowledge of the Bible to be dangerous.

And I believed this stuff.

I thought this was a holy thing I was doing.

I thought I was going to become … that this was a calling – and part of what they actually say, they say “Urgo-Wallachian”, which is the ancient tongue of the Nosferatu, but I was being told that I would eventually be made into an Angel of Death.

And it would be my job to come and be, like, in a large city, where people die, I would be there at the bedside to absorb their life energy and suck the life out of them.

And put it into this ring that I wore.

And then take that energy and transmute it into the cosmos.

And this was supposed to be a good thing, because without us, no one would die.

S: Wow.

B: Now, this was what I was being told.

And so it sounded in a weird kind of way sort of noble.

But that final thing would only happen after I finally died.

And that would be my second great initiation in Vampirism, would be to actually die.

But that might take a few years.

So, at that point … and I will tell you, that was a very, very strange experience – drinking blood out of this guy’s chest, and the energy that was flowing, and the power that was flowing.

I nearly passed out from it.

But the end result was that … and part of the discipline was that I had to make a specially designed coffin.

It had special angles in it, according to megapolisomancy.

Special sigils along the side and everything.

It had to be lined with certain fabrics.

It was very much designed to be exactly … except without the gold … very much like the Ark of the Covenant OR like a Catholic tabernacle – the little box that you put the host in when you are not using them.

And then finally when I made this transition …and then the other thing was that I had to go at one point before I did this initiation, I had to go to the cemetery of my homeland, which was the small town in which I was raised, and dig up a whole garbage bag full of ‘sacred’ earth out of that Catholic Cemetery.

And again, here is the Catholicism thing.

And then I had to line the bottom of my coffin with that ‘sacred’ earth.

Not only that, I had to wear, in the bottom of my shoes, I had to have like a little sole thing made where I put some of that ‘sacred’ earth in the soles of my shoes.

S: That’s very strange.

B: So everywhere I went I had the ‘sacred’ earth of my homeland in and around me.

S: All the time?

B: Mm..hmm.

S: Wasn’t that uncomfortable?

B: Hey, you know, you suffer for it.

S: You are obviously a very kind, caring person and you still wanted to be kind and caring …

B: Yes

S: How did you feel when they told you that you had to go be a psychic vampire and make people on buses tired?

B: Well, at the time I just… again, you see, my policy, and you are right, I was a very ‘nice’ vampire in the sense that I would never take too much blood or too much energy from any one person.

I would move around the bus or I’d go somewhere where there were a lot of people and if you take so much from say 20 people – I don’t know how to quantify this – like so many volts if you will – you take 5 volts from 20 people then you have 100 volts.

And all they needed to know was that I was able to do it.

It was like a transitional step towards the more serious disciplines.

S: Did you ever take blood from people unwillingly?

B: I was getting there fast.

The implicit agreement I had with all these women in the coven who were my personal wine-cellar was that I would never take too much blood from them.

Because obviously none of them wanted to die, you know.

And a couple of times, as this progressed, I got to the point where I would drink more blood than the woman could stand, and she would start writhing around and even one passed out from lack of blood.

And fortunately my wife was trained … she had a lot of nursing in her background and so she was able to help.

But I never, that I know of … I had nightmares where I think I might have done stuff, but I don’t know it consciously.

Or I might have gone out in the night and I was having fantasies about doing this.

Because the only job I could have was a third shift job putting papers in the boxes for the nighttime newspaper.

And so I would be driving the streets and I would see the occasional prostitute or the occasional street person wandering down North Avenue in Milwaukee, all alone.

And, I mean, my hands were white-knuckling on the steering wheel of this truck I was in.

I was trying to fight not just going over and ripping their throats out.

Because after a while even having one ‘tap’, if you will, of blood a night wasn’t enough.

S: And were you hungry a lot of the time?

B: Oh yes.

The hunger is the worst part.

You are almost always a little hungry.

And as the night progresses you get more and more hungry.

And I would be so bad I would even do 2 or 3 Masses in one day, in desperation, rather than go out and kill someone.

S: And did they tell you that you would be hungry before they invited you to become a Vampire?

B: No.

They didn’t tell me about a LOT of stuff.

That’s the way the Devil works.

He never tells you the down-side of the things you get into.

It’s just “Oh, it will be great … All of these women will be throwing themselves at you … You will have all this power”.

Because the concept is that for every person’s blood you drink , you permanently get that much stronger.

And if you actually drain the actual body of a man or a woman, you get all of their strength, permanently.

S: And did you get stronger?

B: I got a little stronger, yes.

S: But not what you were promised?

B: No, no. But again, I was being so fastidious about it.

I mean, I probably never drank more than a cup of blood from a human being.

So that’s ..

S: At a time?

B: At a time, yes.

So that’s not really a lot of blood.

And that’s not a lot of power.

S: Thank you.

Now, this story where a Vampire dies and then rises from the dead, is that true?

B: I frankly rather doubt it.

But that’s what I was told.

And of course, there is no way to tell.

I mean, like the guy who initiated me, he claimed that he was in fact 150 years old.

And he didn’t look a day over 40.

S: And did he have a birth certificate to prove that?

B: No.

But, for all I know, back then … because he was from – he was actually Hungarian.

And maybe they didn’t even have birth certificates in Hungary back in the 1700s.

Because he said he was born around the end of the turn of the 18th … the 19th Century.

S: Have you ever heard of murder cases that might have been caused by a Vampire?

B: Well, since getting Born Again, I have friends who call me and tell me that they have had contact with police officers, especially out West, especially in San Francisco and Los Angeles, where frequently homeless people are turning up with holes in their necks and no blood in their bodies.

And they keep it quiet, because they don’t want to cause a panic.

That’s the usual police … because you see the police don’t have … they think inside of a box … and they don’t have a system for reporting a Vampire.

It’s not even a crime.

Nowhere on earth … unless it’s considered some sort of assault, but there is no crime in being a Vampire.

And I’ve been told – I haven’t seen this myself – but I have been told by police officers that in some parts of Los Angeles they might have 4 or 5 homeless people a night turn up dead, with holes in their necks.

Nobody cares because they are homeless people, and that’s why they are being preyed upon.

See, Vampires are like wolves.

They go around and find the weak sheep that are at the edge of the flock, whether they are homeless people, or street people or people who are out late at night, and they are the ones they pick off.

But you have to realize that sometimes they don’t kill people.

They just drain enough blood to get by and then they go on from there.

And the person just thinks, “Wow, what happened? Why am I laying here unconscious on the street?”

But they don’t really know because the wounds are so fast healing.

S: Why don’t they remember what happened?

B: Because there is a kind of occult power involved.

Like almost a screen thing that comes over the whole situation.

You don’t remember it.

S: Oh!

The women who offered you, did they remember?

B: Oh, yes, because there was no real coercion involved.

But supposedly – and I don’t know this for a fact – but supposedly if you are a full-blown past-the-grave Vampire, you have a large enough wellspring of occult demonic power that you can cause people to forget what has happened, after you have assaulted them.

S: So the night time really is scary.

B: Well, yes, it can be.

S: If your parents tell you that there is nothing scary out there, it’s not totally true.

B: No, especially if you don’t have Yahushua ha Mashiach as your Lord and Savior.

S: Yes.

Are there women Vampires?

B: Oh, yes. Actually, I think there are actually more females than males.

In fact, one of the scariest women that I ever met in my life was a female Vampire I met long before I got into it myself, way back at the beginning of my occult studies.

I was at a big conference of occultists and adepts in Milwaukee and this lady who walked in who was this just drop-dead gorgeous blonde.

And she had on … she was dressing like she was a Vampire. I mean, she had on this really tight black leather dress and a crocheted cape that came down like bat wings and all of that, and a hood.

And she just had this energy about her.

She just drew people to her like a magnet.

Very, very charismatic.

And very physically beautiful.

She was maybe 2 or 3 years older than me, maybe 26 years old.

And I was kind of like … because, you know, at that time I was single.

This was long before I met my wife.

And I was kind of pant, pant, pant – you know, following her around.

And this friend of mine who owned the occult bookstore, he said, “You don’t want to get involved with that woman.”

Because there was … even then, I had a slight ability to see auras … and there was like a darkness around her that was palpable.

But it was a very voluptuous darkness.

And he said that this lady literally kills one man a week.

And drains their blood.

She is a full-blown Vampire.

You do not want to mess with her.

Not only did she kill men, but she sexually tortured them.

Because you get more of a thrill out of the blood if there is adrenalin in it.

It gives it a certain ‘bouquet’ if there is fear.

And of course fear produces adrenalin within the blood stream.

So, she would torture men and then drain their blood and then kill them.

S: And being beautiful she had no trouble getting them.

B: Attracting them, no.

Plus she had, like I said, it was almost like being in the presence of a Venus Fly-trap plant.

If you were a man you were drawn like a magnet to this woman.

So, yes, there are certainly female Vampires.

In many cases, often the female is deadlier than the male.

S: And what would they do with the bodies in a case like that?

B: I really don’t want to know.

I know what I was told later on is that …. And I mean, I have no way of knowing if this is true … I kind of doubt this … but people have said they have acid baths and things like that.

And of course we know there are serial killers out there, that are not Vampires.

That are just – I hate to say it – but just ‘normal’ serial killers, and they seem to have little trouble getting rid of bodies.

Either they cut them up and put them in garbage bags or whatever.

I have no idea.

S: Thank you.

How is Vampirism spread?

B: Well, it spreads like any other cult – through initiation.

And also by contagion.

Because if you are bitten by a Vampire, if you don’t go through all of this other stuff, you still have this whatever it is – enzyme – I was told that it was an enzyme – that is put in your blood stream.

And it makes you start to be kind of drawn in that direction.

You start liking the things of darkness.

You start … I mean, it’s very, very subtle.

Unless you have it done more than once, several times, it’s not anything you would ever notice.

You might start just start liking horror movies more, or maybe all of a sudden you are starting to get a taste for raw meat, like cannibal sandwiches or steak tartar or something or other.

And it’s very, very subtle, but eventually a lot of these people will end up getting into the goth scene, going to these Vampire clubs and so on.

And they might very well be drawn in to a more serious vampiric relationship.

So that’s how I think they get their converts.

They attack people and the person doesn’t even know they have been ‘tapped’ so to speak, and a year or so later they are drawn into the Vampire scene.

S: I see.

How many other people did you know who were real Vampires?

B: Well, I think I said, there were about 3 other people I knew, who were supposedly full-blown Vampires and then there was one other guy who was a Vampire in training.

S: Okay. How many Vampires do you think there might be in America?

B: I don’t know.

First of all, I want to clarify that I don’t know – I have no way of knowing – I don’t even know that I believe that these ‘real’ Vampires were actually animated corpses.

I don’t honestly don’t know.

S: But what about people like you?

B: I would have no way of knowing.

I would guess maybe not many.

Maybe a few thousand in the whole country.

But again, this thing has really spread.

I mean, when I was into this, none of this goth culture even existed.

Now it’s very fashionable.

I mean, you can actually find internet sites like “First Church of the Vampire”.

Or “The Vampire Church” or whatever.

And it’s between that and the movies and the books and all that, it’s become very, very popular.

So, it could even be 10 times that amount.

S: And how did you like being a Vampire?

B: Well, I would describe it the way I’ve heard many addicts of many descriptions describe their addiction.

I would say it’s like 2 or 3 minutes of ecstasy followed by 24 hours of absolute hell.

S: And you hadn’t gotten into the full-blown stuff, so that was just the beginning.

B: No.

Because you have this hunger all of the time.

And when you are in the in-between stage it’s both the hunger for normal food and the hunger for blood.

And it never really goes away.

And that in itself is bad enough.

But then towards the end – see, I was just being tormented – I started having a blood lust, where I wanted to go out and really kill people against their will … as if anybody would want to be killed with their will.

I wanted to tear people’s throats out.

I wanted to rip people to shreds, literally.

And it was all I could do … just mainly my love for my wife Sharon and the fact that I knew that if I did something like that it would probably ruin our life, ruin our marriage, because I would have taken a human life.

It was awful.

It was like being an addict, circling the drain, and not being able to get out of it.

S: Did that consume your thoughts?

B: Oh, yes, pretty much.

Oddly enough, the only way I was able to deal with it was by writing.

I wrote some very awful novels, that were like occult novels, that were very, very evil, and I kind of used that as a therapeutic way of getting rid of some of my – ha, ha, ha – demons.

But even that wasn’t working for long.

I knew that sooner or later I was well on my way to committing a very nasty homicidal act.

S: Right. And even for evil people, they have to worry about going to jail.

B: Oh, sure.

S: Were there other disadvantages to being a Vampire?

B: Well, of course, all of this happened before the AIDS thing, but I am sure that would have been an issue.

I mean, I think even when I was doing this, there were at that time some people running around with AIDS.

It just wasn’t well-known then.

But, yes, not ever being able to go out in the sunlight.

Not ever to be able to sleep with your wife, because you are sleeping in a coffin.

I mean, you try sleeping in a coffin for a couple of years, and see how you like it.

I mean, it’s not a lot of fun.

And yet, I was deceived into this.

I was told that I would be like a walking god upon the earth.

And actually most of the time I felt rather miserable.

S: Okay. Were there any other disadvantages to being a Vampire?

B: Well, other than the fact that I was probably as lost as a golfball in a wheat field and going to Hell, I can’t think of any offhand.

S: Okay. Thank you. And has it affected you physically in any way since then?

B: Well, yes. Now I have a very delicate digestive system.

I still have trouble digesting food.

I still have issues with things that I would rather not discuss of a personal nature, but (laugh), but in terms of physical problems, physical weaknesses … I mean, to a degree, it ravaged me.

And I know that Yahushua is gradually healing me of some of those things.

Like oddly enough, now I have very bad night vision.

It’s only very recently been getting better again.

And of course, there is always this little itch at the back of your mind to go and drink blood.

Just like any addict, it’s always there at the back of your mind, waiting on a street corner.

But it isn’t even an issue anymore.

I’m aware of it, but I never do it.

Because it’s now been … well, let me think, it’s been going on 20 years.

So, to use the Alcoholics Anonymous term, I’ve been clean and sober from Vampirism for 20 years.

But it’s an awful thing to have in your memory.

And an awful thing to have in your bed.

Because the imagery, the nightmares, everything – it’s horrible.

S: Thank you.

Why did you only go out at night time?

B: Well, because, really, the sunlight was very harmful to me.

If I wore long sleeves, and gloves and a wide-brimmed hat and dark glasses, I could go out in the daylight.

But if I ever … I remember one time I inadvertently exposed my hand to the sunlight and within about 30 seconds there were blisters on my hand.

So …

And that was because the sunlight is very detrimental to the physiology of someone who is moving into that realm.

S: Thank you.

How do you kill a Vampire?

B: Well, the lore is … of course, anybody could have killed me.

Because I was still a normal … well, a more or less normal human being.

But the lore says that you have to either drive a stake through their heart and then cut off their head and fill their mouth with garlic – which of course would do a pretty good job of killing a normal human being too.

Or by fire.

If you burn them up to a crisp, that usually does it.

Of if you get them out into the full sunlight and force them to stay there for a minute to two, they’ll usually … the lore is, that will kill them.

And I could believe it, just from what the sunlight felt like to me.

Because I know if I’d have left … it literally … it was almost like a very, very bad sunburn.

And if I’d have left my hand out there I probably would have had 2nd degree burns within a minute or two.

S: Wow.

B: But again, I’m not really sure if any of this stuff is true.

This is stuff that I’ve been told. I don’t know any of it from first-hand knowledge.

S: Except for what it did to your hand.

B: Except for what it did to my hand. Yes.

S: Thank you.


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