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Martial Law Flag – Get It Now

Martial Law Flag

Put This

Civilian Non-Combatant Flag

On Your House and Car

By Anna Von Reitz


This flag is from a military manual that was described by Anna Von Reitz as a result of her research. Please send her a donation as we would have never found out about it if it were not for her.

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The first download is a JPEG file for a 12″ x 24″ magnetic sign that you can buy on EBay. Be sure your sign is laminated, has rounded corners, is at least 30mm thick, is 12″ x 24″, has free shipping and is no more than $30 for 2 signs.

The second download is an EPS image for a sign that can be enlarged without distortion in case you want to make a billboard or posters to display in your town.