Spiritual Warfare

Give Evil Beings Spiritual Death with your Spiritual Sword

Give Evil Beings Spiritual Death

with your Spiritual Sword

“Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword“. Matthew 10:34



All of us are being affected either directly or indirectly by the many evil beings on this planet. In order to stop the current downslide direction of systems of government and business, and the degenerating behavior of people, each of us must do what we can to remove evil beings from earth. Then our government and business leaders, who are mostly spiritual dummies, can wake up and start realizing that we will all be better off if we all do only good things. This article will show how you can make a really big, permanent difference to your family, groups, town, state, country and planet, and it won’t cost you a cent.

Not everyone gets attacked spiritually, to the same degree as other people. If a person is a good little sheeple, as I once was, and doing what the evil ones like you to do, and making no positive difference in the world, you will probably think that I am nuts to talk about spiritual attack. When I was a sheeple and starting to wake up, there was one day when I thought I was under spiritual attack, because I felt so awful on that day. However, I had just learned how to do kinesiology and accurate muscle testing, and when I went to a friend to give me a balance to feel good again, and find out if I was under spiritual attack, the cause turned out to be not spiritual, but chemical/nutritional. The cause was actually just too much sugar.

So, not everyone who thinks that they are being spiritually attacked is correct. Accurate muscle testing can identify what’s going on. Believe it or not, the human body is able to access information about anyone at anytime, anywhere. Try it for yourself and if you do this enough you will get to see the truth of this. (Note: This is very different from getting information by dowsing, which we do not recommend). It is quite likely that this is one of the reasons why the oligarchs have done so much to make sure that applied kinesiology and muscle testing are still known by relatively few people, even though it regularly gives people amazing results. Get some one to say “Barack Obama” and see how their arms go weak when tested – not a good sign.

I have no idea exactly how the body is able to give all the information that it does, but I believe it has something to do with two things. Firstly, your body has an electrical field around it. Anything that enters this field interacts with the body. The brain processes this information. You ‘talk’ directly to the brain by muscle testing.

Secondly, there is a theory that both our brains and the universe are holograms. An example of a hologram is one of those 3-D pictures you see in cubes, which are made from lasers. The special thing about a hologram is that if you break the hologram into many different pieces, each piece will then contain a perfect picture of the original. We are all connected energetically to everything. That is why it is so important for each of us to be the very best we can be, to raise others up. For more information and understanding of this, I highly recommend that you read the brilliant book The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot. This brilliant book is very easy to read. I cannot recommend it highly enough. This information should be taught in all schools.

Michael and I will often muscle test each other, sometimes when lying in bed before going to sleep, to get information about ourselves and what is going on in the world.

However, once we took on our ministry, and starting doing things that were directly aimed both physically and spirtually against dissolving the power structures of the evil ones, we started to come under real spiritual attack. How do I know this? Because we would develop a symptom, then muscle test, and if it was spiritual, Michael would do deliverance, that is, bind the beings causing the problems, in Jesus’ name, and send them wherever God wanted them. As soon as that was done, the symptom would vanish.

Over the years, just some of the symptoms we have experienced are:

  • Intense anger out of nowhere, for no reason.
  • Pain in chest.
  • Pain in ankles or other joints.
  • Pain in stomach.
  • Pain in head.
  • Burning, intense pains, in just one spot, like a red, hot poker.
  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Racing heart.
  • Choking.
  • Appalling nightmares so bad I would wake up screaming so loudly that my throat was sore for a while afterwards. The first time this happened was around 2011. I had virtually never had nightmares my whole life, except for some in my childhood of monsters taking me and my siblings (these no doubt came from the fact that we had to walk quite a long way on our own to and from elementary school, and I was scared to, after being told that people try to pick up and murder children, and my mother refused to take us in the car).

Nearly all of these nightmares were similar. They lasted much less than a second, about as fast as a gun shot, thus giving me no time to respond. I am sure these nightmares were meant to kill me. There was a blast of energy, so powerful, that I was convinced it had killed me and everyone around me, and there was nothing but blackness and despair and the most awful feeling of total hopelessness you can possibly imagine. When I woke up screaming, I was surprised to find that I was alive.

The screaming was so bad my throat hurt for a while afterwards. These nightmares reminded me of the stories I have heard of totally healthy people going to bed and never waking up again. In some cases in China, the person’s hair was been found to turn white.

We continually prayed and muscle tested to find out how these attacks were getting through. There is always a reason for something like this happening. The curse causeless shall not come. Proverbs 26:2. It took us many years to find out what the legal hole was that allowed these attacks to happen, but fortunately, I eventually found out what this was caused by a portal from a mirror, and how to stop them.

One day around 2004, Michael and I were coming under intense spiritual attack. However, this time was different.

When we were being attacked, as usual, I would muscle test Michael to see what kind of beings were attacking us, and how many of them there were. Our current catalog for identification includes the following:

Beings without bodies

  • Fallen Angels.
  • Celestial Beings, including but not limited to:
    • Powers.
    • Principalities.
    • Kingdoms.
    • Thrones.
    • Dominions.
    • World Rulers.
  • Old Ones.
  • Deep Ones.
  • Little “g” gods (eg Roman gods, Greek gods, Elder gods, Lesser gods)).
  • Demigods.
  • Unknowns.
  • Emissaries of Lucifer.
  • Lucifer (Probably not the real thing. More likely beings working directly for lucifer calling themselves after his name, the way that servants in England called themselves after their master on occasion – see the movie “Gosford Park”).
  • Others not mentioned.

Beings with bodies

  • Aliens, including:
    • Grays.
    • Tall grays.
    • Insectoids.
    • Tall Whites (Nordics, Nazi Aryans).
    • Grasshopper aliens.
    • Darx (this is a new species that we discovered).
  • Reptilians (Reptilians are not aliens because they are native to earth).
  • Draconians (These look like tall, skinny Reptilians, possibly with wings. They are a different species to Reptilians and seem to usually be superior to the Reptilians. Some are on the planet Draco).
  • Humans, including
    • Military and INTEL members.
    • Religious Cult groups.
    • Occult Groups (witches, satanists, ceremonial magicians).
  • Others not mentioned.

I was getting so sick of what was going on, and not being able to do something more concrete. I cried out to God to ask Him what I could do to help Michael. I did a meditation, and went to a place in my mind called my Sacred Space, which is a beautiful place of nature, where I sometimes find answers. No one is allowed in this space without my permission.

There is a beach in this place. When I went there this time, I found a very large rock. A sword was stuck in it. I pulled out the sword, and looked at it, and thought to myself, “This is the Sword of Excalibur.”

In that moment I instantly understood that this sword could give beings spiritual death. When we ‘die’ we don’t really die – we just drop the body. The spirit lives on. Read stories about near-death experiences, and you will learn how people feel wonderful when they drop the body. But spirits can be killed permanently, as will happen one day to Lucifer and the other fallen angels.

I realized also that the spiritual Sword of Excalibur that I saw in my meditation, was the same Sword of the Spirit that one prays for when one prays to put on the armor of God, that is in the bible. It’s not a decorative item. It has a real purpose. Just as the angels are fighting a spiritual war above us, you can too. And possibly because you are in an earthly body, you have spiritual rights to kill beings on this planet, that the angels are not allowed to touch.

From that day, when we both started using the Sword of the Spirit to kill whatever muscle testing told us was attacking us (or just using it anyway, when on our own, and trusting God to help us out), our lives improved dramatically. Spiritual attacks and drama decreased noticeably. The great thing about spiritual warfare is that if you pray “wrong”, nothing bad happens except that if you keep praying, God will put it in your mind how to pray “right”.

Here is a suggestion for a prayer for the whole armor of God. Do this daily, especially before leaving your home, or going to sleep:

“Heavenly Father, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I now put upon myself and all present the full armor of God, the armor of Light, the Breastplate of Righteousness, the Shield of Faith, the Helmet of Salvation, the Sword of the Spirit, the Belt of Truth, the Garment of Vengeance, the Cloak of Zeal, and any other part of the armor of God that I do not know about, and my feet shod with the gospel of peace.” (Eph 6:13, Isaiah 59:17)

Here is a suggestion for how to use the Sword of the Spirit

Download the MP3 Prayers  /

Hear them on Youtube

If you know how to do accurate muscle testing, it helps a lot to first use muscle testing to identify:

  • How many types of beings are involved.
  • The types of beings (use list above for a guide).
  • The total number of each type of being.

1. Bind the beings

First say a prayer to bind the beings that are attacking you:

“Heavenly Father, in the name of Lord Jesus Christ, I ask you to please send billions and trillions of legions of angels to bind all these beings (name the beings) attacking me and those I care for (name them).

Please deliver these beings to me for their total destruction.

In Jesus name, Father I ask you to prevent me from being harmed when I do this and please prevent anyone from knowing that I did this and please keep all knowledge of what I do now hidden from all the enemy.”

2. Kill them Spiritually

The beings have been delivered to you. They are bound together in a small area. Now, physically lift your arms and hands and ‘see’ yourself holding a giant sword. Say this prayer as you physically slice and thrust all the evil ones you sense. Keep doing it until you feel they are destroyed.

“In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I kill and destroy these beings now.”

Anytime you feel any kind of negative oppression or craziness, use your sword. For example, you can use it to kill the demons that give power to remote viewers. It is our experience that many people with metaphysical abilities are being used as Michael was by the U.S. Navy, and people with the most valuable abilities have personal remote viewers assigned to them 24 hours a day. (Valuable abilities include sending, opening portals, manifesting, changing timelines, killing with the mind and seeing the future).

Even if the people doing the remote viewing cannot be harmed (since they are just pawns in the game), you can kill the demons that give them their remote viewing abilities and render them harmless. Metaphysical abilities can come from demons, or they can be a natural gift from God that can never be used for evil purposes.

In addition, cleanse your area to help free yourself and earth. With at least one other person…

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. Matthew 18:20

visit your local government & big-business buildings (think Monsanto or vaccine companies) and masonic temples. Pour a few drops of oil on them to anoint them. Then bind all the beings, in the name of Jesus, giving power to the building and all people associated with it, and then kill them with your sword.

I’m told by someone who can see that every Walmart has a cloud of demons flying over its roof – they could do with removing.



Sometimes the being you are praying against will have protection. We have found that muscle testing as to whether or not it has protection, and what kind of protection, gives interesting results. If there is protection, you need to pray against it and/or use your spiritual sword to destroy it, before you can do anything else.


Sometimes when we have been attacked, we still feel symptoms of illness / nausea type symptoms, or other symptoms, after doing spiritual warfare. In these cases, it often meant that we were tied to a dimension/s or universe/s by the beings we prayed against. A lot of black magick is to do with these. Muscle testing can identify this. Pray to break the connection, and implode the dimension/universe.

St. George & The Dragon

There is often some truth to myths. What’s interesting when you study pictures of St. George and the dragon, is that some of the ancient pictures don’t portray dragons as giant reptiles, but more as weedy-looking, human-sized, alien-looking beings. In those days, there were people who could see what is going on, because they had not had their brains damaged by vaccination, and they were fed breast milk for extended period of time.

Be like St. George. Kill reptilians and aliens.

Download the MP3 Prayers








P.S. Try doing it with one hand in a bowl of water.








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