Spiritual Warfare

Mirrors Open Portals to Other Dimensions – A Being Walked Through One

Mirrors Open Portals to Other Dimensions;

A Being Walked Through One.

Plus; How to Stop Nightmares


by Stephanie Relfe



One blessing of having a website like this one, with such extraordinary information, is that we get to talk on the phone with some very interesting people, many of whom have had really unusual and paranormal things happen to them. That’s often what brings them to this site. This is one reason why we are able to believe all the weird stuff we write about, and have a much better understanding of it, than isolated individuals can.

Many of the people who have talked with us felt that they were going mad with the strange things happening to them, and no one around them believing in such stuff, and therefore it was a great relief to them to find us and learn that similar extremely strange happenings have happened to thousands of other people. While each case is unique, it is amazing how many people who we have talked with often have two or more of the following characteristics:

  • Metaphysical abilities, even if they had only a glimpse of what was possible, from a few experiences.
  • Interesting bloodlines, often including a famous or aristocratic person in their background.
  • Close family member in the military, often the father, and usually not something simple like a soldier, but often a high-ranking officer and/or member of intelligence.
  • Close family member a high ranking Freemason.
  • Close experiences with interesting locations, such as Area 51 or other military bases.
  • Part of childhood spent in Germany, or time spent in other countries, such as Scotland or Egypt, that seemed out of character with the family.

Plus it is very common for them to also have, due to programming –

  • Extreme money difficulties, even though they were well educated and had no apparent cause for this.
  • Terrible relationship problems, usually on their own, even if they were good looking, nice, professional people from reasonably happy families.

A few days ago, I was talking with a very nice man who has some interesting abilities, and he had a most interesting story to tell.

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