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Prayer Warrior Defeats Aliens and Meets the Lion of Judah

Prayer Warrior Defeats Aliens and

Meets the Lion – of Judah (?)

We have communicated by phone and email a number of times over the past years with a lady who is a mighty prayer warrior. You can read some of the results she has reported here, when aliens abducted her and asked her to STOP PRAYING!

As a response to some videos we told her to have a look at, on Nov 16, 2015 she emailed this remarkable story to us. I put “The lion of Judah” in question marks in the title because we are not quite sure what happened in this event, and think that that may be what it was.

“With (many questions about the true state of our earth, sun, moon, space etc), I began praying one day to see what direction to go to war in…

I shut down all of the portals, gateways, star gates, openings, singularities, and rifts in time and space in the name of my Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ.

Then I loosed Warrior Angels to all the entrances, and exits of all the portal systems that the aliens use when traveling to and fro from this planet, and others that are located within other dimensions, and other flat infinite plains.

Do these spaceships travel through water when going from one planet to another? I made a decree that all of these portals that are filled with water, and all the heavens that are filled with the deep, and that all the places that have a firmament in them, to dry up whenever all the aliens (who followed Lucifer in his first rebellion,) travel by these means, in the name of my Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ.

To stop all of the sun portals to work for the aliens’ high technology.

To cause all of the sun portals (using wormholes from our sun to travel to another infinite flat plain world, where their own sun is located) to have Warrior Angels stand in attendance at these locations, and make war with all of the aliens as they enter, or leave, the wormhole portals in the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

To cause all of their high technology to fail them by shutting down the electromagnetic pulse waves within the nucleus that make up the atomic structures, and to have the atoms give off only half its strength.

To have all the time, and space lines collapse in upon themselves, which the aliens have opened and created through their high technology.

To have all the portals (that perhaps may be filled with water) to dry up, and to fold in upon themselves that connect their dimension with our own, where we live, and move, and have our being, in the name of my Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ.

To have all the portals, wormholes, singularities, rifts in time, and space that surround the dome over our flat square earth, with the circle inscribed upon it, to fold into itself, and to have Warrior Angels stand guard to prevent other creatures who chose to follow Lucifer, from entering, or exiting them.

After that, I would sing to the Lord Jesus, and tell Him how much I love Him, and go about my day this way. I did this for about 3, maybe 4 days.

I like to say that the following was a dream, but I don’t think so:

One night I found myself standing in my kitchen. I found there was a group of alien creatures standing in the corner of my kitchen, by the back door. I recognized a few of them;

  • There were two Alien Greys, there were, what I supposed were:
  • Two Andromedans (human bodies, heads something like horses, skin color was blue-teal-purplish,
  • Two of what I supposed were Pleiadians,
  • Two human looking creatures with coal black hair,
  • Two others (11′ tall, they were bending down because the ceiling was too small, looked like praying mantises, seemed to be a muddy green color),
  • Two more that I don’t know what they were, standing behind the others (10′ tall, not bent over like the mantis. Not humanoid, wore robes, average thickness, round faces – hard to recall).

I don’t know how many there were all together.

They all stood in a group, and didn’t say anything, but simply stared at me. They had an immense masculine evil energy.

Then my legs felt like rubber. My chest hurt. My head hurt.

I grabbed for the kitchen chair, and slumped down onto it. It felt like my ‘life forces’ were being drained away from me. I felt like “I’m going to die.”

The next thing I knew was a young man wearing a long robe walking from behind me. (Later my husband said he was probably my Guardian angel).

His robe had what looked like gold filaments in it. He had short black hair.

With him was a large lion, about the size of a small pony.

They both walked in front of the chair I was sitting in. They didn’t let me see their faces.

They both had their backs to me, and were facing the group of aliens.

The young man spoke to the group of aliens.

It wasn’t English. It wasn’t any human language that I’m familiar with.  But, it seemed to me they were arguing.

Eventually, two by two, the different aliens would simply disappear.

While the young man was talking to them, the large lion rubbed its hind quarters, and his back legs against my own legs while I was still sitting down. Something similar like a house cat.

Then it would walk away, and then come back and rub against my legs again. Whenever he did that I felt stronger, and felt life coming back.

When it rubbed against my legs one more time, I reached up and grabbed its fur…its mane… with my right hand, and made a fist while holding his fur so as to not let go.

It gave off a sense of Peace, and Courage, and Joy, and Contentment, and Holiness, and Righteousness, and Blessings, and Life.

My right hand clutched at this fur, and I never wanted to let go.

The next morning I woke up in bed, as if I slept a deep, and refreshing full nights sleep.

I wanted more. I asked The Lord to send the lion back, so that I could touch it, and get more.

The answer was No. I will not see it again until I go Home to be with The Lord in Heaven.”

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