Spiritual Warfare

Cleansing Spiritual Portals; Close All Portals In Your Area

Cleansing Spiritual Portals

Close All Spiritual Portals & Openings In Your Area

So that Evil Ends on Earth

This is Your Ministry

Your training begins Now

By Stephanie Relfe


We closed some portals hear in Florida.  There was one between the stone city gates (above), near the Spanish Fort, in St. Augustine, the oldest city in the USA. However, most portals won’t be in obvious places like this. 


There is a reason why the level of evil is increasing on this planet.  Different entities and aliens of a level of creepiness and evil impossible for humans to imagine, have been invading earth in increasing numbers.

They have been able to do this because humans have helped them either unknowingly or because they got tricked into it, by opening portals to the different universes and dimensions where the evil ones live.

Even worse, in rare cases, we have found that some people have joined dimensions together.

God never intended for these creatures to get here, but because we have free will, if a human lets them in, they can get here.

Some of these portals and tunnels are now open highways. It’s like leaving your front door open at night, with a sign up that says “Free goodies inside”.



All the evil beings – whether human, reptilians, aliens or disembodied creatures, serve the dark side and knowing or unknowingly are Satanic. They rely on black magick to give them their power. Black magick is intimately involved with other universes and dimensions. It gets much of its power from these, as well as from demons, that come from these places.

One way we know this is because we have communicated with people who used to be witches and Satanists, and who did these things. Although these people renounced what they did, and became Christians, unfortunately not all of them thought to go back and pray to undo all the damage they did while working with the occult.

If you have ever done this, please go back and pray in Jesus’ name to close every portal that you opened, and dismantle every universe you created.

However, do not do this on your own. You need support when doing this, and it helps enormously if you can muscle test to find out where to go and especially to know what is attacking you when you do this, so you can fight back with your spiritual sword.

This is yet another reason why the aliens abduct people – to get them to open portals to other dimensions and universes, to allow more of the aliens and their allies and demons in.

It would appear that humans are much more capable of opening portals to other dimensions and universes than they are – if the aliens can do it at all, which we doubt. Just like an owner of a house is the only one who can give permission for someone else to enter it, only a human living on earth can give permission for aliens to come here.

In addition, with some people with metaphysical abilities (what we call talents), opening portals and discovering other universes are some of their special metaphysical abilities. These people are likely to be abducted for this reason alone.

Some people have opened portals to these places without their conscious knowledge.


While we believe that it’s best to physically visit the actual site, it is possible that a simple prayer from you in Jesus’ name may work. The fact that you did not do this with your conscious awareness may give you extra right to undo it.

“If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.”  John 14:14

Unfortunately, there are even people who have done this with full conscious knowledge of what they were doing. The aliens will play on the ego of the person and make them think that they are doing something special, good and holy by doing this, but the person seldom asks why does this need to be opened and who or what will be coming through?

We know of one woman who was told by some aliens, “The spirits have been waiting 100,000 years for you to go to a distant island and do this”. She should have then said, “So what? What is going to come through that portal? Does God want this done? What are the intentions of these spirits? How do I know they are telling the truth?” Unfortunately, she did not and willingly went and did their bidding, all because they stroked her ego. Opening a portal to just anywhere is like leaving your front door and your country’s borders open and putting up a big sign saying “Free Stuff here”.

I did some distance kinesiology and found that the aliens who told her to do this look like 6′ tall green blobs. Curiously, I later learned that she kept a plastic figure of a green, blobby looking thing on her desk. We are finding more and more that many alien species look very different from the normal looking gray aliens.


Traditionally, the people who open portals are into New Age type of subjects, so Michael and I were shocked to learn recently that even some Christians are now opening portals! We were helping with distance kinesiology a middle-aged woman who had a lot of heart problems for no apparent reason, as she had a very healthy lifestyle. Muscle testing led us to find that she had been opening all kinds of portals at the request of her church! Muscle testing indicated that more weird types of aliens were controlling the leaders in the church. This was creating all kinds of horrible soul ties and energy drains, that were making her problems worse.

She said that there is some kind of reference in the bible to opening portals – something about helping angels. We advised her that angels never need our help. They only want us to fulfill our destiny and serve God and goodness. Words in the bible must be seen in context of the rest of the book.

The end results of all these open portals are perversions, child molestation, abductions, nightmares, sleep paralysis, stolen babies which look like miscarriage, materialism, selfishness, greed, violence  and misery, all of which the aliens relish because they produce energy that the aliens can eat for food or sell on to other spirits in the spirit-market.

If we are to turn earth around and make it happy and Holy again, then it is absolutely critical that all of the portals to other dimensions and universes around the world be sealed off and destroyed. Also curses, spells, psychic prayers, rituals, magical constructs and other things created by magicians must be deconstructed and eliminated. Please see the spiritual warfare prayers on Rex Deus.

We are asking your help to do this, at least once. If you are looking for an important ministry, this could be it.

Some of these portals are from activity of the current civilization on earth. Some are from previous civilizations, such as Atlantis. We don’t know how many civilizations have been on earth, and then destroyed by earth changes, but just because the physical things got destroyed does not mean the portals were destroyed.

This video gives an idea of some portals, although many portals are not in such obvious places as this, and may have no markings at all to indicate there is one there:




Here’s an important clue to cleaning up the planet; We closed some portals here in Florida.  There was one between the stone city gates in St. Augustine, the oldest city in the USA. However, most portals won’t be in obvious places like this. They could even be out in the open or in an ordinary building, with nothing special around them.

Then we muscle tested how much more important are the portals in Europe, as compared to the ones in Florida?

Answer: 5,000 times!!!

That’s amazing! No wonder there is so much bad energy in Europe!

Washington DC tested as 3,000 times more important. We assume that the lesser importance of Florida is because this state is basically a sand bar that frequently gets washed away. The whole state is no more than 100 feet above sea level. The following map shows the USA during prehistoric times:10X10-white-spacer


Prehistoric USA during Pennsylvania times (Source)


We believe that some portals go back to the Chaldean Kings, before Noah’s flood. They ruled for 500,000 yearsAnd probably there were portals before that. (Another reference).

Later I did more muscle testing. Incidentally, I have occasionally had feedback that indicates that my muscle testing is remarkably accurate; for example, many of the distant kinesiology sessions that Michael and I have done for people have given remarkable results. I have also found things about people which when I asked them about them, got confirmed.

Yet another time, I was thinking of advertising in a magazine that did not advertise how big its readership was, so I muscle tested and got an answer of to the nearest 10,000. I later told the editor the number that I got, and he confirmed that I was correct. I tell you this to give you more confidence that the following information, while it may not be correct, has a high probability of being accurate.

(Note: If you do not do pretests first for switching, blocking, dehydration and confirm that the central nervous system and the muscle you are testing is in balance, then any results are null and void. In addition, there are a few other tricks to make sure your results are accurate. I teach all of this in the DVD training series Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing).

I was surprised at first to find out that the portals in Asia are as important as those in Europe, but after thinking about it, realized that that made sense. What was surprising was how low is the importance of Africa. Is that why the Illuminati don’t do any building there? 


Here are the results:


Europe                  5,000 times as important

Asia                       5,000 times as important

Eastern USA        3,000 times as important

South America     3,000 times as important

Mid USA                 300 times as important

Africa                       200 times as important

Western USA            30 times as important

Australia                     30 times as important


WARNING: We are very serious about this; Your life could very well be in danger if you do close portals. Please do not attempt to find and close portals unless you have a personal relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ (spiritual warfare is not for the unbeliever) and:

(a) You know how to use your Spiritual Sword and to muscle test what is attacking you.

(b) You know how to remove booby traps.

If you are covered by the above, please, as part of your life purpose, and to do your part in the war between good and evil that is raging on earth, and to protect future generations, do the following:

1) Locate A Target Area

Get a map of the area. Also make a list of all the places that are within a hundred miles of where you live, that have bad energy or could have a portal to a dimension or universe. A large city may have around six or so portals. Include:

  • Historic buildings.
  • Masonic buildings.
  • Catholic buildings. The Jesuits know more about black magick than just about anyone. Many Catholic Churches are built on a vortex or place of demonic activity.
  • Parks. Open places, especially those with a statue in them.

  • Any place that has two pillars that could represent the twin towers of Freemasonry.

However, note that it could be literally anywhere, because some of these portals are thousands of years old. They were opened by people long gone and they may not have anything to mark them.

We have found that the best way to locate these portals is to muscle test accurately.

2) Find a Target

Muscle test to find out if there is/are a portal/s, and how many there are, or if one or more dimensions have been joined. For this you need to know how to do the pretests. It is easiest to do this with a map.

Use muscle testing to narrow down each location.

If there are a lot of them, it can be vastly helpful to muscle test which are the most important ones to close.

3. Visit the target

Take some oil with you. Visit the first place you have chosen, with at least one other person. Never go alone.

Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

Matthew 18: 19-20

4) Protect Yourself

Pray for protection and backup: ask God to send extra angels. Also pray for invisibility; ask God to put the full Armor of God on you – here is audio for that. (Note: If you do this too well, you may just find that you lose sight of the person you are with! Keep an eye on them!).

5) Remove Spirits shielding the target

Pray and muscle test to find what spirits are protecting the area.

Then kill them with your spiritual sword. Here is a prayer and audio for that.

6) Remove Devices or Technology shielding the target

Destroy any protective devices protecting those portals. It really helps enormously if you can muscle test accurately to identify these. It is possible that prayer alone will do it, but we have found that it helps to have precision accuracy. After all, you are searching among massively large areas. 

Do at least this prayer and any other prayers that you feel led to do:

“In the name of Jesus Christ, I ask God to send angels to bind all beings in this area who protect any portals and openings to places not approved of by God.

Then take out your spiritual sword and say or think, as you kill them,

“In the name of Jesus Christ, I KILL them now.”

7) Anoint the Target

Anoint the portal with oil. That is pour out a drop, as you say,

“In the name of Jesus Christ, I anoint this place. I consecrate this ground,and dedicate it to God our Father, and I break, crush, smash, dissolve and disintegrate all curses, spells, psychic prayers and all other magickal constructs put upon this land and buildings.”

8) Close the Portal

Use your spiritual sword and say or think as, you use your sword,

“In the name of Jesus Christ, I now destroy the universes and dimensions that this place led to.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I close all portals and openings to those universes. Amen.”

9) Destroy the new attackers

By now, it is very likely that you are being attacked by a whole lot more spirits coming in. Muscle test to find out what kind they are, and how many of them there are.

Then ask God to send angels to bind them up and deliver them to you for their destruction. Then ask God to prevent you from being harmed when you are doing this and to make you invisible to prevent any beings from knowing what is happening.

Then use your sword on them. You may have to do this several times. Check that no other beings know about what you did. If there are some, ask God to bind them up too, deliver them to you and then use your sword on them too..

10. Recover

By now you may have a headache, and be feeling not quite right. Having a shower is a great way to get rid of what ever stuff you may have been blasted with.

Please do this at least once, for at least one place. Getting started is the trick for most people. Cancel watching TV and the internet and do something that can make a difference forever. See if you get blessed for doing this. Thank you for joining in the Holy War, to protect you and all children.


What you have just learned is some of the most powerful intelligence that has ever been revealed to destroy the workings of the dark forces that enslave this planet. If you have always wanted to have an important ministry, but for some reason you were never able to, now is your chance. But it is not for the faint for heart.

For the few churches teaching spiritual warfare, it is almost always directed to people and places. We have not seen anyone specifically eliminating magical constructs and closing portals, especially things created by civilizations from the past, so you have plenty of targets to destroy.

If Spiritual Warfare is your ministry, you first need to clean up and remove all the spiritual “underbrush” that has accumulated in your own life. This will increase your own spiritual growth and progress as well as remove legal grounds that the enemy will use to attempt to stop you.

If you are truly dedicated to helping humans for all generations, manifest something like a Class C Campervan, or a Campertruck (which has the advantage that it can go across country) and get travelling!

Imagine you:


Class C Campervan  

I like the ones that have an overcab bed, with a window, the best.



Campertruck:Advantage of 4 wheel drive, so it goes anywhere


You can get started in deliverance by visiting this Deliverance Playlist, listening to and doing the prayers in Mass Deliverance Part 1 & 2 (this is a group deliverance service on a mass of people, rather than one-on-one prayer). Then continue listening to the other sermons and be sure to take notes.

Visit WRW Publications for the entire collection. DVD’s are $8. CD’s are $4. If you have never been to church, just buy one or two of these for each week and in a year you will have extensive knowledge on defeating the enemy.

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“If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.”  John 14:14

“Verily, verily, I say unto you.  He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also, and greater works than these shall he do.”  John 14:12

“Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” Matthew 18:18

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