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How to Stop Nightmares, Bad Dreams & Night Terrors in Toddlers, Children & Adults

How to Stop Nightmares, Bad Dreams & Night Terrors in Toddlers, Children & Adults



by Stephanie Relfe

Nightmares, Bad Dreams & Night Terrors are caused by a great variety of things. My husband and I have had great success in helping people to stop these, over the past 19 years of our ministry, to date. The causes are all similar in that they are all related to subjects which the modern 21st century thinking of most people says is impossible; that is, the unseen spiritual word of evil spirits who all serve Lucifer is real.

If you don’t believe me, then you will be stuck with the nightmares and your children will suffer. If you can at least open your mind enough to consider new possibilities, and try the actions that are outlined in this article, then you may see for yourself that I know what I am talking about, when you get concrete results. At the very least, do #1 on the list; this has given miraculous results to many people, including myself.

Know that the sum of knowledge of most people is only what they were taught in school, or at church. No school teaches about sleep even, and few churches teach about the spiritual world.  Unknown to most people, the occult is real. “Occult” means “hidden”. While it stays hidden, it has the power to do terrible things to you and your children in their sleep.

Demons are real. Aliens are also real. They are not the same thing as each other. Demons are metaphysical (beyond the physical) but aliens have solid bodies and can be killed with a gun. To learn the truth about aliens, please see the information at our other websites Metatech.org and TheMarsRecords.com.

More and more people, even mainstream academics, are coming to realize that the demonic world is real. For example, read this article from the Washington post, “As a psychiatrist, I diagnose mental illness. And, sometimes, demonic possession.” Some quotes from that;

“I was inclined to skepticism. But my subject’s behavior exceeded what I could explain with my training….it was what I can only describe as paranormal ability. I concluded that she was possessed.”

There is one big problem with that article though; exorcism is a very bad way to deal with demons, since it’s done by the Catholic Church which is infested with them, because it was based on the Roman Empire and occult practices. Please research this, including seeing “The Church on Haunted Hill” and also “Interview with an Ex-Vampire.”

The best way to deal with demons is deliverance, which is simply praying them away in Jesus’ name. Everyone should do some of this. You can do it yourself – you don’t need a priest to do it. Jesus said,

“If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.”  John 14:14

Praying along with some deliverance videos can help greatly to get rid of demons that are giving a person bad dreams. Start here.

Once someone admits that possession and oppression is real, it opens up the whole can or worms. In fact, demons are widely dispersed on planet earth, and our current society is doing a lot of things to encourage them.

Just as in the natural world we have an immense range of animals and plants, there are a great range of creatures in the spiritual world and a great range of species of aliens. While good aliens do exist, most of the ones visiting earth are beyond evil, including those that cause night terrors and sleep paralysis, are beyond evil.


Because of our websites, we are told secret information by people all over the world. One day I talked on the phone with a very nice man and he had a most interesting story to tell.

He had a very bad childhood. He realized later on that he had been groomed his whole life for a particular position. He was good looking, studying to be an actor in the USA, and dating a daughter of a very powerful member of organized crime. A relative at another college had his photo on her dresser, and his soon-to-be girlfriend saw the photo and said – “I’m going to marry that man.” Presumably, the demons were speaking to her, as you will see.

That girl changed colleges to pursue him. Later on when they were dating she asked him if he would like to have a spirit guide. He agreed, and not much later after that she went to join her witches’ coven that was meeting for Halloween. The man was in his bedroom that Halloween night, when out of a full length mirror, an adult-sized being stepped out.

The being was wearing a long, black cloak and a Quaker hat. He had glowing red eyes. He floated along the floor, three inches above the ground. No feet could be seen. Yet he was present in a total physical, 3-dimensional form. The man whom I am talking about was fully awake. This was no dream.

The being asked the man if he would like to join them. The being was meant to be the man’s spirit guide for life. In return, the man would receive all of the material things that he could ever wish for – fame as a movie star, immense riches, the girl for his wife, everything that he had been programmed to desire. The being was not there to sell the man on the benefits, he was just stating what the deal was. The being assumed that everything had been prearranged by the girlfriend, that this was a done deal.

However, I guess the girlfriend had not sufficiently done her homework, because the man looked at the being, and could clearly tell that this being was evil, and not with God. He chose instead to serve God, and refused the being, even if that meant material hardship to himself.

When he did that, the being reached to grab his heart. To protect himself, the man closed his eyes and meditated. He saw himself surrounded by Maharishi (he had done Transcendental Meditation – we don’t recommend that, but include this information as part of the story) and Christ’s light which was warm and golden. The being was not able to get through to him.

So the being returned to the mirror. The man was told later by his girlfriend that the being appeared at the coven that night, and hit the leader of the coven in the chest. The leader of the coven died, but was taken to hospital, and was revived later in the hospital (I guess that was a near-death experience). However, the coven leader was very sick for years later on.

At the time that I heard this story, I had been having the most appalling nightmares for several years, even though I had had hardly any at all my whole night. I would wake screaming with a lot of emotional content, at the top of my lungs, when I had a short bad dream in which a ‘bolt of lightning’ hit me, and I thought everything and everyone around me was black, desolate and completely dead. It felt as though something was trying to kill me.

So I thought about the young man’s story and realized that the dreams started when we moved into a house with mirrors on a closet in our bedroom. I knew then what I had to do.

I printed out and stuck bible verses on every mirror in the house. Miraculously, the nightmares stopped instantly and almost completely. The intensity of the dreams dropped to 1/20 and the frequency to about 1/30 what I had before.

Since that time I have advised other people to do the same, and the same thing has happened to them. Finally, they were able to get a peaceful night’s sleep!

The bible verses work because the spiritual realm are subject to certain laws made by God. You don’t have to believe me for it to work. JUST DO IT!

I have written an article that more fully explores all the ways that mirrors open up portals to other dimensions, and let spirits into your house. Please read it here. Then come back here to learn other ways that cause bad dreams and what you must do to stop them completely.

Go to that article now: At the bottom of the article there are links to bible verses to print out, in different sizes. Print or handwrite them and stick them on all mirrors before you go to sleep. If you can, remove all mirrors from bedrooms.


This may seem obvious but not all people will realize this. There are demons and demonic subjects in horror movies, which can cause nightmares.

I know one man who had nightmares for years after watching “The Exorcist”.

Unfortunately, now that Satanists who run the entertainment industry are adding more and ever more demonic and perverted content to movies, it’s a good idea to give up watching all or nearly all movies. Actors actually invoke demons and want to be possessed so that they can become “great” and “famous”. Hollywood acting is demon possession (click here).

In addition, the Satanists that control the entire production workflow for movies and TV shows use magical technology to spell these productions to attract people to be interested in them. They then use magic to create an egregore (thought form) for the production and when people “love the movie or show”, these movie fans soul tie themselves into that egregore and feed it with their life energy.

So be sure to break all soul ties between yourself and these egregores of movies and TV shows, as well as individual actors and companies that make these productions. Cancel your TV subscription and just watch a few things by DVD or on your cable internet. (Wifi is very dangerous and kills brain and body cells).




To understand what causes bad dreams, it helps to increase one’s understanding of the spiritual world. It was genius Buckminster Fuller that said that 99% of the universe is invisible.


Is your mind the same as your brain? No. The brain is physical. The mind is an energy field that surrounds you. You can prove that with this simple exercise:

Close your eyes.

Keep them closed until I tell you to open them. Good.

Now picture the dashboard on your car. Nod your head when you can do that. Good.

Now, physically take your finger and move it and touch that picture in your mind with your finger.

Now, keep that finger where it is. Do not move your finger.

Keep your finger there while you open your eyes.

Look at where your finger is.

You will see that everyone who does this touches a picture OUTSIDE OF THEIR HEAD.

This demonstrated that the mind is an energy field which surrounds us. It is outside of our bodies.The mind is energy which exists in space. You are a spirit, which is separate from your body. The spirit communicates with the mind. The mind communicates with the physical brain. The brain communicates with the body.

The problem is that your mind can be invaded with demons, especially if you give them legal permission to do that. Legal permission is having anything in your house that has demons in it or associated with it, or saying something that lets them in.

Here is a partial list of what you need to burn so that your children and you and another other adults can have a peaceful, happy, uninterrupted night of sleep, every night, for the rest of your life:

  • “Welcome” mat or sign outside. You want only friends inside. You don’t want a sign that literally tells the demons that they are welcome.

  • All games based on demons and magick, including Ouija boards (possibly the most dangerous thing you can have in the house), Dungeons and Dragons (it contains authentic magick rituals that summon real demons), Angel Boards & Pokemon (literally means “pocket monster” which means “pocket demon”).

  • Three dimensional objects, such as statues, especially those that represent people. Demons are able to live in these. This includes any dead bodies of Jesus on a Crucifix (Perfectly plain crosses are good, crucifixes are not. Jesus represented life, not death). If the object is expensive, and not of a person, it may be okay. In this case, I use muscle testing and ask God if it is okay or not. I recommend that you learn how to do this, because you will find a great many ways in which this can improve your life. Please see Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing to learn more.

  • Al things Harry Potter. The Harry Potter books should never be read, as they contain much evil, for example, Harry’s parents are both murdered, and they teach that Non-magicians like you and I are dull, boring, cruel or useless. But they can also cause nightmares and night terrors, because they also contain dozens of genuine spells that conjure up real demons, that can make a mess of the lives of anyone in the house, now and for the rest of their life.


You don’t want to sell or give away any cursed objects, because then you are cursing someone else, and the curses will come back to you. The best way to get rid of something is to burn it. During a time when fires are not banned, dig a big hole, pour barbecue fluid on it, light it (be very careful). Say a prayer while this is happening; 

“In Jesus name, I now destroy any curses that came to me or anyone else as a result of these objects.”

When it’s all done, fill up the hole again. If you really can’t do that, then break it up and put it in the trash, with a prayer over it.

4) Tell children: Command all Monsters to Leave in Jesus’ Name

I once met a lady who had a 3 or 4 year old son. Somehow or other, our conversation came quickly around to nightmares. She said her son was very scared of dinosaurs that were visiting him at night. I told her to tell them to leave in Jesus’  name, and to have her son do the same. It worked.

Because of our extensive experience with abductees and paranormal subjects, I believe the child (who was an Indigo – with developed metaphysical abilities) was being visited by reptilians and/or aliens, and his way of putting that into words was the only word he knew – dinosaurs. Often, commanding them to leave in Jesus’ name will work.


The Kahuna of Hawaii taught their children as early as possible that they can do whatever they want in their dreams, they just have to make up their mind to it, because as long as humans believe power exists outside themselves, humans will be controlled and enslaved by others.

Tell them that in their dreams they have super powers, and can create whatever they need to win, and if anything comes at them, to fight back. It would be more effective if they also remember to do this while also saying “in Jesus’ name”.

Tell your children to do this, even before they can talk; they understand you a long time before they have control of their mouth muscles and tongue.

You should do the same: determine that you will take control of your dreams and fight back. However, because of our conditioning, generally it will be easier for your children to learn this ability, than it will be for you.

More information on the Kahuna’s here.



Not all nightmares are caused by demons. Some are the memories of very real, very physical events, which can make them much scarier. These are far more common that most people realize, because few want to talk about it and when they do, most people do not take them seriously, as we do.

Our own experiences with alien and military abduction, plus the many kinesiology sessions I have done on people and the many, many stories we have been told by people all over the globe showed us that this is very real.

Michael was himself being abducted by the U.S. military once a month, until he finally found the way to stop it happening. Please say these prayers that worked for him, and have helped give many others peace, as well.


Sleep paralysis is usually much more than just a nightmare. Please see this article to understand what it is.


Disney is run by pedophiles and Satanists. It’s perfect for them. They get to harness the imaginations of children and get them away from God, at the same time they can prey on them. 

Listen to what Christian minister Bill Schnoebelen told me in Interview with an ex-vampire: A true story, Part 8::

Stephanie Relfe: Do you know of any connections between Walt Disney and the dark side?

Bill Schnoebelen: Well, there again, that’s a real mind-blowing question, because most people think of Walt Disney as happy little cartoons and family amusements parks.

But actually, from the very beginning Walt Disney was funded by people of the black nobility – the Venetian Black Nobility – and a lot of his … basically he was set up to essentially rewrite the fairy tales of Western Europe and make them less Christian and more occultic.

And, really, if you look at the fruit, if you will, of the Disney Empire – in both Disneyland and Disneyworld and the other places, all of this stuff is very heavily rooted in the occult.

The other problem with it is that there are very reliable reports that in the 30’s Disney was using drugs.

He was using very powerful psychedelic drugs, which of course can open the door to the demonic realm.

And that’s why there are a lot of subtle things in his movies that point kids towards drug addiction.

And better people than I have done very careful commentaries on Disney – especially the cartoons – and how each and every cartoon draws kids subtly into more and more occult stuff.



And it’s getting more and more obvious.

Originally it was very subtle.

But I can even remember … my favourite Disney film was Fantasia.

And there is so much occult stuff in there, not just in The Sorceror’s Apprentice, and not just in the Night on Bald Mountain segments.

And part of that movie was what, just over the years of watching it whenever I could, because of course this was before there were video cassettes, I just got enthralled with that.

And I ended up … I think that’s maybe just 10 or 15% – just from watching that movie – why I got into the occult.

So it’s a really disturbing thing.

Especially when you consider that so many thousands and thousands of parents just sort of surrender their kids to the Disney Empire.

Whether they take them to the amusement parks, or whether they let them watch videos and use the videos as baby sitters.

It’s not a good thing.

S: Thank you.

Have you ever had any contacts from people who really know what’s going on with Disney about what they are planning?

B: Well, we have had two or three people, at least, over the years who had said … especially at Disneyland … that children were actually being briefly kidnapped and mind controlled and given like mind control things and then somehow plunked back in their parents custody before their parents got too alarmed.

And also, you know, the whole thing, like … the movie Pinocchio, which of course is one of Disney’s most famous films has a whole segment in it about the lost boys who go onto this island where everything is wonderful.

And that’s like a metaphor for Disneyland.

And then of course little Pinocchio is going along with them.

And they get to do everything they want.

They get to play pool and smoke cigars and yet as they do, they start turning into jackasses.

Their ears start growing and everything.

Disney didn’t make this up – I mean, this is part of the story originally.

But the metaphor is, of course, that the jackass is a symbol in the Bible of the unsaved, unregenerate person.

And it’s like Disneyland and Disneyworld and all of the Disney products are scientifically designed to bring out that part of a child.

To bring out the regenerate, untamed savage nature of them.

And when you add that to the fact that at least some kids are actually being spirited off and somehow or other ritualized or mind controlled is very, very disturbing.

S: When you say they are ‘scientifically designed’, what do you mean by that?

B: Well I mean that all of the different … first of all, of course, the parks of course teach evolution.

Second of all, a lot of the stuff in the rides and whatever is designed to evoke that part of a child’s personality.

And in terms of the movies and everything, the videos, they teach values which are subtly anti-Christian.

And thereby, you know, they are teaching the kids values that will cause them to move in a direction of being, if you will, wild donkeys instead of being good little Christian boys and girls.

Now, maybe using the word ‘scientific’ is a little bit extreme, but still … I mean, I have read … there are people on the web who are very serious Christian researchers, who have line upon line have dissected movies like “The Little Mermaid” and “Beauty and the Beast” and “The Lion King” and “The Black Cauldron” – all of these classic Disney cartoons – are just FULL of this stuff.

And if a child is exposed to it without the parents sitting there saying, “Oh well, that isn’t really true” or “That’s not right” or whatever then, then they are going to end up being a little Pagan before they are 10 years old.

S: Okay, thank you.

Please tell us the story about the child who came to you who was having problems since the parents had taken them to Disneyland.

B: Well, yes, this one little boy was brought to us by his folks when we were ministering in Deliverance and they had taken him to Disneyland because they were up – we were all up in the Pacific North West – and so it was closer for them.

And essentially the child started having all of these ‘acting-out’ episodes after going to Disney.

I mean, he told everyone that he loved it, but he had all of these bizarre dreams and he would talk about being in the red room and being in the blue room and being made to do icky things and stuff like that.

And it was all coming out in nightmares.

And they said, well this sounds like some weird sort of Satanic thing or other, and so we did some Ministry on him, and we had him sit down.

I forget, I think maybe he was 5 or 6 years old at the time, and we had him draw pictures.

And it turned out that he was lead through – it’s so strange – a maze that perfectly mimicked the fallen tree, the Qlifotic Tree, of the back – what is called the night side of Eden.

The Qlifotic Tree of Life.

And all of the colors matched and everything.

And they were leading him through these things.

And he was describing things that a 5 year old child – whatever he was – would have no way of knowing, about the back side of the tree – the Tunnels of Typhon and everything.

And he was describing people like putting things in his private areas and all of this.

Which lead me to believe …

See, we were very careful to not ever lead the kid and say, “Oh, well, did someone do something to you? Did someone put something there?”

We just asked “What happened?”

And that’s what he said he was remembering.

The more we prayed and the more we asked the spirits that were preventing him – because they always give these kids suggestions like “You won’t remember”, “Don’t remember this or we will kill your parents” or something like that.

So there is a certain demonic wall that you have to break through.

But we did, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

And then the child was remembering some of these sexual things that were done to him.

And this was all done in the context of some place in Disneyland.

S: And he’d actually gone missing from a ride, hadn’t he?

B: Yes, he had gone missing from a ride and at first the parents were just a little worried.

It took about an hour or so and he turned up and he seemed to be fine.

And of course they called the … of course, they have Disney Security there, and they found him.

And nothing seemed to be the matter.

But then later on all of these things started happening.

So, I don’t know.

It’s really sad when something like that which is basically a National Monument to childhood, and it’s being used for evil purposes.

But I really think that’s what’s going on.

S: Is there anything more you can say about this whole Disney thing?

B: Well, a lot of the … people might say, well where did you get all of this information about the background of Disney himself.

A lot of it was done by … some really ground-breaking research was done by an acquaintance of mine, and he was a very serious scholar, and he just really made a point to dig into this.

And he has done an amazing amount of work – his name is Anton Chaitkin – and he is the one who dug up the stuff on Disney in the early years and the 30s and 40s and how Disney came to be under the patronage if you will of these various dark forces.

And he tells the story at one point of how Disney was making Snow White which was his first major animated feature length cartoon.

And someone said, “Well, that’s not the story of Snow White.”

And Disney said, “When I get done with kids, they won’t care what the real story of Snow White is.”

Like, ‘I’m going to change the fairy tales so that people will not even recognize them anymore.”

And that’s basically what he did.

And I mean, I don’t know if this stuff has actually put his stuff into print, but I do know that it was copiously footnoted, the manuscript that I was able to see.

And it fits with the personal experiences that I had.

And then of course the other thing, is that it’s obvious that Disney is not very “family friendly” when they are having this big “gay appreciation day” down there.

And having all sorts of ungodly things go on and inviting every homosexual under the sun down to Disney World to celebrate and to do whatever ungodly things they might be doing.

So, it’s really … I mean, if I had a child I would not let him near anything by Disney or anywhere near any of the theme parks.




When I lived in Sydney,Australia I used to eat at a restaurant owned by some Chinese who were special kinds of Taoists who believed that the 5 food groups of onions, green onions, leeks, garlic and chives, let demons in. Certainly, the smell of these is foul, especially garlic and some chives that have a strong smell.

While I never managed to give up onions, green onions and leeks, knowing this, I pretty much gave up garlic. However, one night in 2016 many months after we put bible verses on the mirrors and all my screaming nightmares (nightmares that made me scream at the top of my voice) had stopped, out of the blue I again had a screaming nightmare. I realized that that day I had cooked and eaten  chives with a very strong garlic smell. Muscle testing confirmed that that was the reason the demons were able to give me a nightmare.

Give up garlic for health and mental reasons also: It desynchronizes brainwaves.


If you do all of the above, and still have nightmares, you could be under serious spiritual and psychic attack. The chances of this happening increase if you are doing anything to help free earth from evil. When this has happened to us and people who have contacted us for help, we have used muscle testing to find out what kind of creatures/spirits are attacking the person, and then given them spiritual death with the spiritual sword. This has worked wonders.

Michael and I have done this for ourselves many times when we have been under spiritual attack and experienced things such as inability to breath, pounding heart, sharp & intense jabs of pain in the body, burning feelings, nauseous feelings – and the symptoms have vanished right after removing the beings with the sword. Please read this article for more information, and listen to this MP3 prayer to help you do this.