Spiritual Warfare

Water Powers Spiritual Warfare & Meditation

Water Powers Spiritual Warfare and Meditation

by Stephanie Relfe


Recently Michael and I and some others did a group visualization, spiritual warfare and prayers to get rid of some of the negativity on earth. Over the course of a number of days after that, I thought about what we intended, and wondered why it had not manifested. Then, several days later, when I was doing the dishes, I ‘saw’ how there were certain evil forces and/or invisible spiritual technology protecting various things involved with what my attention was on.

I then prayed in Jesus’ name to destroy those things, and greatly coughed, gagging and spluttered quite drastically when I did this – which is always a good sign that something is actually happening. (I’m coughing now as I write, at the thought of it).

Here’s the interesting thing – my realization and my ability to ‘see’ what was going on on a spiritual level, happened when I was doing the dishes. That is, when my hands were in water.

I believe that water does something to disconnect us from the matrix, the hive mind, on earth.

A number of years ago we gave up cleaning the dishes in the dishwasher because my sense of smell increased so greatly after the birth of our son that I could smell very strongly how incredibly corrosive and poisonous are the fumes from dishwasher detergent (which makes sense, since the dishes have to be cleaned with chemicals rather than manual labor). We committed not to hurt ourselves or the dolphins and other sealife anymore by using dishwasher detergent. Instead, most of the time we wash the dishes with normal dish soap and place them in the dishwasher for rinsing only. (Unfortunately we have to use a tiny bit of dishwasher detergent occasionally to keep mold out).

I digress – back to the story. Since I have been doing the dishes by hand, rather than by the dishwasher, I have had literally hundreds of realizations about various things going on with us, our comrades and associates (who often have had weird things happen to them and therefore many questions as to what is going on with them) and the world in general, but each time it was when I was doing the dishes. I joke now that even if I will never be able to give up doing the dishes, because this effect is so powerful.

So, my thought is, from now on, when you do a meditation and/or prayer and/or visualization a/or spiritual warfare to make a change in your life or the world, put your hands or feet in warm water while you do it. (Cold water is too distracting. You should be comfortable).

There is so much more to the power of water that we do not know about. We do, however, have clues:

  • Bill Schnoebelen told us that when he was a vampire he was not able to cross any place that had flowing water under it. (Just as he was not able to enter a house unless the person told him to come in. That is why you must remove the ‘welcome’ mat from your house. It gives demons permission to come into your house).
  • Different words can create different patterns in frozen water. Therefore, since our bodies are around 70% water, you should never wear any words, symbols or pictures that portray anything negative. That means T-Shirts and other clothing as well as tattoos.


Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I [am] the LORD.” Leviticus 19:28

  • Water is used traditionally to cleanse places of evil spirits. Maybe it wasn’t all superstition after all.
  • Feeling that your headache maybe be from spiritual attack or suppression? Have a shower and see if it doesn’t disappear within minutes. There’s that flowing water theme again.
  • About three years ago, it started that whenever I talked on the phone with an abductee, my eyes would close, as though I was falling asleep. I believe this is because I am an empath, and recently my knowledge of and ability to confront the evil that the reptilians and aliens are doing to people has increased. Therefore, I am now able to access more of the charge that the person has from hidden suppressed memories. There is so much unconsciousness involved, that it closes my eyes. Even when I hang up the phone, I can barely keep my eyes open. That is, until I splash a good amount of water on my third eye a couple of times. Then, my eyes instantly open up again.

Try what adding the power of water does to your spiritual warfare and meditation. When you do a meditation, prayer, spiritual warfare or visualization: to make important changes in your life or the world, cover your hands in warm water:

1. Have a hand towel handy.

2. Get a large class or ceramic bowls or casserole dish for each person. No metal – it disrupts meridians (energy flows) in the body.

3. Warm each bowl up with hot water (or the water will go cold while you are praying, and distract you).

4. Fill each with water that is as warm as possible.

5. Each person does their prayer / meditation / spiritual warfare with their hands fully immersed in the water. Make sure palms are covered.

Yin & Yang are on your palm

Note from Michael Relfe – The following happened to me in 1997. When you think about #5 above, remember this story and maybe they are related.

I was working on a project in Sydney , Australia and it required me to attend a trade show related to computer and electronic equipment. While visiting various booths I stopped at one that had thermal imaging devices for sale. The salesman allowed me to demo their $25,000 thermal imaging viewer. It looked alot like a small camcorder. I scanned the crowd and the building and it was very strange seeing the temeprature changes. Then I looked at my own hand. In the palm of my hand I could see the curved line of the yin and yang symbol! Very strange.



Today we did this for the following spiritual warfare prayer, for all our comrades who work for God and Yeshua, and I feel an immense feeling of power, energy and happiness, as though something bad has been removed from my body, after doing this. I feel a higher sense of definition. First we sang this hymn –



Then we said these prayers:


Prayer for a person and their family, or a group

  1. Thank you for the power of the Living God given to _______ to defeat Satan and Associates. Bless _______ in the midst of his/her friends and enemies. Make him/her a blessing to all he/she encounters. May the ministry and life of _______ bring great honor and glory to God.
  2. Grant _______ discernment in kowing how to pray regarding his/her warfare activity. Keepm him/her from manipulative praying or self-centered/pride-based prayer.
  3. Remind _______ that ministry is not by his/her might, power nor abilities but in the Spirit of the Living God. Use _______’s spiritual gifts, talents and experiences to their maximum ability in the warfare situations.
  4. Provide _______ with allof the Holy Spirit based protection he/she needs.
  5. Keep _______ from getting lured into what he/she is fighting. Keep his/her focus on Christ, not the problem.
  6. Fully clothe _______ in the Power of God (Shekinah Glory) and in the armor of God (Ephesians 6:11-18).
  7. Send strong prayer support to Heaven on behalf of _______ as he/she wars in the spirit world and with alien, reptilians, fallen angels and all other associates of Lucifer.
  8. Regularly remind _______ that the people he/she encounters in spiritual warfare are not the enemy, Satan and his associates are. The individuals are people whom Jesus loves, died for and desires for them to come to Christ.
  9. Make _______ passionate about Jesus and the setting free of people who are spirit warfare captives. Help him/her to be compassionate towards the victims.
  10. Help _______ to clearly hear and receive instructions and knowledge from the Lord for the battle. Grant him/her a clear sense of authority in Christ through prayer.
  11. Direct _______ to know and follow the Will and Word of God at all times.
  12. May _______ be a pure instrument fit for the Master’s use during the battle. Empower him/her to confess all known and unknown sin before entering the battle.
  13. Spiritually and physically protect _______’s family and possessions from any attack Satan would launch at them.
  14. Give _______ and his/her family everything necessary to survive well and prosper, and so that they may be more effective in the battle.
  15. May _______ be guided as to how to most effectively win the war.<
  16. Grant _______ strong and correct understanding of the Scriptures for doing battle.
  17. May _______’s mind be the mid of Christ (Philippians 2:5)
  18. Empower _______ to pray in the Holy Spirit, not in the flesh. Fill and empower him/her with the Spirit of God. May _______’s behavior and actions be controlled by the Holy Spirit.
  19. Grant _______ the spirit of faith that believes and knows God’s powre in dealing with Satan and evil.
  20. Keep _______ from giving Satan too much credit or not enough credit in the battle. Give him/her discernment at all times. Give him/her Godly wisdom, love and balance for fighting the war.
  21. Give _______ Heavenly wisdom and practical common sense when fighting the battle.
  22. May the words of _______’ mouth and meditations of his/her heart always be pure and Holy.
  23. Make _______ mentally aggressive in prayer, praying God’s thoughts back to Him while doing warfare.
  24. Give _______ a teachable spirit and learning heart that dailyu is willing to learn what God desires to teach him/her.
  25. May _______ not be ignorant of Satan, fallen angels, aliens, reptilians and all other evil beings and their devices. Help him/her to put on the whole armor of God that he/she may be able to stand against he wiles of the Devil (Ephesians 6:11).
  26. Help _______ to increase daily in the love, knowledge, power and divinity of God.
  27. Empower _______ to use God breathed prayers when doing warfare. (Psalms 91, Ephesians 1,3)
  28. Grant _______ the faith and courage he/she needs to go and do whatever it is that God wills for _______.
  29. Strengthen _______ so that he/she does not grow weary while being involved in life and spiritual warfare. Give them spiritual and physical strength, energy and Holy joy at all times.
  30. Remind _______ that the battle belongs to God, not to them. The battle IS the Lord’s.
  31. May _______ be in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing and saying the right thing, at all times.

Try doing spiritual warfare, prayer and meditation with your hands covered in water. Please use the contact form send me any stories of experiences you have, that are related to this article.


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