The Rapture is Not in the Bible: Why you want to be Left Behind

The Rapture is Not in the Bible Why You WANT to be Left Behind Any moron (or Satanist … kind of the same thing) can create a false religion or piggyback on an existing one. John Darby was the moron that invented the “Pre-tribulation Rapture” scam. And it is a very profitable scam, next only […]

Freemasons Must Die – The Red Symphony

Freemasons Must Die ———– The Talmudic Edomite (Fake – Those that say they are Jews but are not) Jews OWN and CONTROL Freemasonry today and have from the beginning. They claim this and are proud of it. Of course they are not really of the Jewish religion and care nothing about their fellow Jewish people. […]

MP3 Prayer for the Illuminati

MP3 Prayer for the Illuminati MP3 Download This matter is on the public record +michael Archbishop relfe Background We know from the evidence of Svali that as very young children, Illuminati members experienced un-imaginable pain and physical and mental torture at the hands of their parents and handlers, which traumatized them, mind controlled them, made […]

The Vatican-Led Illuminati Matrix and U.S. Constitution

The Vatican-Led Illuminati Matrix and U.S. Constitution The hidden truth behind the formation of America The following article was written by a former judge. He doesn’t reveal his full name, but the information contained within the writing is well-worth reading and digesting anyway. It is worth reading because it should stimulate your pursuit to understand […]

Interview with an Ex-Vampire – A True Story – THE TRANSCRIPT – PART 1

INTERVIEW WITH AN EX-VAMPIRE A TRUE STORY TRANSCRIPT PART 1   Please support Rex Deus Church by purchasing the DVD version of Interview with an Ex-Vampire Stephanie: Hi Bill, welcome to Florida. Bill: Thanks, it’s great to be here. S: First please say a prayer to protect us and all of our viewers from any […]