July is “Straight White Male Month”

JULY IS STRAIGHT WHITE MALE MONTH Jesus Christ is a Straight White Male. The Bible was written by Straight White Males. Civilization was created by Straight White Males. Christianity was spread by Straight White Males. Straight White Males were given the job of DESTROYING the works of Satan. NOW you know the reason why the […]

Satanists Fail To Destroy Notre Dame – No Damage

Satanists Attack Notre Dame – No Damage By Jim Stone JimStone.IS Do not believe the lies about Notre Dame. NOTHING got wrecked. NOTHING AT ALL. No stained glass windows in the main portion of the cathedral were lost. No artifacts lost. The pipe organ did not get touched by anything, no smoke damage, no water […]

Washington Satanists Cheer Burning Notre Dame

Washington Satanists Cheer Burning Notre Dame By Jim Stone JimStone.IS BLOCKBUSTER: PROVEN: Michelle Obama and other global elite burned Notre Dame Cathedral, and celebrated This is going to be the top posted report for several days, and it will not drift down the page. If you link this, it will be what people see on […]