Sharpen Your Sword – Destroy The Satanists

Sharpen Your Sword Destroy The Satanists You have been told repeatedly that “Ignorance of the Law is no defense.” — but studiously left uninformed of the fact that “Ignorance caused by non-disclosure is an adequate defense.” So, listen up, Campers. Our ignorance about Satan and Satanism was deliberately enforced. It was decided by the Learned […]

The Statue That Came Alive – Witch Spells are Dangerous

The Statue that came Alive! A True Story! Why Harry Potter & Witchcraft is So Dangerous by Stephanie Relfe Let me give you some of my background so you can better understand these stories. I am a devout EX-catholic who does my best to get close to God. I became interested in what some may […]

Interview with an Ex-Vampire – A True Story – THE TRANSCRIPT – PART 1

INTERVIEW WITH AN EX-VAMPIRE A TRUE STORY TRANSCRIPT PART 1   Please support Rex Deus Church by purchasing the DVD version of Interview with an Ex-Vampire Stephanie: Hi Bill, welcome to Florida. Bill: Thanks, it’s great to be here. S: First please say a prayer to protect us and all of our viewers from any […]